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Nameless Rumia's Wiki

“the longer i keep the wiki up, the more i start to dislike the people that find it.”
– Nameless Rumia

An image of Rumia, which is sort of the namesake. Nameless Rumia's Wiki is a personal wiki project that started on June 27, 2016 and went public in 2017.1) It contains Nameless Rumia's notes about garbage on the internet and other media of interest with some spoilers. This wiki runs on DokuWiki with hosting currently provided by HelioHost.

I'd recommend reading this wiki on a Firefox-based web browser, since it is mostly written from one, but it's fine if you don't care enough. If you have comments or non-baity questions about this wiki, then feel free to contact me using Retrospring or the socials I have provided.

Feel free to look around. I personally recommend the internet-related junk if you aren't trying to look at big boobs. For the front page, click here.

((ˆ._.ˆ ≡ ˆ._.ˆ))
New logo. It should be the red star.

List of Articles

⛩️ Touhou Project (Primary)

🌟 Touhou Project (Secondary)

The Rumia Sect

🌱 Japanese ASCII Art (AA, SJIS)

Rei no Are

📌 Anonymous Bulletin Boards

📚 ACG and Other Novelties

📺 Television and Streaming

💻 More of the Internet

📻 The Radio

💽 Applications and Programs

🔮 Mystic Labels and Pop Psychology

💸 Finances, Gambling, and Schemes

📅 Time and Space (Mostly Time)

🏈 Sports

📦 Miscellaneous and Uncategorized

Nameless Rumia


This section is an excuse to have ASCII Art at the bottom.

 _,....,_   ,、
( (O.0) //l_,....,_/l   __
 ゝ、(  |:レ´  `く|  (。..o)
   `' {><}ノノハノ)ノ)  ノノ
     〈ヲ|リ ゚ ー.゚ノ§ '´ ___,,.ィ
     {X(:(m)_:';l]つ‐‐‐/_ _,ノ|
     rく:i_ヲ;:V:>、‐‐く    ノ
     `^'i_フ'i_ヲ´    `(*)´
The wiki was known as “Everything Rumia Knows” (ERK) from 2016 to 2022 as a loose homage, mostly since I'm bad at making names and refused to use “Nameless Wiki” since a few other wikis use it. However, I never liked the implications that “everything” gives off and I obviously don't provide all that I know for the sake of safety. Despite the change, I still have the wiki bookmarked as “ERK”.
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