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Blue-Eyed Rat

The Blue-Eyed Rat (青目ネズミ, Aome Nezumi), once called Blue-Eyed Rumiko (青目ルミコ, Aome Rumiko), is a Cookie☆-related voice actress who debut as a Nyon impersonator around March 2017 and the community nicknamed her, Fake Nyon-Aneki (偽NYN姉貴, Nise Nyon-Aneki).


In March 2017, the voice actress uploaded her imitations to Niconico1)2) and quickly became so popular that people made avatars for her, utilized her in MAD videos since it was easy to understand that she was an impostor, and spawned a wave of impersonators seeking this fame. However, she'd close her Twitter account on April 5, 2017 and people turned on her, voicing their dislike and spreading baseless slander.

She eventually reactivated her Twitter account, appearing in the Kusso☆ Picture Book3) and Supeka☆4) as the blue-eyed rat, then she'd voice Mokou in Shien☆.5) By this point, people were now skeptical if the fake impersonator was the original fake impersonator, not an impersonator of an impersonator. Then, the original Nyon allegedly made a dismissive comment acknowledging her.


  • There was a prominent rumor that she was a “man with a voice changer”, but this is actually a joke about her giving her Twitter account away. The account has been suspended since then.
  • For some reason, the Reddit page is extremely vague about her existence, only reflecting the hostile sentiments that existed at the time with no leads on who she was.
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