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Thus Spoke Marisa Kirisame (霧雨魔理沙は動かない, Kirisame Marisa wa Ugokanai), also known as RTA☆,1) is the second Cookie☆ video by “Shiriri” (しりり) that was uploaded on November 25, 2017.2) Obviously, it was created with the goal of being the shortest voice drama.


We see that Marisa was calling out for Reimu, but she never actually shows up. Marisa thinks it's too much of a hassle to actually go chase after her, so she just heads home instead.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced
Kinu (きぬ) KN姉貴 Marisa

See also

“Real Time Attack” (RTA) is a type of speedrun that relies on real-world time, unlike a “Time Attack” (TA) which relies on an in-game timer. Most speedrun communities use “Real Time Attack” (RTA) nowadays.
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