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Article guidelines

“i don't really have anything to type about or write articles on atm”
Nameless Rumia

The guidelines serve as a reference point for the curator's use as they compose new articles in order to keep articles vaguely uniform with one another, but they don't need to be strictly followed since this is a personal wiki after all, and not every article is actually a real article.

Page names

The page name should mainly be alphanumeric with underscores. Most special characters don't cause an issue, but there cannot be a colon, vertical bar, greater than sign, or number sign since they interfere with page links. In the end, the true page name should be reflected within Headline Level 1 in some way. Usage of symbols like stars (☆) and music notes (♪) are allowed.

While periods (full stops) could be used, these should be avoided to keep things accessible for non-English readers who read these pages with online machine translators. I noticed that Google Translate didn't know how to handle unexpected periods in URLs back then and had to use a workaround,1) which is why I allowed Cyrillic in page names temporarily to avoid having those “Name (Website URL)” page names.

Foreign article names should usually be romanized2) or translated. If two subjects have the same page name, it's mainly up to the curator to decide what should be named what.

Naming Disputes

  • Dvach” → Dvach ( and Sosach (
    This was easy since “” is often called “Dvach” while their successor at “” is always called some derogatory nickname like “Dvatirech”, “Sosach”, and “Harkach” instead.
  • IIchan” → Wakachan ( and IIchan (
    This was a tough decision as “IIchan” means two different things in English and Russian, and I didn't want to use “Ychan” for the Russian IIchan despite it being a romanization of their nickname, so I temporarily allowed Cyrillic letters. I eventually came to terms with calling English IIchan, “Wakachan”, since that IIchan was dead and everyone mistook the Wakachan coalition for being IIchan itself.


The namespaces (categories) are nice in theory, but it causes problems when subjects start to overlap with other namespaces and it makes linking weird. For instance, a simple 2ch /news4vip/ would mutate into something like internet:bbs:2channel:news4vip which doesn't look too great. For now, the only namespaces are the default “wiki” namespace and the restricted “proto” namespace for incomplete articles.

Article content

Main language

This wiki uses English since it's the curator's first language. I didn't think much of it back then, but English has the status of being a lingua franca or bridge language, so the contents of this wiki probably has more outreach than initially thought as the language is commonly learned as a second language. There is positives and negatives, but I'd basically say that “idiots stand out as things get bigger.”

Paragraph blocks

Each paragraph block should be two or four lines long3) with information being compact as possible. I don't use wide themes here since paragraphs end up looking like twigs on widescreen monitors, as exhibited on places like 4chan and classic Reddit, which is likely why modern web designers leave a lot of dead space. All that aside, be mindful of what's absolutely important when condensing and use footnotes as an aid.

As an unofficial courtesy rule, articles shouldn't be too long to accommodate for the general public who are busy, taught to skim, and desire simple answers, which is how complex college papers fail where simple propaganda may succeed.4) I mean, "keep it simple, stupid" was invented for a reason, and it's something that people who engage in debates on the internet fail to realize but let's not get into that.


This is a personal wiki and not a college paper with MLA or APA style citations. If I spent time trying to format every source like a college-level paper, it would take the fun out of writing these articles, so I prefer using a simple citation format which is: link with quoted page title or comment, archive or mirror links in square brackets, MDY date format in parenthesis, full stop, website name, account/board/subpage, full stop.

In other cases, footnotes are used for small digressions. There's more leniency for paragraphs in footnotes since it's harder to follow the two to four line rule, but they should still try to be somewhat compact.

This section isn't always the most organized, but I've tried standardizing how links to articles on other wikis or encyclopedias should look. In short, there shouldn't be a full stop at the end unless there's a descriptor, adding “the” to the wiki name sometimes flows better, and square brackets should indicate whether the link is an archive mirror or the language if the links have more than two languages. An example is shown below:

  • Article Name on Wikipedia
  • Article Name on Pixiv Encyclopedia
  • Article Name on Niconico Encyclopedia
  • Article Name on the 2channel Wiki
  • Article Name on the 2ch AA Illustration Project
  • Article Name on the Cookie☆ Explanation Wiki


Japanese ASCII art is placed between <WRAP jascii><code> and </code></WRAP>. This is made possible by modifying /conf/userstyle.css (see DokuWiki for code), wrap, and no longer requires htmlok! However, the new method is very restrictive, so the old method of having “htmlok” on and putting text between <html><p class="wrap_jascii"> and </p></html> with <br> spacing each line is still used.

For short, one-line emoticons, use: ( ・∀・) (<wrap jascii>( ・∀・)</wrap>).

   __,. -=- ,、
 i | r'_r',!イノ)ノン,),
 ヽ>,_(.ノノ!^ ヮ゚ノ)´
  `ー '(kOi =ikb て

Bonus code

HTML tags will not work in the latest DokuWiki version!

  • For customizing the wiki's tagline: (Unused. Buggy.)
#dokuwiki__header p.claim { visibility: hidden; } 
#dokuwiki__header p.claim:before { content: "Present day. Present time. "; visibility: visible; }
  • For communist theming: (Unused. Intended for Momiji Inubashiri article.)
html, body {
  background: #600;
#dokuwiki__header h1 img {
  display: none;
#dokuwiki__header h1:before {
  content: url(;
  height: 64px; width: 64px;
  float: left; margin-right: .5em;
<html><style>@media screen and (min-width: 800px) { .wrap_quarter li { font-size: 11px; } }</style></html>
  • For full-page webm autoplay:
<html><video style="position: fixed; top: 50%; left: 50%; min-width: 100%; min-height: 100%; width: auto; height: auto; transform: translatex(-50%) translatey(-50%);" autobuffer="" autoplay="" loop=""><source src="/files/cookie_canon.webm" type="video/webm"></video>
<style>#dokuwiki__pagetools, #dokuwiki__footer { visibility: hidden; }</style></html>
  • For novel translations: (Private.)
<html><style>h2 { visibility: hidden; }</style></html> ~~NOTOC~~
  • For a seizure-inducing background: (Unused. Secretly embedded in Karachan article.)
<html><style>.dokuwiki, div.wrap_info, #dw__toc, pre, code { background-image: url('/kurwa.gif')!important; }</style></html>
The workaround is archiving the page using Archive Today, then translating the archived page.
I don't care about romanization schemes. If it's all over the place, it's all over the place.
This is an odd rule from when I began the wiki. After writing a few paragraphs, it started bugging me that the paragraphs weren't uniform in my eyes, so I set up a pattern that kinda involves TOC being kept open on desktop, though it may come at the expense of paragraphs looking monotonous.
The issue with college papers is that they encourage overly complex vocabulary that the general public won't easily understand, and it's inefficient when people have to get a summary from the media or some yahoos on social media. Compare this to propaganda posters and bad online infographics that can convey a simple message using big, bold, capital letters in a way that's efficient and easily understood.
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