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Granbell Scarlet

Granbell Scarlet (グランベル・スカーレット, Guranberu Sukāretto) is a fan-made Touhou Project character from Futaba Channel and the idea of her came from somebody mistyping Flandre's short name, “Flan” (フラン), as “Gran” (グラン) back in February 23, 2013.


On February 23, 2013 at 5:33am, an anonymous user published a post that said “Remilia and Gran aren't sisters” (レミリアとグランは姉妹仲悪くないよね, Remiria to Guran wa shimai naka warukunai yo ne), featuring the aforementioned typo. About 10 hours later at 3:57pm, somebody wrote a description for Gran in the style of Akyuu's Gensokyo Chronicles from the print works.


Granbell is a vampire who looks similar to Flandre but with twintails, two ribbons on her mob cap, a dark red vest, and flame wings. She can be found wandering around Gensokyo, but nobody knows the reason why. While she's very sociable with humans, there's still the danger of her being a vampire after all. However, she doesn't actually seem to suck human blood which eyewitnesses can confirm.

She has the ability to create anything, simply by placing her hands onto the target object and turning it into something completely different. It can be said that she's considerably more skilled at alchemy compared to Patchouli and it's believed that the main reason she wanders around Gensokyo is to gather ingredients that she can use in alchemy.


  • I'd translate her name as Granvelle Scarlet, but her English name was already decided. I assume that the romanization is probably based on the number of Granbell Hotels in Japan.
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