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For a brief overview and summary, see What is Cookie☆.

Marisa and Alice's Cookie Kiss (魔理沙とアリスのクッキーKiss, Marisa to Arisu no Kukkī Kiss), also called Cookie☆ (クッキー☆, Kukkī☆)1) or Ku☆ (ク☆), is an infamously bad, collaborative Touhou Project fan video, by “Hazuna Rio” (蓮奈理緒), that released February 14, 2010.2)3)

It was largely panned by the Japanese Touhou Project community, being the subject of vandalism until the Inmu community randomly decided to latch itself on and appreciated it ironically, building an entire subculture of MAD videos, with an unusual plethora of “voice drama”4) projects.

While Cookie☆ is a secondary derivative work of Touhou Project, do note that all of Cookie☆'s fan content and subculture is tertiary or quaternary since it isn't really Touhou Project at that point, despite the use of Touhou Project character avatars to represent the voice actors.5)


The video starts with Reimu on her break at the shrine, being joined by Marisa and Alice for tea and snacks, and Marisa leaving after realizing that she never got a White Day gift for Alice. For some reason, Suika wakes up.6) We return to Marisa crashing into Koumakan and asking if she could use their kitchen to make a delicious gift, intriguing everyone, but the kitchen just ran out of the necessary ingredients.

Marisa and Sakuya head out, but Alice was shopping there, so they decide to get fresh ingredients instead, though Alice tags along to see where they get them. The two harass Mystia, run into Yuuka who knocks Marisa out, then Marisa wakes up at Koumankan to discover that they apologized and Eirin lent them eggs on the way back, noting that one of Utsuho's eggs were mixed in.

Back in the kitchen, Koakuma, Marisa, and Sakuya finally bake the cookies and tests them out on Patchouli. Marisa leaves, as Alice got impatient and returned to the Hakurei Shrine, but she crashes into Utsuho and crushes the cookies. In the end, Alice still appreciates Marisa's gift, the credits roll after they joke about using Reimu as a food taster, then we get a scene of Sakuya giving Meiling a cookie.

Cast and credits

Voice actors

Voice actor Character(s) voiced Twitter handle
Udzuki Kousei
UDK姉貴 Marisa @uzukikousei
Hinase Haruka
HNS姉貴 Alice, Daiyousei @pyo_nnn
RU姉貴 Reimu @shirataki_ctake
Yukimura Rio
原発姉貴8) Sakuya @sor_yt
YZY姉貴 Koakuma, Mystia @nkbaaa
YMN姉貴 Suika, Cirno, Patchouli @kurageyaming
MCT姉貴 Meiling, Remilia, Yuuka @maco_ta
NDK姉貴 Utsuho, Rumia @nadeko0906

Music credits

Track Composer Original song
Honobono Jinja
(ほのぼの神社, lit. “Heartwarming Shrine”)
“Readjustment Person”
“Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly”
Yan Meirin da kke?
(ヤン・メイリンだっけ?, lit. “Yan Meirin, was it?”)
a0 “Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17”
Honobono Vuwaru
(ほのぼのヴワル, lit. “Heartwarming Voile”)
raytona “Voile, the Magic Library”
(星霜, lit. “Stars and Frost”)
Yuunagi Haruki
“The Witches' Ball ~ Magus”
Azuma no Kuni no Nigiyakana Machi
(東の国の賑やかな街, lit. “Lively City of the Eastern Country”)
Mizuki Yamato
“Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country”
Reichi no Sentō Kyoku
(霊知の戦闘曲, lit. “Battle Song of Mystic Wisdom”)
“Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom”
Splendid and Honorable
(Splendid Honorable)
Ottiki “Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial”
Eastern Dreams, Ephemeral Dreams
(Eastern Dreams, Ephemeral Dreams)
Zuikaku P
“Crimson Tower ~ Eastern Dream…”

Art credits

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In 2007, Hazuna Rio started a Touhou Project fan video series, dubbed the ”Author is Healthy Series”, and these were slideshow stories about lesbian pairings.9) Then on October 16, 2009, the video collaboration project began,10) gathering 43 participants, using a high-class studio in Tōkyō for recording,11) and the end result was published on February 14, 2010 for Valentine's Day.12)

Initial reaction and spread

Upon release, the Touhou Project community criticized it for bad acting, bad pacing, bad writing, and highly inconsistent art style,13) resulting in rampant “tag vandalism”. At some point, the video had recieved the ”Manatsu no Yo no Inmu” tag, so the Inmu community responded with a short parody video,14) and left many dirty comments.15) Hazuna didn't like this, so they simply mirrored the video.16)

Then in September 2010, Niconico Douga began accepting takedown requests, so many Inmu videos with Cookie☆ content was taken down17) at Hazuna's request,18)19)20) which angered the Inmu community. It should be noted that the community knew that Hazuna was actually male, as early as September,21) but all of the issues surrounding the video hadn't surfaced yet.

Meanwhile, some of the Inmu community watched Udzuki's streams,22)23) despite how questions about the project were initially banned. Around early November, Udzuki cried on stream and it became such a huge topic that a separate 2channel thread was made.24) After that, she would fail her entrance exam,25) “SKRYK” happened,26) then the “Cookie☆ General Thread” (クッキー☆総合スレ, Kukkī☆ Sōgō Sure) began.27)

Hazuna scandal

On November 20, 2010, Nadeko tweeted about wanting to kill Hazuna, bringing attention to his meetup with Hinase at a Hokkaidō restaurant, though Hinase said nothing came out of it and she knew his gender.28) It eventually led to people digging up comments from the voice actresses, with Udzuki claiming some trauma as Hazuna apparently sexually harassed her29) and Reu being weary of Hazuna.30)

Connecting the dots, the internet concluded that Hazuna Rio was some 30-year-old man, sexually harassing wannabe high school voice actresses, and it was enough to oust him. Hazuna left around November 21, 2010,31) leaving his next project in the hands of somebody else, though the project never came to fruition as the next owner silently axed the project after being made aware around December 5, 2010.32)

MADs and the Next Cookie☆

Meanwhile, the Cookie☆ MAD scene exploded on Niconico Douga after the success of “Inmu so Cookie” on October 30, 2010.33) Unfortunately, the Cookie☆ community started realizing they were in a drought since nothing really happened, aside from the storyboard's release,34) so the quest for new material began. Then, after Training with Sanae, they would find Cookie☆☆ S135)36) and Cookie☆☆ S2.

Sequels and spin-offs


Touhou Seirensen Melody Collaboration Video☆ (東方星蓮船メドレー合同動画☆, Tōhō Seirensen Medorē Gōdō Dōga☆), or Seirensen☆ (星蓮船☆), was intended to be Hazuna's next project.

The storyboard was here. While the project was handed to someone else, they realistically couldn't go forward with it, so the project was just halted and silently axed by December 5, 2010.37)


As for Cookie☆'s spiritual successors, quite a few were found. As always, check the front page.

ZUN's response

ZUN, the creator of Touhou Project, has been asked about Cookie☆, but nothing has came out of it. During the PS4 release stream for Touhou Shinpiroku on December 10, 2016,38) BeatMARIO asked ZUN if he was aware of Cookie☆ since his kids talked about it,39) but ZUN jokes if he meant Cookie Clicker before giving us a generic statement on how much he actually knows about Touhou Project fan works.40)41)

In Nikenme Radio's 88th broadcast on December 26, 2017, it's revealed that BeatMARIO had brought it up several times despite being told to stop and ZUN mentioned that he's been advised to not say anything.42) BeatMARIO would ask again during a Touhou Station stream on August 22, 2018, following Violet Detector's release,43) and brings up Remmuh, Shiriri, and Yamin, but ZUN doesn't bite.44)


  • “Tsurikichi Obasan” (釣りキチおばさん) was a Futaba Channel photoshop fad that borrowed the face that Sakuya, portrayed by Genpatsu, makes at the very end of the video.
  • Hinase is often depicted with a “sickle arm” in reference to the Japanese visual novel Dies Irae. It's actually called the “Margueritte-Bois de Justice” (罪姫・正義の柱), the protagonist's holy relic.

Background characters

  • Arrow-kun (矢印くん, Yajirushi-kun) - The red arrow that appears with Alice at 00:53.
  • Mental disability45) (池沼, Chishō) - Flandre at 11:35, playing with the ingredients.
  • The Chicken that Appears in the Mddle of Cookie☆ (クッキー☆の中盤あたりに出てくるニワトリ, Kukkī☆ no chūban Atari ni Detekuru Niwatori) - The chicken doodle at 14:50.
  • Garbage (ゴミ, Gomi) - Medicine at 16:10, as she kinda just looks like she's in a junkyard.
  • Lenin (レーニン, Rēnin) - Eirin at 18:37, based on Udzuki's pronunciation. Lenin.
    • Crying Rabbit (泣き兎, Naki Usagi) - Reisen at 18:37, bowing to Eirin.
    • Laughing Rabbit (笑い兎, Warui Usagi) - Tewi at 18:37, laughing right next to Reisen.
    • Princess (姫, Hime) - Kaguya at 18:37, completely blocked by Reisen.
  • Hell Raven (地獄のカラス, Jigoku no Karasu) - The “hell raven” doodle that appears at 18:54.
  • Skull-kun (ドクロくん, Dokuro-kun) - The skull doodle that appears at 19:06.
  • Death Shadow Aneki (死相姉貴, Shisō Aneki) - Komachi at 21:02, popularized by Kokakoi.
  • TORI and INU - Aya and Momiji seen in the credits at 26:28.

         (  )
         <     ?
      ,、   ・
  ト、   .i::::`ヘ    ,..ィ:::::´::::i
   V㍉ {::::::::::::込 ∠::::::::::::::::::l /^ーァ
   V/ >'' ´     `'' 守::::::リ〈  //、
     Y     /       ヾ:;j V//∠,,__
    /      /  .ト,    l .T ゙゙ ̄{,]>'''~
  _, イ  l  ,イ  、i V l  l l -f''´
    l-l‐汁''/ .lト、 j\.V l  l l  l
   lイ! ノ∩ .リ .V `∩゙ j  l !  l  Grilled squid?
    l Ⅳ ∪     .∪ ノ  j l  .!
    .l\         彡 / l  ,!
     l  >-△-zェニイィ'´ リ i リ
.      l /゙^i__i:::干:::::j-:l  ./ リ/
     /  ' ノ::;人;:込 .l /`ー亠ァ
     `''TTl イ;i l.i:::l ゞl/ `Tー'′
       V .! ,l;;l l.l;;;;l   Vリ
        ,〉  l      ヽ
You don't pronounce the “☆” in Cookie☆, it's only there for the aesthetics. It's like how you're technically not supposed to read the “X”s in a username like “xXxCOOKIE_KISSxXx”. It's not “Cookie Star”.
According to the project's original wiki, the video was intended to be published on February 14.
“Voice Drama” (ボイスドラマ, Boisu Dorama), a literal translation of “Koegeki” (声劇), normally refers to audio-only dramas (i.e. radio drama). However, the Cookie☆ community utilizes it as a wasei-eigo term, applying it to every project inspired by Cookie☆ or absorbed by the Cookie☆ community.
This is a horrible analogy, but do you know how people that are into superhero films might specifically name the actor(s) who play the superhero? That's kind of what's happening here.
It should be noted that Suika only appears for this 50-second scene and doesn't really impact the story, so it's mentioned that Suika and Reimu got drunk to explain why Alice just appears in the Human Village.
“Udzuki Kousei” (宇月幸成) would normally be rendered as “Utsuki Kousei” or “Uzuki Kousei”.
“Genpatsu Aneki” (原発姉貴) is a reference to her anti-nuclear tweets which followed the 2011 earthquake, tsumani, and subsequent nuclear disasters in Japan. This was a year after Cookie☆.
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“Sakura Yuki” (桜雪), abbreviated as “SKRYK”, was a friend of Udzuki who also streamed and sometimes appeared on Udzuki's streams. They were known for making Inmu jokes which apparently agitated people. Udzuki notably cried for them on stream, while eating Totoro soba, and begged the homos to forgive them.
"H氏の声明文". Cookie☆ Matome.
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“Chishō” (池沼) normally translates to “ponds and marshes”, but “Chiteki Shōgai” (知的障害, lit. “mental disability”) can be shortened to “Chishō” (知障) which can be converted into “Chishō” (池沼) instead.
The original translation put the subtitles in annotations, a YouTube feature that got removed in 2019, which means that the original subtitles got lost. Fortunately, it looks like someone hardsubbed it.
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