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This article is about Russian IIchan. For old IIchan, see Wakachan.

IIchan (Ычан, Ychan) is a Russian bulletin board website that opened by “Mod-chan” (Мод-тян) on June 1, 2007,1) though its first domain was registered on May 25, 2007. It's an interesting outlier in Russian culture as it's strict, but tries to retain that old weeb imageboard culture.



In 2007, Dvach had constant board wipes due to spammers, so IIchan was launched on June 1, 2007 as an actually moderated refuge website. This led to “IIchan vs. Dvach” arguments such as IIchan being the more polite and adequate website, while Dvach was the opposite. Early users created “Unyl-chan” (Уныл-тян) as a net character mascot. Then from September 26 to October 7, high server load incapacitated IIchan.

By the year's end, IIchan had pretty much established its own identity, then Dvach's /b/ froze which reignited the arguments and caused the creation of the term, “Dobrochan” (Доброчан). For 2008, IIchan's creativity stood out as projects like iiChantra and Endless Summer emerged. Meanwhile, Touhou Project would see immense popularity on /b/ that year, leading to the creation of a Touhou Project board at /to/.


Dvach died on January 17, 2009, but IIchan turned away refugees by disabling images, knowing that they'd just eat up the bandwidth and new Dvach users wouldn't fit in well. IIchan controversially decided to close temporarily to deter these new users, leaving users with Dobrochan, 410chan, and /unyl/.2) There was some tensions between IIchan and Wakachan's /unyl/ later in the year, but those didn't really go anywhere.

At some point, the default name of IIchan's /b/ board was set to “Cirno” (Сырно, Syrno), as in the character from Touhou Project, in response to her rising status and users liked it. The tensions in IIchan's /b/ board eventually settled down by Summer 2009 as new anime came up, but the biggest change for IIchan was them adding off-site boards to their website since every board was hosted on IIchan until then.


Mascots were phased out by 2010, so Cirno took over as IIchan's mascot. IIchan set clear website rules and appointed new moderators without issues, though “WildWFox” was a bit of an outlier. In 2011, it looks like “interactive text RPGs” (quest threads) caught on in /b/ with some opposition, but the administrator refused to make a new board for them so it kinda just became another staple while not being fully archived.

IIchan's adult boards were abruptly removed on April 20, 2012, but reasons are unknown as IIchan left their Ukrainian hosting on May 16, 2012 and migrated to the “” domain on July 21, 2012.3) The old domain became a redirect before it expired, and IIchan apparently made a Twitter account back in May 2012 but was inactive until October 2014 where it was used for /b/ name changes and new front page art.


Starting with 2015, a number of inactive boards were closed or deleted and these continued all the way into 2018. However, IIchan started introducing new features like a catalog for all boards except the text-only /d/ around September 25, 2015. IIchan was taken down with a large-scale imageboard DDoS on September 25, 2016.4) In April 2016, IIchan controversially abandoned “Cirno” for rotating default names in /b/.5)

In 2017, IIchan added features like thread hiding, image expansion, and introduced HTTPS support for their tenth anniversary. The FAQ page was also redone on July 15, 2017, which originally only told you how to format posts using IIchan's modifed WakabaMark. In 2018, IIchan supported MP4, OGV, and WEBM files with help from /dev/. In 2019, they introduced quick reply but stashed away frames for an new front page.

List of Boards


  • “IIchan” is pronounced “Ychan” (Ычан), with “IIchan” (Иичан) and "Yichan" (Ичан) being rare.
    • Unylchan (Унылчан) - “Unylyy” (Унылый) meant “gloomy” or “depressing”. Stolen by /unyl/.
    • Dobrochan (Доброчан) - “Dobro” (Добро) means “good”, but it also once meant “corner bath” in an old Japanese-to-Russian machine translation of “doburo” (どぶろ). Stolen by Dobrochan.
    • Cirnach (Сырнач), Cirnochan (Сырночан), Cirnarnik (Сырнарник) - “Cirno” (Сырно) used to be the default name of IIchan's /b/ board.
  • “Autobus 410” (Автобус 410) is an old IIchan meme from 20086) that is associated with a LiAZ-677 with “410” on the side and the text, “We are going to hell. And I'm driving the bus.”
    • More importantly, it's the source of 410chan's name, which was a refuge of a refuge at the time.
  • Foreign IPs are blocked, but can be whitelisted if you contact IIchan's official email address.
    • There used to be an /int/ board @, but it was closed for inactivity.7)
  • The whole Russian imageboard scene has changed a lot since 2008, so IIchan will deter newcomers who are unable to act like a normal human being under the website's harsh moderation.
  • After Dvach's death, IIchan has become one of the oldest active Russian bulletin board website.

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