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Faino (Файно),1) or Fainach (Файнач), is a Ukrainian bulletin board that was founded by “TheSashko”, or “Sashko” (Сашко), on September 11, 2016.2) This particular community is relatively quiet when you compare it to the other Ukrainian bulletin boards.


The “” domain was registered on August 12, 2016, but “TheSashko” (!mXtQSasHko) didn't actually launch Fainach until September 11, 2016,3) rushing its PHP scripts to accommodate Uchan's refugees. However, this arrangement didn't work out and Fainach eventually formed its own culture, as their early users were interested in Warhammer 40,0004) and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

As a result, Fainach became distinct from Kropyvach and Hyperchan as they accept “cancerous” subjects, rejecting the traditional spirit of Uchan, and generally avoids drama. Furthermore, the website asserts themselves as the only Ukrainian imageboard that ensures the Crimean Tatars' “cultural autonomy” with a board for the former Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

List of Boards


  • The default name on Faino is Taras (Тарас), a generic Ukrainian male name.
    • On the Crimea board, the default name is Mustafa since most Crimean Tatars are Muslims.
    • On the Warhammer board, the default name is “Alfarii” (Альфарій) or “Alpharius”.
  • If you use the Ukrainian National transliteration, “Fajno” and “Fajnach” would actually become “Faino” and “Fainach” respectively. However, “Fajno” is literally in the website's URL.
  • Faino - The front page of Faino.
  • Fainach on Faina Memoriia
  • Fainach on Entsyklopediia Dramatyka
“Fajno” or “Faino” (Файно) is the Ukrainian word for “fine”, similar to the Polish word “fajno” or “fajnie”.
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"Файнач живе!" (September 11, 2016). Faino.
"Літературний тред" (September 18, 2016). Faino /wh/.
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