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Uchan (Учан) was a Ukrainian bulletin board that was initially founded by “Yason dinAlt” on November 17, 2009 and shut down on September 11, 2016, with users leaving for Kropyvach and Fainach. Recently, the domain and name was briefly inherited by Hyperchan on April Fools 2020.


On November 17, 2009, the original Uchan was founded by “Yason dinAlt” for his demotivational poster website at “” and it used the Wakaba script, then the boards formally moved over to “” on November 30, 2009.1) It is said to be the first “true” Ukrainian imageboard, as they argued that UAchan was technically considered Russian2) and W13 was a complete joke.3)

After a quiet period, Uchan would suddenly explode in popularity around April 2010 where it prospered with original content and led raids. The activity would later stabilize, though it warranted the establishment of alternatives like Xatach (and Sich) which incidentally restored Uchan's creativity. There wasn't much of note in 2012, aside from a small inter-board PES tournament.

Following the anti-Russian Euromaidan protests and coup, the atmosphere of Uchan started to rapidly change as nationalist sentiments took hold and quality began to suffer as this drove people away. In their final years, the community did expand the local Warhammer 40,000 scene as they moved to the alternate “” domain, then Uchan shut down on September 11, 2016 without any warning.

List of Boards

  • Anime and Manga [a]
  • Disorder [b] (18+)
  • Cosplay [cos]
  • Erotica, Sex [ero]
  • Interesting Experiments [exp]
  • Fofudiushka [ffd]4)
  • Computer and Other Games [ig]
  • International [int]
  • Literature, Education, Science [lit]
  • Music [muz]
  • Psychological Collapse [pk]
  • Programming, Computers, OS [pr]
  • About UChan [sho]
  • Your Ad Could Be Here! [dev/null]
  • Transportation [tr]
  • Video, Movies, Television, Cartoons [tv]
  • Ukrainization, Politics [ukr]
  • Art Wagon with Les Podervianskyi [vg]
  • War, Army, Weapons [war]
  • Abyss [x] (18+)


  • The administrator “Yason dinAlt” (Язон дінАльт, Yazon dinAlt) borrows his name from “Jason dinAlt” from Deathworld, a 1960s science fiction novel series by Harry Harrison.
  • Uchan [Archive] - The front page of Uchan, archived September 3, 2016.
  • Uchan on Entsyklopediia Dramatyka
“UAchan” was a Ukrainian-themed website at “” that ran from 2007 to 2011(?) with the Wakaba script, except the issue is that it was de-facto Russian (e.g. “Аноним” instead of “Анонім”). If you dig through the archives, be warned that there is a JavaScript redirect file that may get flagged as a trojan.
“W13”, or “Shchostamtake” (Щосьтамтаке), was a Ukrainian imageboard at “” that used the Wakaba script. It was founded by “zxman” and ran from September 26, 2007 to August 7, 2008, amassing 118 posts before the free host shut it down for “excessive use of resources”. Only one page was archived.
“Fofudiushka” (Фофудюшка) was a board where Ukrainians were free to negatively talk about Russians, which includes their Federal Security Service (FSB) and Military Police (MP).
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