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Cookie☆☆ S1

Perhaps you're looking for Cookie☆☆ S2?

Christmas Planning! (クリスマス企画!, Kurisumasu Kikaku!) is the first Cookie☆ voice drama directed by “Taisa” on December 23, 2011.1) It was taken in by the Cookie☆ community as Cookie☆☆ S1 (クッキー☆☆一期) or KyūKuri☆ (旧クリ☆, lit. “Old Christmas☆”).


On Christmas Eve, Reimu gets the idea to be Santa in order to get more shrine offerings and ropes Marisa into her plan. First off, they find Alice fantasizing about Marisa in her sleep, then she latches onto the real Marisa. Reimu suggests kissing her, but Marisa refuses and blew her house up instead. Next, they pay Sanae a brief visit and Sanae mistakes Reimu's malicious gifts as presents from Santa.

Afterwards, they head to Koumakan where Sakuya fantasizes about Remilia in her sleep, but she wakes up. Reimu hands her candid photos of Remilia that Aya took, which puts Sakuya in a nosebleed coma. Then, they visit Eientei and leave Eirin some sweets that were lying around. However, Marisa decides to steal a few gifts for herself, such as a book and some medicine.

Finally, they visit Rinnosuke last, but he's fully awake in a half-Santa, half-fundoshi outfit. He mistakes their visit for a sexual advance, but gets knocked out. In the end, the stunt did nothing and Marisa only got a damage bill from Alice, but they move on to talk about an upcoming year-ending party that Reimu is holding. Then, we get a short scene of Eirin revealing that the stolen medicine was a failed libido experiment.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced Twitter handle
Benikurage (紅くらげ) BNKRG姉貴 Reimu @kakikaki_tatata
Mars (まーず) MZ姉貴 Marisa @mazmarz
Taisa (大佐) TIS姉貴 Alice, Eirin
Paseri (ぱせり) PSR姉貴 Sanae @paseri_001
Ryuuga (りゅーが) りゅーが姉貴 Sakuya
Sponge (Temp) (スポンジ(仮)) Rinnosuke


Mars uploaded her voice drama with Taisa on December 23, 2011.2) However, it attracted Cookie☆ fans who wanted something fresh to discuss and thought Mars sounded like Udzuki.3) She deleted the original video, but it was quickly re-uploaded4) and eventually took off when somebody uploaded an fan-made MMD version in late 2013,5) several months after Cookie☆ fans latched onto Cookie☆☆ S2.

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