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0chan (stylized as Øchan), pronounced Nullchan (Нульчан), refers to a Russian bulletin board that “EFG” launched on January 18, 2008 and it had a wild history before its death on April 1, 2014. It was later revived on April 1, 2017, but it barely lasted a year.



Nullchan launched on January 18, 2008 at the “” domain, but it later moved to the “” domain on February 14, 2008. It was relaxed and was mostly used by tech nerds,1) until Dvach died on January 17, 2009 and its refugees fled to Mentach or Nullchan. However, the servers weren't stable enough to handle the sudden influx of users, so it constantly had technical problems running Kusaba.

The following summer, board wipers made it difficult to post which got Rozen Maiden blacklisted, some mod drama happened on /b/, then Dvatirech outranked Nullchan in terms of /b/ posts by August 22, 2009. For 2010, there were forced memes and more blacklisted terms, Rozen Maiden was un-blacklisted, and Nullchan started upgrading the board software out of nowhere around August 2010.


While the upgrades pulled in more users, the next year was chaotic since /b/ was infested with anime threads and pony threads after Sosach established stricter rules to their /b/ board. It resulted in a “/b/ vs. anime” war in Summer 2011 fueled by constant board wipes which paralyzed communications, and the administration was absent in all of this until November 11, 2011 when more complex CAPTCHA was introduced.

The board wipes got more aggressive, so it was actually reverted. A more sophisticated CAPTCHA would be introduced on December 8, 2011 as people started posting child pornography and gore. There was a few issues, but it was later be implemented on all boards. Eventually, the wipes returned in June 2012 in full force and there may have been some new refugees fleeing the Sosach-MDK situation.


On September 3, 2012, Nullchan went down, but later came back on September 30, 2012 except everything had been reset. The problems came back after a month but users got to vote on what domain to move to, thus it moved to the “” domain on October 30, 2012 to follow suit with IIchan and Harkach. Their old “” domain expired on March 28, 2013 and became a fake home appliance store page.

Later in 2013, the longest DDoS attack on Nullchan began on September 3, 2013 and refugees gathered in the ambassador thread on IIchan's /b/ board. The attack eventually stopped on April 1, 2014, but Nullchan declared itself dead with a message saying “2008 – 2014”, though later changed to “2008 – ∞”. Some hoped that “EFG” would bring back Nullchan one day, but there was no way to tell if he would.


Out of nowhere, “EFG” posted a message at “” on February 28, 2017 and he revived Nullchan with a fresh new engine on April 1, 2017. It was probably the most that “EFG” would ever talk about being 0chan's administrator. However, the new moderation team quickly fell apart, which left a moderator that users weren't particularly fond about and later got doxed on January 30, 2018.

It seems like “EFG” pulled the plug again around April 1, 2018, making the new engine's source code public. Later in the month, Nullchan redirected to Overnullch, but Overnullch turned this into a double redirect, so Nullchan would changed the redirect to Lolifox instead. As of March 3, 2018, the website now redirects to the new engine's source code and the short-lived revival was mostly considered a failure.

Green Zero

The Green Zero is a flash file that was prominently featured on the front page of Nullchan and it could play a number of looped tracks. A slightly modernized recreation of the Green Zero can be viewed here.

  • Alice Deejay — Better Off Alone
  • Aphex Twin — Windowlicker
  • Binärpilot — Goof
  • Bionic Commando (Rusko Remix)
  • Chris.Su & Raw Full — Panorama
  • Crystal Castles — Crimewave
  • Cutline — Die For You (ShockOne Remix)
  • Daft Punk — Around The World
  • Eiffel 65 — Blue (89ers & Rimini Project Remix)
  • Laziest Men on Mars — Invasion Of The Gabber Robots
  • London Elektricity — Had A Little Fight
  • Massive Attack — Paradise Circus (Zeds Dead Remix)
  • Mata — Beach Sand
  • Metrik — Your World
  • Modified Motion — 1up
  • MONSTA — Holdin' On (Skrillex & Nero Remix)
  • Parov Stelar — The Phantom (1930 Version)
  • Pyramyth — Cowbell Rock
  • Scatman John — Scatman
  • Sigur Rós — Sæglópur (ENiGMA Remix)
  • The Flashbulb — Come Horn
  • The Prodigy — Omen
  • TV On The Radio — DLZ
  • Underworld — Cowgirl
  • Анонимус — Нульчан
  • Анонимус — Я Номад, суть такова
  • Код доступа — Рай (Theme of Paradise Cracked)


  • There were a few attempts at a Nullchan mascot, seen on this article at Lurkmore.
  • Back when Nullchan used Kusaba, it's joked that moderation was mostly done via “spam.txt” file and you'd only get a two hour ban if you hit one of the blacklisted phrases in the “spam.txt” files.
  • “MINT” (МЯТА) refers to the common letters that the sophisticated CAPTCHA spat out by default.
  • They loved GETs and making math jokes (e.g. double the visitors, divide by zero, etc.).
  • Øchan - The front page of Nullchan.
  • Overnullch - An aggregator of Nullchan-like websites. The list is inflated and some links are dead.
    • Loops 3.0 - A modern recreation of Nullchan's front page “Loops” flash.
  • Nullchan on Wikireality
  • Øchan on Noobtype Wiki
There were separate boards devoted for hardware, software, coding, etc.
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