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A wiki is a website where users create and modify pages so information can be shared and read, but these pages can also be revised and modified by other users which makes it collaborative. Administrators might also step in to block users or restrict editing on certain pages.

Wikis of interest


Critique of specific wikis

Encyclopedia Dramatica

Not to be confused with Uncyclopedia and its international variants.

Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED) was an internet drama wiki that ran from 20041) to 2011.2) Once praised for its wealth of internet culture,3)4) it has since become a stale,5) unfunny shock wiki for edgy shitkids. After a controversial “return-to-form” attempt in 2011,6)7) it'd burn through several owners and domains,8) yet they've largely become irrelevant as Know Your Meme filled the void.9)

The wiki masks cyberstalking and social rejection as trolling and its content encourages self-hatred to allow extremist ideologies to fester, as evidenced by prior administrators being a neo-Nazi10) with mixed Jewish heritage11) and the 2017 Aztec High School shooter.12) More recently, one of their victims ended up committing the Colorado Springs nightclub shooting, though the wiki's name was withheld.13)14)

Fandom (Wikia)

Fandom, also known as Wikia,15) is a wiki hosting service that was founded in 2004. It's shamelessly run by a capitalist for-profit company, as reflected by its bloated web design and excessive advertising. This is especially noticeable on mobile devices, which half of their page views come from,16) as mobile ads bring in a lot of revenue due to the fact that they aren't as easy to block.

Many wikis have declared independence or migrated, but Fandom generally disapproves of dissent and will install puppet regimes, even if their version stagnates.17) This has been a major source of frustration since Fandom also weaponizes SEO to overtake the alternatives,18) justifying a need for Anti-Wikia Alliance, NIWA, and the Indie Wiki Buddy extension to promote the existence of non-Fandom alternatives.

In 2018, Fandom was acquired by TPG Capital with Jonathan Miller becoming co-chairman,19) and we would see an unusual amount of acquisitions like Curse (including Gamepedia,,20) etc.),21) followed up with GameFAQs, GameSpot, Metacritic, and TV Guide.22) During this, Fandom would controversially help advertise for the U.S. Navy in 2021.23)

Know Your Meme

Know Your Meme (KYM) is a wiki that documents memes and viral phenomenon. It was founded in 2007, went mainstream around 2011, and has become a major contributor to internet gentrification. Memes were once considered “secret online in-jokes”, but KYM's impact has eliminated the “secret” and “in-joke” aspects, creating a rapid humor ecosystem that relies on bland websites like Reddit, TikTok, Twitter, etc.

In addition to the term “meme” being used very loosely, the wiki uses a restrictive “editorship” system which limit the people allowed to edit their articles,24) some galleries are just stolen softcore porn,25) and you can see political biases shine in the more controversial articles, including “GamerGate” which is self-explanatory and “Poljak” which conveniently misleads you on the meme's origins.


Wikipedia is a popular wiki, managed by the Wikimedia Foundation, that was co-founded by libertarian entrepreneur Jimmy Wales in 2001. The website is known for running an infamous recurring donation drive every Wednesday and December, despite not needing to do so26)27)28) as most of their funding already comes from Anglo-Saxon companies and foundations,29) but they insist it keeps them ad-free.30)

Despite their neutrality policy, Wikipedia isn't always neutral or unbiased since it knowingly publishes false information and understands that it is not a reliable source. It should never be presented as an “infallible arbitrator of truth” and your teacher should've warned you about this. Furthermore, as they fall into the trap of argumentum ad populum, never get your politics here.

As a disclaimer, I do not intend to declare a war, nor am I imploring people to game the system or push a megalomaniacal point of view. I am simply encouraging critical thinking in the age of reaction.


  • I feel like there should be more to this article, but I can't figure out where to expand.
  • The first wiki, WikiWikiWeb, had borrowed the Hawaiian word “wikiwiki”, meaning “fast” or “quick”, since the owner recalled the Wiki Wiki Shuttle and decided against naming it, QuickWeb.
  • EcuRed is the Cuban socialist alternative to Wikipedia, but obviously, the wiki is all in Spanish.

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