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Gensokyo Sex Change! (幻想郷SexChange!) is a Cookie☆ voice drama by “SUSHI”, directed by “Maki”, that was uploaded on March 16, 2014.1) It has the short name, SEX☆, but it's so bland that Maki even disowned it. By 2017, people made visuals2) and an alternate dub for it.


Reimu wakes up and Marisa stops by to visit, but they both discover that they turned into men. Aya quickly delivers news that everyone in Gensokyo had changed genders. They assume it was the Moriya Shrine's fault, rather than Yukari messing with gender boundaries, as Subterranean Animism wasn't too long ago, so the group heads to the Moriya Shrine.

They find Sanae and Kanako there, but neither were responsible. Reimu takes a break, allowing Marisa to lead for a bit. Suwako and Marisa get into a danmaku fight, while Kanako and Aya play shogi. During this moment, Reimu assesses that nobody there was responsible and decides to look for Yukari. He picks Marisa up after they finish fighting with Suwako, then the two of them head to Mayohiga to look for them.

When they arrive, Yukari shows up and agrees to resolve everything by tomorrow morning. He explains that he intended to attack Reimu as a man, but accidentally changed everyone's gender. Yukari gives Marisa some medicine and Reimu returns to the Hakurei Shrine alone. However, a lustful Marisa stops to visit Reimu and that's when Yukari reveals that he accidentally gave Marisa an aphrodisiac.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced
Maki (満月) MK兄貴 Reimu
SHO Marisa
Kiva (キヴァ) Aya
Kisaba (キサバ) KSB兄貴 Sanae
Johnny (ジョニー) Kanako
GESU Suwako
Proto (プロト) Yukari


The original SEX☆ was so boring, monotonous, and lengthy that most people panned over it and Maki even disowned as it wasn't his script in the first place. Many years later, someone announced a collaboration project in 2017 which garnered attention for the voice drama. Furthermore, a faster alternate dub was made, and a traditional Cookie☆ visual novel style animation was made for this alternate dub.


  • The video specifically has “male version” (男性版, dansei-ban) in the title and Yukari only tells the protagonists about “accidentally turning everyone into men” (全員男にしちゃった), so the story just overlooks the potential of there being male characters who could be turned into women.
  • The original video is almost 18 minutes long, while the alternate dub cuts it down below 10 minutes.

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"SEX☆合作" (November 30, 2017). Niconico Douga.
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