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Nameless Rumia

“cold, agitated, and dehydrated”
– Nameless Rumia

Nameless Rumia” (born 1997-06-27) is this personal wiki's sole author, an ordinary person who had internet access since the 2000s and had a small interest in digital anthropology. I am generally not important, despite whatever images or viewpoints that people form of me.

General information


For the most part, I'm just a humble, low-profile person that tends to be reserved and jaded, but I could also be caring, enigmatic, inquisitive, real, and selfless if you actually get to know me. And no, pornography will not magically speed things up. That being said, given my real-world experience and extensive internet history, I can be an extremely blunt and cynical person when push comes to shove.


This pen name, or pseudonym, is an uninspiring combination of “Nameless Fairy”, the default name of a defunct Touhou Project board with Wakachan, and “Rumia” which was a more elaborate, tactical choice. Back then, I didn't want to get judged for liking a popular or well-designed character,1) so I ended up taking a shot in the dark and picked a low-profile character.2)

Regarding the wiki

Back in the late 2000s, there was a short-lived personal wiki craze, but I never actually made one until 2016 which is a good thing. That aside, this personal wiki mostly contains personal research since I was tired of stale research from the late 2000s or foreign subjects completely lacking information. Sharing this knowledge to curious readers is mostly a personal bonus, like I really don't need to have this wiki online.3)

Of course, this hobby isn't easy since you actually have to set aside a lot of spare time to write articles for a personal wiki. As for motivators, it's a joy from learning, the fun in translating,4) being able to provide such information for those curious about it, and watching how your writing evolves over time. However, don't forget that there's a writer behind these articles that you could talk to.


(2016/10) “rumi turned out to be a huge asshole”
(2017/12) “straight up using profanity to flame is something I don't give 3rd chances for”
(2019/04) “I posted this in two places. One place started an autistic complaint conversation about big titty Hex and why you should stop liking what i don't like. Here, all Rumi says is “unga”.”
(2019/05) “really the only thing you've done for the server yourself despite all you say on this is just try to bait others and being pessimistic toward everyone”
(2020/09) “youkaiofdusk is a known[by whom?] lolicon/pedo sympathizer at the very least”[citation needed]
(2020/09) “Nigga all you do in Tumblr is post gigantic anime tits how do they somehow work it as lolicon”
(2021/03) “youkaiofdusk is a little creep who lives on a refugee boat”
(2021/08) “<kuz> this neurotic sex obsessed russophobic5) lying cretin (namelessrumia) feeds off drama”
(2022/07) “rumia's wiki is better, cope”
(2022/12) “Some incredible internet scholar you put your “implicit trust” in”
(2023/10) “her wiki contains blatant revisionism and lies on several topics and events.”
(2023/10) “lol def a her at somepoint they have a fucking tumblr and hate edgy /b/tard type humour”
(2018/05) “You're very informative and pretty decent to speak to.”
(2019/10) “he seems really cynical and snarky yet tired and doesnt really express himself much. he doesnt feel a need to. its interesting you know”
(2019/10) “I honestly think that Rumi is one of the smartest people here”
(2019/10) “Rumia's kinda vague, bitter, sometimes passive aggressive, enigmatic, has his own petty angry side with a dash of smugness that shines thru sometimes. He mostly tries to stay chill tho. mostly.”
(2020/02) “Rumia's reactions to big boobs never fails me”
(2020/02) “Rumi's more amusing since he's usually stoic and reserved all the time”
(2021/02) “im glad ppl like nameless rumia exist”
(2021/06) “you emit 5 o'clock shadow tired worn beaten ████ ████ who's always short a cup of coffee and has a crisis once in a while but can't give more than a quarter of a shit when something pops up because the energy supply isn't there”
(2022/12) “i've never seen you genuinely happy(?) You're always very “professional”, unless it's porn
(2023/05) “Some people may find it off putting, but this is the peak based human at its finest”

> (2024/03) “rumi is the least trans-adjacent leftie I've ever seen lol that part makes me laugh”

   、 - _- 、 ___
  / 〆~~~, '"  `ヽ,
  l ノ.  、 ! ノ)ノ)λノ)).
  ||    メ从i ^ヮ^リi  ~♪
    ~~~~ <#/i#i#iゝ      (◎)
       ''i_ン_ン"      ヽ|〃 .
                 '゛'゛ ゛゛

Personal details

While I prefer to keep a low profile and abstain from identity labels, I understand that some people get really bizarre ideas as the internet is easily manipulable and weird, so I'll just leave a few breadcrumbs for you:

  • I am not white, not black, and not a model minority.6) One big hint is the Second Indochina War.
  • I am, personally, not very religious either. However, I was raised as a Theravada Buddhist.
  • I don't really get involved in politics as a pragmatic yet cynical idealist, but I lean towards a form of socialist/communist thought that sees problems in the superstructure, thus support secularism as a result. However, I do tend to be critical towards outlandish, utopian ways of thinking.
  • I support nuclear energy. I support “under no pretext” (guns) as well, but oppose their fetishization.
  • This wiki's communist symbolism is mostly meant to be a deterrent,7) but you could also view this as a classical conditioning experiment to conflate knowledge with communism.

Most of these personal details are hints to who the curator is or simply controversial. If you were looking for fun personal details, such as activities or interests, then see the following “notes” section instead.


  • My real favorite Touhou Project character is Yuuka Kazami, but I prefer to keep my distance.
  • I do not use IRC at all.8)9) I do use Discord, but I mostly use a select few servers and ignore the rest unless I'm doing some deep vetting. I haven't been an avid imageboard user since 2015.
  • I would like to see the Detroit Lions win a Super Bowl or some playoff games within my lifespan.
  • I don't get paid enough to list my gender or sexuality, but I love when people speculate.

   ,. -ー- 、__
  ,'     '.y
  i レノノハノノ)
  ハルi ゚ ー゚ノリ / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄/
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄\/____/ ̄
Back then, my favorite Touhou Project characters were Flandre Scarlet, Utsuho Reiuji, and Yuuka Kazami, but I didn't know much about them at the time, so I played it safe with Rumia who I thought had the least amount of characterization and fans. The other candidates for this role were Aya Shameimaru, Mystia Lorelei, Parsee Mizuhashi, and Satori Komeiji… from a Tohosort result.
I actually chose Rumia for her interesting abilities, personality, and a general lack of status in the west, but in doing so, I overlooked an important design choice that I didn't expect people to bloviate about.
At any moment, I could just revoke access to the wiki and not give a shit. Don't forget that everything online is ephemeral, unless some of you weirdos are archive it, and that you are mortal yourself.
I don't consider my translation methods to be optimal, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you're desperate.
It should be noted that jingoistic Russian patriots, often called "vatniks" by liberals, have a tendency to blindly accuse their opponents (e.g. anyone criticizing modern Russia, communists, liberals, westerners) of Russophobia, so this really carries no weight. I apologize if this explanation disappoints readers who happen to live in the Baltics, Georgia (country), Poland, and the Ukraine.
You can try to be racist or mention historical tragedies, but I personally don't care if it's directed to me.
The logic is that 4chan had a right-wing infestation and Reddit had sectarian anarchists, so the communist theming would theoretically deter both of them. ┐(´ー`)┌
They're slow and I'm not keeping my computer up 24/7 for an IRC channel for a response.
Back in the mid-2010s, I suspect that the “ex” (now a transgender male) of two people, a noted anarchist in the textboard scene and a vague socialist that I randomly met and used to be acquainted with, might've attempted to impersonate me which is why I feel obligated to say that I don't really use IRC. It's a small world!
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