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The Witch's Happy Halloween? is the first Cookie☆ voice drama that was directed by “Maki” (満月) and released on October 31, 2013. This voice drama has the short name, Halloween☆ (ハロウィン☆, Harouin☆), but it's also forty minutes long and never had an MMD version.


There is no English translation for this voice drama, so this section is based on the transcript and might be a bit messy to read through.

Marisa shows up at the Hakurei Shrine in a lion costume expecting Setsubun bean-throwing, but gets corrected by Reimu who explains what Halloween is. They change costumes with Reimu dressing up as a ghost and Marisa going as herself, then go trick-or-treating together. Aya stops by to take a picture and tags along as they head towards Alice's house.

Alice toys around with Marisa, pulls out a chocolate cake she planned to eat with Marisa tomorrow, then tags along out of curiosity. They pass a sleeping Meiling at the gate and walk into Koumakan where Sakuya was tricking Remilia to wear revealing outfits. Remilia offers them tea and sweets, but quizzes them since Flandre showed up, then Patchouli shows up and Aya comments on her love triangle with Marisa and Alice.

It's getting dark and foggy, but Reimu, Marisa, and Aya head to the Netherworld where they run into Youmu who tries to attack them. Komachi shows up after Youmu talks about her, then Eiki stops by to scold her. Eventually, Youmu takes Reimu, Marisa, and Aya to Hakugyokurou, but Yuyuko ate up all the sweets Youmu brought earlier and considers having Reimu for dinner.

Reimu leaves and takes Marisa, while Aya stayed behind, and the two of them have a chat before having a small celebration at the Hakurei Shrine. The following morning, it turns out that Aya decided to write about Reimu and Marisa's little rendezvous instead, which turns out to be trouble since she also delivered the news to Alice and Patchouli who were immediately on their way to the Hakurei Shrine.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced
Miso Panman (味噌パンマン) MSPNMN姉貴 Reimu
Urushi (漆) URS姉貴 Marisa
Yoshino Roko (芳野ろこ) RK姉貴 Aya
Mukumuku (むくむく) MKMK姉貴 Alice
Inoyanako (いのやなこ) Meiling
Makunoshin (まくのしん) Sakuya
Sesami (せさみ) Remilia
Neri New (練New) Flandre
Dokuzo no Dairi (どこぞの代理) DIR兄貴 Patchouli
Mikami (三上) MKM姉貴 Youmu
Rei (怜) RI姉貴 Komachi
Yuwo (ユヲ) YW姉貴 Yuyuko
Haikankou (配管工) HIKNKU姉貴 Eiki


It's known that Maki was a Cookie☆ fan who was inspired by Taisa's voice dramas and decided to make their own, but it was accidentally discovered by Cookie☆ fans prying into Cookie☆☆ S3's development. While it wasn't related to Taisa's Cookie☆☆ series, some people noticed that Rei and Yuwo were cast in both projects and Halloween☆ was being hyped up to be the next big Cookie☆ series.

However, the voice drama flopped upon release since it's way too long and this impacted how Cookie☆ fans generally viewed Maki's future works. It still hasn't received its own MMD version either because while the story is structured similar to Cookie☆☆ S1, it's actually much more complex if you check the script, so there's no help from the MMD department either. Additionally, the voice drama lacked Taisa's charm.

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