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Nichan (Нічан) is a Ukrainian bulletin board that was set up by “Deimos” on August 17, 2010, put to sleep around November 25, 2013, then was resurrected on April 2, 2020. Despite their massive campaign, everybody sorta forgot about Nichan after the hype died down.



The original Nichan was established by “Deimos” at the “” domain, using Wakaba, on August 17, 2010. In the beginning, it was intended to be a neutral Uchan alternative since Uchan threads kept being derailed by tense Russian relations, so Nichan had rules to restrict politics to the “Politics” board. However, nobody really used Nichan, so Uchan and various Russian websites kept raiding them.

Despite this, Nichan eventually gathered a small audience and became an anime-themed website as users produced original content (e.g. comics, mascots, etc.) and Ukrainian translations of anime and manga. Unfortunately, it didn't last and Nichan began to stagnate in 2012. Vandals kept uploading child pornography and the administrator gave up around November 25, 2013.


In 2020, nostalgic users asked “Deimos” to resurrect Nichan, so it returned to “” on April 2, 2020, but switched over to the Vichan fork “Nichan” and updated its look. While this was initially planned to be a short-lived revival, Nichan was well-advertised during the ongoing pandemic and drew in an audience that managed to rival Kropyvach alongside Uchan, so they just kept the website going.

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  • The original Nichan died shortly after the Euromaidan protests began, while the current Nichan explicitly bans anti-Ukrainian ideas and activities since its resurrection in 2020.1)
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