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Cookie☆☆ S3

Christmas Planning! 2013 (クリスマス企画!2013, Kurisumasu Kikaku! 2013), or Cookie☆☆ S3 (クッキー☆☆三期), is the third Cookie☆ voice drama directed by “Taisa” that was uploaded on December 24, 20131) and unlike the first two, this one didn't get taken down this time.


Yukari flirts with a bored Reimu at the shrine before Christmas, but they get interrupted by Marisa and Alice who brought their groceries, then Yuyuko puts a hole in the shrine's floor once they mention that they had meat and Youmu follows after. The conversation eventually shifts to burglaries in the area and all six of them, plus Aya who just showed up at the shrine, decide to head out and resolve the incident.

For some reason, Tewi and Reisen are out selling rice cakes when they get questioned, but it turns out that Tewi was just carrying around a strange suppository for Reisen. Anyways, they eat some rice cakes, Alice gets romantic thoughts about Marisa, and Marisa suggests visiting Patchouli, but it's revealed that Marisa was responsible for the burglaries and Youmu tries to attack her for it.

Reimu, Marisa, Alice, Reisen, Tewi, and Yukari return to the Hakurei Shrine for a Christmas party. Patchouli stops by to give Marisa a present, but Alice cuts her off with a present to Marisa of her own. At the party, Yuyuko joins back in to eat their food. Meanwhile, we see that Youmu and Aya got lost chasing after Marisa in the cold but essentially decide to give up and gives a last “Merry Christmas” before passing out.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced Twitter handle
Sananana (さななな) SNNN姉貴 Reimu
Rei (怜) RI姉貴 Marisa
Sakuranbou (錯乱棒) SKRNBU姉貴 Alice
Taisa (大佐) TIS姉貴 Yukari, Patchouli
Esuka (エスカ) ESK姉貴 Youmu
vivian VVAN姉貴 Yuyuko @273287190
Yuwo (ユヲ) YW姉貴 Aya
Aika (愛佳) AIK姉貴 Tewi @aika_tukin
Hisui (緋翠) HSI姉貴 Reisen @fragrantoliver


Cookie☆☆ S3 was highly anticipated and released on December 24, 2013,2) but nobody had made an MMD version until nine months later.3) In terms of 2channel, people were excited about Rei, but grew to dislike Taisa since she got too involved with the threads and Cookie☆☆ S3 was a bit too on-the-nose for their liking, so Cookie☆☆ S3 became the final video in the Cookie☆☆ series and Taisa disappeared.

Some people tried turning Esuka a high prospect, but focus mostly shifted to Sananana and Rei since they were the protagonists in this video. Out of nowhere, Hisui suddenly got popular in 2016, but she kinda evolved into her own character at that point. Also, Sakuranbou is often depicted as buff because of her MMD model had broad shoulders. Overall, this video is relatively weak compared to Cookie☆☆ S2.


  • It was revealed that Mars and Taisa were actually lovers who went to the same vocational school, but they broke up sometime between Cookie☆☆ S2 and Cookie☆☆ S3.

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