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14702 No.1  

This board is a sort of casual board and you're free to chat about mostly anything, as long as it doesn't break any rules. By the way, image boards are sort of a pain to manage sometimes and there's not really an active moderation team, so posting might be disabled when I see fit. I'll try to keep a textboard open, if I can. Anyways, feel free to ask questions about the website, the board, or myself in this thread unless I decide to make a seperate board or the textboard is only open, I guess. Don't fuck up.

>> No.14  

Requesting #rumia

>> No.15  

I don't think Wakaba supports capcodes since WAHa has a more traditional view of imageboards, meaning that moderation should be as quiet as possible and shouldn't show off. Which is true considering that Hiroyuki was hit with a wave of lawsuits for owning 2channel (then booted off by N.T. but that's another story), while nobody really knows who owns Futaba Channel. Also, giving the administrator a name will just give the userbase something to yell at, I've learned.

Anyways, I'd like to fiddle around with the code, but that's just too much work and I don't feel like looking for quick-and-dirty ways to code it in.

>> No.27  

I've made a couple of new CSS style sheets (or themes) for Wakaba since the defaults are too old-fashioned. The defaults have also been modified so that Burichan isn't as fucked up, and that all the defaults have something for 'highlighted posts' instead of just letting the post blend into the background.

The new themes are 'Yotsuba', 'Yotsuba B', 'Fuuka' (except it's actually 'FoolFuuka'), 'Tomorrow', and 'Monostuck' (Homestuck). All of these CSS style sheets are free to use for any Wakaba-based imageboard, though credit would be appreciated. (Actually, I don't care that much.)

I might do a proper 'Fuuka' theme and move the current one to 'FoolFuuka', maybe update 'Gurochan' (though I doubt there's a need), and might do a 'Rumia'-based or 'Touhou'-based theme but I'm not sure how that'll work out. It'd be nice if I could get some sort of dropdown working for the style sheets going.

>> No.28  

Timestamps have been changed to M/D/Y, and seconds have been added in for the hell of it.

>> No.30  

Oh, wait, Kareha supports capcodes, but I kinda don't want to use a Kareha-based imageboard.

>> No.31  


>Timestamps have been changed to M/D/Y


>> No.32  
File: 1487611354662.png - (9036 B, 365x210) Thumbnail displayed.

Honestly, I'm not sure what time format I should have for this imageboard. I just decided to code it in since it's essentially the defaults for most imageboards, and because some historian misinterpreted the time formats on a really old 2channel thread... though this format doesn't really solve that problem until 2032. It's easy to fix since there's not that many posts on here, so I don't mind suggestions on 'what to change the time format' to at the moment.

>> No.33  

I'd suggest '2ch' because (1) it's ISO 8601, and (2) the textboard already has it.

>> No.34  

It's a bit disorienting from what I'm used to but sure, why not.

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