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Kropyvach (Кропивач) is a Ukrainian bulletin board that was initially set up anonymously on January 26, 2016. They are mostly unique for their strict anti-Russian policies, but it has since regressed with technical issues and an indirect ban of Ukrainian refugees outside the country.


After the fall of Sich on October 19, 2015 and its generally accepted death on January 6, 2016, somebody established Kropyvach at a temporary domain on January 26, 2016, though they used an unusual script. They eventually moved to “”, then changed the script to Vichan around June 19, 2016. Most of its early history simply involved cross-website raids until the “Black September 2017” incident.

In September 2017, the moderators began enforcing one-day bans for using the Russian language in text and image form on /b/ to prevent Kropyvach from becoming another Russian microboard. This somehow captured the attention of the Ukrainian imageboard scene, putting Kropyvach over Hyperchan and Fainach. Kropyvach did eventually die for a week in early 2018, but later found stability.

The word of Kropyvach apparently spread to Ukrainian Facebook and activities reached an all-time high in Spring 2020, but they fell into a slump after Nichan's flashy revival, while Kropyvach faced vague internal drama. With the Russian intervention, all non-Ukrainian IPs were blocked, overlooking the Ukrainians that managed to leave the country, though it did nothing to help the website's technical issues.

List of Boards

At the moment, Kropyvach can only be accessed with Ukrainian IPs, except for the “International” (/i/) board whose CSS will not load.


  • “Kropyvach” is named after the flowering plant, “Kropyva” (Кропива) or Nettle, referencing its use as an ingredient in Ukrainian cuisine (e.g. Borscht) and medicine (e.g. Nettle soup).
    • For those curious, “Kropyva” would be read as “Krapiva” (Крапива) in the Russian language, which would technically result in the pleasant-sounding “Krapivach” (Крапивач) instead.
  • “Zeleni kreatyvy” (Зелені креативи, lit. “Green creativity”) is a Ukrainian term for the “unripe”1) ideas that tend to emerge when a new community begins, but typically doesn't catch on. In the scope of Kropyvach, they ended up importing Pepe the Frog from 4chan and adopted him as their centerpiece.
  • Despite the regression, Kropyvach is still capable of fighting and will skew their articles.2)
It should be noted that “green” is being used as a slang term for “unripe”, like plants.
"Війна проти дев'ячу" (October 11, 2023). Kropyvach /k/.
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