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GET (ゲット, Getto) is a simple game of post numbers that you often see on textboards and imageboards. It's mainly about claiming unique post numbers in a thread, such as the first and last post. However, the adapted imageboard version is more focused on repeating end integers.

    IT'S TIME!! 2 GET!!
   ̄ ̄∨ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ (´´
      ∧∧    )      (´⌒(´
   ⊂(゚Д゚⊂⌒ ̄`つ≡≡≡(´⌒;;;≡≡≡
         ̄⌒ ̄  (´⌒(´⌒;;


On 2channel, you might find users rushing to post “2 GET” (2ゲット, 2ゲト, 2げと, 2げt) as the first reply and “1000 GET” as the last reply, with other numbers of note being every hundred and repeating integers. The exact origins of GETs are unknown, but it's rumored that the “777 GET” was the first significant GET back then. Despite all the GET-related ASCII art, they probably weren't that big of a deal.

Unfortunately, most imageboards use a database, meaning that post numbers accumulate and almost never reset. This results in an interest in larger post numbers (e.g. “10000000” (10M), “12345678”, “77777777”, etc.) but these are very rare to come across, so there's a bigger focus on repeating integers that may appear at the end of a post number, possibly influenced by the “post ending in X [does] Y” trend.


  • In Japanese, large repetitive post numbers like “77777777” are called repdigits (ぞろ目, zorome).
  • The GET is somewhat devalued on boards where post numbers reset on a per-thread basis because while they are easier to obtain, you remove the artificial scarcity.

See also

  • GET and 2GET on Niconico Encyclopedia
  • GET Tracker - A tool created during the GETball era. Self-explanatory.
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