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Find Marisa's Spell Card! (魔理沙さんのスペルカードを探せ!, Marisa-san no Superukādo o Sagase!), also known as Shiriri☆ (しりり☆) or Supeka☆ (スペカ☆), is the first Cookie☆ video by “Shiriri” (しりり) which was uploaded on May 29, 2017,1) but later had a forced revision.2)


Marisa lost her spell card, so she comes to the Hakurei Shrine and asks Reimu to help find it. They run into Koakuma in the Human Village who suggests asking Nazrin, but the three of them stop at a restaurant first and order a high-quality full-course meal. Medicine brings the vegetable sticks with a bottle of poison before serving the poison hamburg steak, but Reimu and Marisa run away since they realize they'll be poisoned.

They read the only review on the restaurant, find Yuuka who tells them about the Food Sanitation Act, and eventually find Nazrin's shop. Nazrin lost her dowsing rod, but point out that Marisa's spell card was on her back and Marisa realizes that she slept on it. For the rest of the video, Nazrin tells them about the public bath in Chireiden, so the three of them head there and also find Koakuma revived after just dying.

Koakuma pours water on Reimu with her clothes on while Nazrin complains that she can't use the shampoo. Marisa asks Utsuho for a refill, but she refuses. Utsuho tries to fly away, but Reimu knocks her out. Nazrin finds her dowsing rod in the bath and says that it's in the sauna, but she passes out in the sauna and Marisa does the same checking on her. Reimu and Koakuma checks and notices that the heat is too dangerous.

Cirno appears, so Reimu knocks her out and uses Cirno's body to cool down the sauna in order to get them out safely. Reimu gives Marisa a tender mushroom to get her up. Marisa confesses her love to Reimu, but she gets a cold response as Marisa is neutral to Reimu, so Marisa freaks out and smashes the shampoo they just found onto the ground. The credits roll.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced
Mugi (むぎ) MG兄貴
Kinu (きぬ) KN姉貴 Marisa
Bibian (びびあん) BBAN姉貴
Aome Rumiko (青目ルミコ) 偽NYN姉貴 Nazrin
TREFIT Medicine
Reitetsu (レイテツ) RITT兄貴 Yuuka
Vongola (ヴォンゴラ) Cirno, Utsuho


Shiriri was mostly known as an OtoMAD creator, so him making a Cookie☆ video was a first. It crams in a lot of Rei no Are references in a short amount of time and has a fast tempo. However, people didn't like their fake Nyon, it was criticized for casting men as well as people who were versed in Rei no Are, and some argue that it had too many references. Overall, people are divided on this video.

On December 8, 2018, Reimu's MMD model (associated with Mugi) was featured in a popular MAD video3)4) which convinced its creator, “Sheep3D”, to prohibit the model from being used in Rei no Are videos on December 12, 2017, sparking a small outrage. To comply with the change, the original video was taken down, re-uploaded somewhere else, and a 'revised' version was uploaded on December 18, 2017.5)

See also

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"MG姉貴兄貴マン" (December 18, 2017). Niconico Douga.
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