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Pixiv (ピクシブ, Pikushibu) is a popular Japanese website that artists can share illustrations, manga, and novels on. The website was founded by Takahiro Kamitani and Takanori Katagiri on September 10, 2007. If you are new to Pixiv, please use the tag registration system properly.1)

Features and services

Pixiv Encyclopedia

Pixiv Encyclopedia (ピクシブ百科事典, Pikushibu Hyakka Jiten), originally named Pixpedia, is an online encyclopedia that first opened in November 10, 20092) and mainly provides context for tags used on the website. Unlike Niconico Encyclopedia, these articles tend to be more serious despite the community overlap, though they don't have a way to easily resolve edit conflicts, incorrect notation, or vandalism.


Ugoira (うごイラ), short for “ugoku irasuto” ((うご)くイラスト, lit., “moving illustration”), is a simple JavaScript feature that allows artists to upload animated images and GIFs, while other users are able to interact and pause the animation like a slideshow. This is insignificant now, but it's important to remember that Pixiv didn't support GIFs until the addition of Ugoira on June 25, 2014.3)

Pixiv Request

Pixiv Request (pixivリクエスト, Pikushibu Rikuesuto) is a commissioning service that was introduced on September 30, 2020.4) The service acts as a middleman between clients and content creators, allowing clients to request illustrations or novels from content creators in exchange for money if accepted.5) However, one downside is that foreigners can't send adult (R-18) or grotesque (R-18G) requests.6)

Third-party extensions

  • Pixiv Toolkit - Downloading extension. You can also make GIF, APNG, and WEBM files.
  • Px Downloader - A simple downloading extension and menu.

Novel genres

Genre Translated name
恋愛 (Renai) Romance
異世界ファンタジー (Isekai Fantajī) Isekai Fantasy
現代ファンタジー (Gendai Fantajī) Contemporary Fantasy
ミステリー (Misuterī) Mystery
ホラー (Horā) Horror
SF (Esu Efu) Sci-fi
文学 (Bungaku) Literature
ヒューマンドラマ (Hyūman Dorama) Drama
歴史・時代 (Rekishi Jidai) Historical Pieces
BL (Bī Eru) Boys' Love
百合 (Yuri) Yuri
子供向け (Kodomo-muke) For Kids
(Uta) Poetry
エッセイ・ノンフィクション (Essei Nonfikushon) Essays & Non-fiction
シナリオ・台本 (Shinario Daihon) Screenplays & Scripts
評論・感想 (Hyōron Kansō) Critique & Impressions
その他 (Sonohoka) Other


  • In 2008, a user named "Tōkyō Gensō" (東京幻想) used a 2006 Hiroshima Peace Memorial photograph without permission and the copyright holder was asked to provide personal information. It was never supplied, but the work ended up being deleted by October 19, 2009.7)
  • From October 30 to November 3, 2009, the website held a “Pixiv Festa” event at some interior shop8)9) and somebody's illustration was borrowed for a pamphlet without permission.10)
  • In 2011, modern art group “Chaos Lounge” (カオス*ラウンジ) had borrowed illustrations from Pixiv's Reitaisai 7 contest for a collage without permission,11)12)13) so users protested by leaving14)15) and vandalizing their “contemporary art” (現代アート, gendai āto) tag. Pixiv would later apologize for this.16)
  • Since 2016 or 2018, the “Pixiv Controversies” (pixiv問題, Pikushibu Mondai) article was hidden.
  • In May 2018, an anonymous former Niji no Conquistador idol filed a lawsuit against then-president Hiroaki Nagata for sexual harassment.17)18) Nagata resigned19)20) and the lawsuit ended with Tokyo District Court ordering ¥1.1 million to be paid to the aforementioned victim in 2020.21)
  • Then in May 2021, a transgender female employee filed a lawsuit against Pixiv for sexual harassment since joining in April 2018.22)23) Immediately, Pixiv started working on diversity and inclusion.24)


  • Pixiv was inspired by Flickr, as Kamitani believed it would make finding illustrations easier.25)
  • Back in 2008, it was reported that 70% of their users lurk, while the remaining 30% upload content.26)
  • Some of the existing alternatives to Pixiv include DeviantArt, Niconico Seiga, and Tinami.
  • The tag registration system has a strict 30 minute cooldown period for third parties, intending to combat tag vandalism, but it's a pain in the ass if you simply made a typo and want to fix it.27)
  • On February 26, 2020, they made a project page on Crowdin for tag translations.28) It sucks.
If you're a new artist on Pixiv, please don't use all 10 tag slots. The creator is supposed to tag-lock what's necessary, such as the copyright work or series and character(s), then let other users tag the rest.
"Request flow". Pixiv Help Center.
There is a rumor that you can circumvent the “no payment methods that can be used for R-18 and R-18G requests in your region” warning by setting the interface language to Japanese.
"pixivとのやり取り(全文)". ぱふぅ家のホームページ.
Heisei 30(2018) №8872” (平成30年(ワ)第8872号) and “Heisei 30(2018) №13414” (平成30年(ワ)第13414号).
You have to wait 30 minutes to remove the tag you added, then wait another 30 minutes to add the correct tag, wasting an entire hour of your time.
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