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Dobrochan (Доброчан) is a Russian bulletin board website, created on August 7, 2008, that emphasized kindness.1) It should be noted that it used to be IIchan's nickname as users would say it was “nicer” than Dvach. The website technically died in late 2022, but a refuge is availible.


In response to Dvach's insufficient moderation, IIchan was launched on June 1, 2007 and people tried to sell the idea that IIchan was “kinder” or “nicer” than Dvach, nicknaming it Dobrochan.2) However, people could easily mistake Dobrochan as the website's actual name, despite the fact that Dobrochan did not exist, but this would soon change.


On August 7, 2008, Dobrochan had launched at the “” domain with the unofficial mascot being “Holo” (ホロ) from Spice and Wolf. The community genuinely attempted to build their own culture, then Dvach fell on January 17, 2009 and their refugees flooded the place, so only a handful of memes and mascot characters survived while others had to be rethought because of the sudden influx of users.

At some point, the community believed that Rozen Maiden fans were in the administration as moderation became more serious. This was confirmed when Dobrochan made the switch from Wakaba to Hanabira on April 16, 2009, considering where Hanabira was hosted.3) Additionally, the /b/ board on Dobrochan also took the slow and formal, topic-specific approach to threads.


In 2011, Dobrochan outranked IIchan in terms of /b/ posts, yet remained slower than Nullchan, though some argue that Nullchan's post count was inflated due to constant board wipes. Then on August 6, 2011, a ToS page was added, setting rules for the community and staff.4) For 2013, in response to DDoS attacks and new laws, they politely reminded people that they've owned “” since March 19, 2010.5)

There isn't really much to say about Dobrochan after that. A new moderation system was introduced in late 2014,6) the website moved to a new server and upgraded the board software in 2016,7) and the closure of Google+ in 2019 would lead to Dobrochan creating an official account on Telegram and Twitter for website news in the event that Dobrochan suddenly goes offline.8)


Around late 2020, “Mithgol” pointed out that Dobrochan kept crashing because it was storing 5 terabytes of uploaded images and suggested using an IFPS storage network.9) The website stopped working from January 3, 2021 to January 11, 2021 as they were on holiday,10) then a lack of storage space meant images couldn't be uploaded from January 4, 2022 to January 17, 2022, so a refuge was made.

Following the Russian intervention in 2022, Dobrochan advised the community to use “” or “” instead, since “” and “” would be dropped.11)12) However on November 15, 2022, the website ran out of space, the data was lost since they could not contact their owner, and Dobrochan effectively died.

The main refuges are and доброчан.рф, which is followed by IIchan's refuge thread and /dobrochan/ at Endchan.

List of Boards


  • There was some strife between IIchan and Dobrochan over their nickname being stolen, then IIchan went down in May 2009, users took refuge at Dobrochan, and that was that.

* /dobrochan/ on Endchan - The current refuge board.

1) , 2)
“Dobro” (добро́) is a word that can mean “good”, “nice”, “kind”, or “moral”.
The “Hanibira” script pointed a link to the “” domain which hosted a website called “Masterskaya Kuklochana” (Мастерская Куклочана, lit. “Dollchan's Workshop”). This website has since been defunct.
"Terms of Service" (August 6, 2011). Dobrochan /news/.
"Новая система модерации" (August 31, 2014). Dobrochan /news/.
It's implied that, as a result of companies being pressured to sever ties with Russia when the intervention began, their domain provider would stop providing services for individuals in the Russian Federation.
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