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Utsuho Reiuji

Utsuho Reiuji (霊烏路 空, Reiuji Utsuho), also spelled Utsuho Reiuzi or Utuho Reiuji,1) is a Touhou Project character who is a hell raven2) that consumed the spirit of a divine three-legged crow or “Yatagarasu” (八咫烏, lit. “eight-span crow”) for plot reasons in Subterranean Animism.

Anyways, she debuted as the final boss of Subterranean Animism where she was also canonically nicknamed “Okuu” (おくう / お空), though the latter form was confirmed in Double Spoiler. Since then, she now lives and works at the Underground Geyser Center beneath Former Hell.


In terms of personality, Utsuho is actually an honest and serious character, but she can also be carefree at times and other characters call her “bird-brained” for this. When it comes to her job, she's rather attentive, passionate, and serious. She also appears to be a leader at home that deeply cares about Satori and Orin. When it comes to fights, Utsuho will boast her powers and will act warlike upon first encounter.


She has long dark brown hair with a ponytail, brick red eyes, a red eye protruding from her chest, and black wings. Her outfit consists of a white shirt, black socks, black shoes, and sometimes a giant space cape. In addition, her left ankle is orbited by electrons (“leg of fission”), her right foot sports an elephant's foot-like boot (“leg of fusion”), and her right arm holds a pillar-like nuclear reactor (“third leg”).


Kanako sought the strongest hell raven and told Utsuho to consume the Yatagarasu, which granted her the ability to control and manage nuclear fusion, but the Marisa and Nitori ending of Subterranean Animism informs us that she needs fusion material in order to use nuclear fusion in practical applications. For now, she uses this to maintain the fires of Blazing Hell's remains while working the Underground Geyser Center.

Spell Cards

In Subterranean Animism

No. Spell Card Name Translated Name E N H L
#1 核熱「ニュークリアフュージョン」
Kakunetsu 「Nyūkuria Fyūjon」
Atomic Fire “Nuclear Fusion”
Kakunetsu 「Nyūkuria Ekusukāshon」
Atomic Fire “Nuclear Excursion”
Kakunetsu 「Kakuhannō Seigyo Funō」
Atomic Fire “Uncontrollable Nuclear Reaction”
#2 爆符「プチフレア」
Baku-fu 「Puchi Furea」
Explosion Sign “Petit Flare”
Baku-fu 「Mega Furea」
Explosion Sign “Mega Flare”
Baku-fu 「Giga Furea」
Explosion Sign “Giga Flare”
Baku-fu 「Peta Furea」
Explosion Sign “Peta Flare”3)
#3 焔星「フィクストスター」
Ensei 「Fikusuto Sutā」
Blazing Star “Fixed Star”
Ensei 「Puranetarī Reboryūshon」
Blazing Star “Planetary Revolution”
Ensei 「Jū Kyōsei」
Blazing Star “Ten Bad Stars”4)
#4 「地獄極楽メルトダウン」
「Jigoku Gokuraku Merutodaun」
“Heaven-Hell Meltdown”
「Heruzu Tokamaku」
“Hell's Tokamak”5)
#5 「地獄の人工太陽」
「Jigoku no Jinkō Taiyō」
“Hell's Artificial Sun”
「Sabutareinian San」
“Subterranean Sun”

In Touhou Hisoutensoku

Story Mode
Spell Card Name Translated Name
Netsu-fu 「Bureiku Purominensu」
Heat Sign “Break Prominence”
Kakunetsu 「Kakuhannō Seigyo Funō Daibu」
Atomic Fire “Uncontrollable Nuclear Reaction Dive”
「Hotto Jupitā Rakka Moderu」
“Hot Jupiter Descent Model”
Kakunetsu 「Jinkō Taiyō no Kokuten」
Atomic Fire “Artificial Sun's Sunspot”
Skill Cards
Skill Card Name Translated Name Cost Command
Guraundo Meruto
Ground Melt 1 orb ⬇️↘➡️
B or C
Heru Geizā
Hell Geyser 1 orb
Reidianto Burēdo
Radiant Blade 1 orb
Furea Appu
Flare Up 1 orb ➡️⬇️↘
B or C
Roketto Daibu
Rocket Dive 1 orb
Merutingu Abise Geri
Melting Pummel Kick 1 orb
Shūtingu Sutā
Shooting Star 1 orb ⬇️↙️⬅️
B or C
Retoro Genshikaku Moderu
Retro Nuclear Model 1 orb
Kakunetsu no Onryō
Vengeful Nuclear Spirits 1 orb
Bureiku San
Break Sun 1 orb ⬇️⬇️
B or C
Shūtingu San
Shooting Sun 1 orb
Jigoku Hadō-hō
Hell Wave Cannon 1 orb
Spell Cards
Spell Card Name Translated Name Cost
「Jigoku no Jinkō Taiyō」
“Hell's Artificial Sun” All other cards
Seigyo 「Serufu Tokamaku」
Control “Self Tokamak”6) 2 cards
Shakō 「Kakunetsu Baizā」
Light Shield “Nuclear Hear Visor” 2 cards
Baku-fu 「Mega Furea」
Explosion Sign “Mega Flare” 3 cards
Ensei 「Fikusuto Sutā」
Blazing Star “Fixed Star” 3 cards
Kaku-fu 「Kurīpingu San」
Nuclear Sign “Creeping Sun” 3 cards
Kōnetsu 「Haitenshon Burēdo」
Light Energy “High Tension Blade” 3 cards
Ensei 「Jū Kyōsei」
Blazing Star “Ten Bad Stars”7) 4 cards
Chinetsu 「Kaku Bureizu Geizā」
Geothermal “Nuclear Blaze Geyser” 4 cards
Karasu-fu 「Yatagarasu Daibu」
Crow Sign “Yatagarasu Dive” 4 cards
Kakunetsu 「Kakuhannō Seigyo Funō Daibu」
Atomic Fire “Uncontrollable Nuclear Reaction Dive” 4 cards
「Sabutareinian San」
“Subterranean Sun” 4 cards
Baku-fu 「Giga Furea」
Explosion Sign “Giga Flare” 5 cards
「Abisu Nova」
“Abyss Nova” 5 cards

In Double Spoiler

Spell Card Name Translated Name Stage
Yōkai 「Merutingu Howaito」
Youkai “Melting White” Stage 8-2
Kyosei 「Reddo Jaianto」
Giant Star “Red Giant” Stage 8-4
Sei-fu 「Kyosei Otsu」
Star Sign “A Great Star Falls” Stage 8-6
Shichisei 「Seputentorion」
Seven Stars “Septentrion”8) Stage 8-8

In Violet Detector

Spell Card Name Translated Name Stage
Chirei-fu 「Maindo Sutera Suchīru」
Earth Spirit Sign “Mind Stellar Steal” Nightmare Wednesday-1 (with Satori)
Chi-you-fu「Shikigami Ōboshi」
Earth Ghostly Sign “Shikigami Giant Star” Nightmare Wednesday-4 (with Ran)
Chirei-fu 「Maindo Sutera Rirīfu」
Earth Spirit Sign “Mind Stellar Relief” Nightmare Wednesday-6 (with Koishi)


  • “Solar Faith's Mystic Wisdom” (霊知の太陽信仰 ~ Nuclear Fusion, Reichi no Taiyō Shinkō)

Appearances and Mentions

In the Games

Touhou Chireiden (Subterranean Animism)

“Lord Yatagarasu, the Black Sun. Thank you for giving me your power.”
– Utsuho Reiuji

In Subterranean Animism, Utsuho is the final boss of the game. The story is that she was visited by Kanako who tells her to consume the Yatagarasu for their Nuclear Furnace project with the Kappas, but Utsuho forgets this and gets a desire to scorch the surface world while her excess powers cause geysers.9) Orin is worried about this, so she sends vengeful spirits up the geysers which begins the story here.

  • Reimu and Yukari: Utsuho heard the gossip of Reimu wanting to stop the geyser, but Utsuho explains that her excess power causes it. Reimu decides to fight anyways, so Utsuho gives a valiant speech.
  • Reimu and Suika: Utsuho wonders what Reimu did to get sent far into hell, while Suika explains the situation. Banter is thrown and once Suika advises Reimu to escape, Utsuho doesn't let her.
  • Reimu and Aya: Utsuho welcomes Reimu and introduces herself. While Aya tries to piece together the story, Aya plants the idea of “surface invasion” into the conversation and Utsuho kinda plays along.
  • Marisa and Alice: Utsuho and Marisa meet again, but when Marisa asks to stop the vengeful spirits, Utsuho is confused as she doesn't control them. Instead, she boasts about her power instead.
  • Marisa and Patchouli: Utsuho assumes Marisa wants to stop the geyser, but everyone gets confused and she explains the Orin controls the spirits. Patchouli gives urgency, and Marisa decides to fight.
  • Marisa and Nitori: Nitori seems giddy to discover Utsuho's new power. Marisa asks what that is and Nitori sorta scoffs at Marisa before asking to capture her alive. Again, she gives a valiant speech.

For the good endings, Utsuho is present in three of them. The Reimu-Suika and Reimu-Aya ending reveals that a mountain god granted her the powers. Reimu sets off as the geysers continue in the Reimu-Suika ending, but assumes they wanted hot springs in the Reimu-Aya ending. Meanwhile, the Marisa-Nitori ending has Nitori building a turbine, then tells us that Utsuho was only given a limited amount of atoms.

Touhou Seirensen (Undefined Fantastic Object)

“That's right, there's been frequent geyser eruptions since last winter, I wonder why.”
– Marisa Kirisame

In Undefined Fantastic Object, it's mentioned on the “Marisa B” route that the geysers, powered by Utsuho's excess power, had been going off since last winter and they shot up a group of youkai who would begin the events of the game by planning to break the seal that the humans put on Byakuren for being kind to youkai in the outside world. Aside from indirectly influencing these events, she does not appear in the game.

Touhou Hisoutensoku

“The foreign substance is to be immediately eradicated!”
– Utsuho Reiuji

In Touhou Hisoutensoku, she appears on the fourth stage of Cirno and Sanae's story mode, maintaining the Underground Geyser Center's Nuclear Furnace and guarding it from foreign substances.

  • Cirno, Stage 4: Cirno wanders into the Underground Geyser Center, but Utsuho notices and deems her a foreign substance to be eradicated due to the temperature change that she's causing to the reactor's core. They fight. Eventually, Cirno flees as soon as she defeats her, and Utsuho believes that she got vaporized so she returns to work.
  • Sanae, Stage 4: Sanae enters the Nuclear Furnace and Utsuho appears after being notified that a foreign substance had contaminated the reactor's core. After fighting, Utsuho is confused on what exactly she was doing, so Sanae pretends they were investigating this reactor and explains that she's looking for a 100m tall humanoid creature. It doesn't seem like Utsuho remembers though.
Versus Mode
Opponent Utsuho Wins Utsuho Loses
Reimu Ah, it's a shrine maiden. I can't tell you shrine maidens apart. I still don't understand this nuclear fusion. Why does it get hot after fusing?
Why would a crow live in the sun?
Marisa You won't be able to roast birds with that firepower. No, that's it. It's so hot today. So hot, I could die!10)
Sakuya Cheap tricks are no match for overwhelming power. It's a waste to use such high-powered energy for ordinary fireballs.
Alice That doll… I think we can blow it up some more! I don't really associate crows with the sun.
Patchouli You rely on such boring magic. Switch to nuclear power, it's the nuclear age. So, how does nuclear energy work? What kind of energy is it?
Youmu It looks like you could do business practicing metallurgy with nuclear fusion! It's fusion, but it explodes…??? I wonder what that means.
Remilia Relentlessly moving won't change a thing! Since I can't see you anyways. The sun is a pain…
Yuyuko I'm used to seeing vengeful spirits, so ordinary spirits are a fresh sight. Ahh, one sun is enough. Especially with a summer like this.
Vengeful spirits… They have good manners, but they're bad guys at heart. Well, that's just fate for those damned to hell. They keep burning after becoming vengeful spirits.
Yukari Eh? The misconceptions about nuclear energy are so bad in the outside world that people are against it? It's so useful though… Naturally, the sun's power isn't kind to youkai. However, your power is more than enough to be an annoyance.
Suika It's alright, the underground city will continue to prosper. The underground's only downside was the lack of sun. No way, a person like that lives under Satori's home? You really surprised me.
Perhaps you could start a new business by reigniting the underground's blazing hell. I feel like she'd do a much better job than the Tengu since New Hell's been too lukewarm.
Reisen Eh? There's something better than nuclear energy? Nuclear energy… What a terrifying power, but I'm glad its user is an idiot.
Aya I'm sorry, I hardly read the newspapers. The hot spring at the foot of the mountain looks popular. With it, the mountain's economy will boom. As expected from nuclear fusion!
Komachi I wonder how new hell turned out. I'd like to take a quick peek. Oops, is than an old hell raven? Why would something that dangerous be above ground?
Current hell's onis are well-disciplined, so there's a lot less injustices. Former hell's onis were in cahoots with sinners, so spirits didn't want to leave. How about you find a job in new hell instead of that old hell?
Iku Oh? There's really a sea above the clouds? You're a raven that was sealed in former hell, right? Many things have been coming out of the underground, but…
Tenshi So, you're the culprit that put in the keystone. It seems like the keystone works well, mainly on the Earth. Hey, you came out of the underground. That has nothing to do with the earthquakes, right? Right?
You're alone? All sorts of things have been coming from the underground, are they your friends?
Sanae Ah, it's a shrine maiden. I can't tell you shrine maidens apart. You're so good at controlling such high-power energy.
Cirno Huh? You weren't blown to bits? I wonder if the output dropped. Gyaaah!
Does this mean, I won against the sun? That's right! I can't be defeated! I'm the strongest, most invincible fairy!
Meiling You're always trying to get close to me, are you trying to burn yourself to death? No way, that fireball is too dangerous.
Utsuho The sun continues to burn today.
Suwako Ahh, I'm in the middle of that critically-acclaimed fusion today! The hydrogen atoms seem energetic. Alright, alright! Thanks to that stupid youkai, nuclear energy is limited to peaceful use these days.

In addition, she has three other versus dialogue coded into the game:

  • “Nobody's a match for the ultimate energy!”
  • “It's not enough rampage! The nuclear reactions in me are saying to rampage some more!”
  • “Compared to the Sun, you are a puny being, but I won't show any sympathy.”

Touhou Bunkachou 2 (Double Spoiler)

“How am I supposed to take good pictures of the sun?”
– Aya Shameimaru

In Double Spoiler, Utsuho appears on Stage 8-2, 8-4, 8-6, and 8-8, with four unique individual spell cards, and she shares the same stage difficulty with Orin.

Aya complains about how she can't get any good pictures due to the sun and her backlight, then complains about the heat next. She then jokes that she gave up taking pictures of her, deciding to print out a blank image and claim that it's her. For her last spell card, Aya mentions that the “Big Dipper” constellation is known as the “Celestial Dragon” (天龍, Tenryū) in youkai astronomy.

Hatate realizes that the artificial sun powers the hot spring on the surface, but doesn't how know the whole process behind it works, then notes that this sun never seems to stop. She finally comments on the heat, though she's still thinking about how it affects the hot spring on the surface. Lastly, Hatate mentions how it's believed that comets will fall out if you flip the big dipper.

Touhou Shinkirou (Hopeless Masquerade)

In Hopeless Masquerade, Utsuho makes a minor cameo as a background character when the protagonist(s) fight on the “Palace of Earth Spirits” stage.

Hifuu Nightmare Diary (Violet Detector)

“A crow and a fox? Some people would be happy with these photos…”
– Sumireko Usami

In Violet Detector, Utsuho is in Nightmare Thursday-1, Nightmare Thursday-4, and Nightmare Thursday-6 where she shares spell cards with Satori, Ran, and Koishi in that order. However, Sumireko does not pay Utsuho much attention in her remarks. She's mainly focused on Satori in the first, gets distracted by how fluffy the two are in the second, and the final spell card is more of a stage recap than anything.

In the Print Works

Touhou Sangetsusei

Oriental Sacred Place

Utsuho's appearances in Oriental Sacred Place. In Oriental Sacred Place, Utsuho makes a cameo in Chapter 5 when Marisa says youkai were running yakitori stalls at the Myouren Temple's Ennichi, then she makes another cameo in Chapter 10 when Yukari brings up the yin-yang orbs she used to communicate with Reimu back in Subterranean Animism.

Utsuho makes her first in-person cameo in Chapter 12, attending the New Year's Eve festival with Orin and looking at a rabbit doll. Do note that she doesn't have her control rod, nor her special boot in this shot. Her final cameo is in Chapter 18 when the Fairies of Light notices that Reimu doesn't really exterminate youkai.

Visionary Fairies in Shrine

Utsuho's appearances in Visionary Fairies in Shrine. In Visionary Fairies in Shrine, Utsuho attends the Tanabata festival in Chapter 7 with Orin check out Seiran's stall and try out her dango. She later appears in Chapter 9.5 with Orin at the Deep Winter Fire festival, trying to catch fish at Nitori's stall, presumably Goldfish from the stall's poster.

The Grimoire of

The Grimoire of Marisa

Utsuho and her spell card's fireballs, as seen in The Grimoire of Marisa.

“Nuclear fusion sure is amazin'.”
– Marisa Kirisame

In The Grimoire of Marisa, Marisa reviews five of Utsuho's spell cards, which are: Atomic Fire “Nuclear Fusion”, “Heaven-Hell Meltdown”, Explosion Sign “Mega Flare”, Blazing Star “Fixed Star”, and “Subterranean Sun”. Overall, she gives all of her spell cards a high reference level.

For the first three, she makes note of the temperature of the fireballs in her spell cards, but it's evident that Marisa doesn't know much about nuclear fusion. The fourth spell card just fits her motif, and the fifth spell card has her commenting on how she actually turns into an underground sun who also has the gravity to draw her in.

The Grimoire of Usami

Section 2-3.

Touhou Gumon Kuji (Symposium of Post-Mysticism)

Utsuho in Symposium of Post-Mysticism.

“What can be confirmed with certainty is that the inside of her head is empty.”
– Hieda no Akyuu

In Symposium of Post-Mysticism, Akyuu describes Utsuho as the hell raven who resides deep inside the geyser center of former hell's blazing remains and she describes her as unique among hell ravens since a divine spirit inhabits her body, which is difficult unless she lacked a brain or personality prior.

Her page speculates that the Yatagarasu altered her looks too, noting her heavy-looking “leg of fusion”, arm cannon-like “third leg”, and a bright red chest eye. From there, the page mentions the Yatagarasu being sunspot-like figure who grow more powerful every 11 or so years.

Utsuho, being hypnotized by Kanako, in Symposium of Post-Mysticism. The Yatagarasu has the same power as the sun, a divine flame, and controlling it requires more effort than releasing it. A couple pages earlier, it's revealed that Kanako had hypnotized Utsuho to consume the Yatagarasu which has granted her the Yatagarasu's powers, though she did this while avoiding Satori.

Back to Utsuho's page, we're left with a thought on how the Yatagarasu would feel about being sent to live among the hated in former hell. For countermeasures regarding Utsuho, none are known as she rarely surfaces from the underground, then Akyuu ends the page joking that she's responsible for the hot springs in Gensokyo.

Touhou Ibarakasen (Wild and Horned Hermit)

Utsuho's appearances in Wild and Horned Hermit. In Wild and Horned Hermit, Utsuho makes a cameo in Chapter 2 as Sanae tries pushing for an alternative energy source, stating that the Nuclear Reactor is inefficient due to its placement and the resources it uses. She has another cameo in Chapter 27 as Reimu recalls everyone she used her needles on.

Touhou Gairai Ihen (Strange Creators of Outer World)

Utsuho in Strange Creators of Outer World.

“It's often said that stupid children are cuter, but Okuu is always helping me out or preening me. Such a cute pet.”
– Satori Komeiji

In Volume 5, Utsuho is in a cross-review where Reimu, Marisa, and Satori give their opinions on characters in Subterranean Animism. Reimu gives her a 1 for being dangerous, Marisa gives her a 6 as she's bird-brained in the end despite her powers, and Satori gives her a 10 since she's cute.

Later, the “Gensokyo Human-Youkai Directory”11) page on Utsuho tells us that she was just a hell raven that hung around Satori, until Kanako deemed her dumb enough to gain the Yatagarasu's powers, and now she has the power to control nuclear fusion.

While it's true that she tried to scorch the Earth once, she now helps the Kappas at Kanako's Underground Geyser Center. Overall, the author's comments in this volume tells us that ZUN wanted a darker character that popped out. An underground sun would be surprising which is where the Yatagarasu came into his mind, then there's the “nuclear” motif to make her fit among the hated and allow for a Mountain of Faith tie-in.



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                ) (⌒) (
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       〉:::lヽ、  ァ‐-、,o,_ ,.ィ  /l::〉
       >:::| ノヽ,r〉;'´::::::::`ヽ}イ |::>
       く:::':、 〈 Y!ノメ人ス)〉n  l::フ
        i`ヽ;〉  ノルリ^ ー.゚ノ「 ア /イ
        '、゚ 。`'ーイ:〈,_i(( !)}]_,ノ,ノ。/
         \。゚ 〈/ン'^~フヽ、゚/
          ` く/'ト,ラ^i_ラ'´ ´
“Reiuzi Utsuho” is the official romanization in Subterranean Animism, while “Reiuzi Utuho” is one that appears in her Symposium of Post-Mysticism article. “Reiuji Utsuho” is the unofficial romanization that was tweaked to match the “Komeiji” romanization.
“Jigokugarasu” (地獄鴉) may be interpreted as “hell raven” or “hell crow” since “karasu” (鴉) can either mean “crow” or “raven” since nothing consistently distinguishes the two within Corvus genus.
For those less aware of unit prefixes: Mega = 106, Giga = 109, Tera = 1012, Peta = 1015. Most of you knew the first three, but anything beyond that doesn't come up in everyday conversation, especially since the average person has no need for an entire petabyte of storage.
4) , 7)
There's a Chinese myth where an archer named Yi (Gei), the husband of Chang'e (Jouga), was tasked by King Yao to shoot down ten suns that were scorching the earth. He gave some warning shots before shooting them down and all of them became Yatagarasu. The last one was spared upon request from King Yao and the mother of the suns.
5) , 6)
A tokamak is a magnetic device, used in experimental fusion reactors, that confines hot plasma.
The “Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper” (北斗七星, Hokuto Shichisei), better known as the Big Dipper, was dubbed “Septentrion” in Latin which meant “Seven Oxes”.
It should be noted that Utsuho's true intention is to show off her new powers, not a desire for world domination which is a common misconception. The only route that wanders into this idea is Reimu and Aya's scenario, but Aya plants that idea into her head which results in the rest of that conversation.
“So hot, I could die!” (暑くて死ぬぜ, Atsukute Shinu ze) is a line that Marisa uses in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil's extra stage, and Marisa and Alice's scenario in Subterranean Animism.
The “Gensokyo Human-Youkai Directory” (幻想郷人妖名鑑, Gensokyo Nin-You Meikan) is somewhat liberally translated to “Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo” on the Touhou Wiki.
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