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A textboard, also called a text board, discussion board, or message board, is a basic type of bulletin board where registration isn't required. They are mainly popular in Japan, but are obscure or unpopular outside of it due to the lack of visual media making it seem archaic.


An example of a textboard. Textboards are self-explanatory as text is the main form of communication. Users have the option to attach a name, tripcode, capcode, email, and sage to their post, but most of these are ignorable. Additionally, a user can quote multiple posts with dashes and commas (e.g. >>1-9, >>7,11, etc.)

The front page of a board often consists of its header (e.g. banner, rules), a thread list with a link to archived threads, previews of the latest bumped threads, and the new thread form. A user may view a thread in full, divided by 100 posts per page, or see the latest 50 posts.

Script Examples

  • [Perl] 0ch (v4.XX, 2007-01-04)
    The original 2channel clone by 精神衰弱 ◆Y3kwSzvOHE. It used to be common back then, which is why World4ch tried using it,1) but it's very outdated now and you're advised to use a fork.
    • [Perl] 0ch Plus (v0.7.5, 2022-03-23)
      An updated version of the 0ch script by windyakin, mostly used on refuge boards. Its most recent update addressed a serious vulnerability after nearly a decade.
  • [Perl] YY-BOARD (v10.2, 2021-07-27)
    It's a simple Japanese textboard script by Kent-Web. Aside from its own history, it's not very relevant.
    • [Perl] YY-2ch (v0.5, 2002-03-19)
      A fork of YY-BOARD v4.54, by ( ´∀`)モナ吉, that was obviously modified to resemble 2channel.
      • [Perl] Eng2ch (2003-03-11)
        The infamous Japanese-translated English script ◆hp2chtOdqo, once used on World2ch.
  • [PHP] Shiichan (v3960, 2009-04-13)
    The weird PHP script by Shii !lWV9WxNHV., with a few Something Awful references coded in, featured on World4ch until its death. For some reason, Shiichan is still used for Fchan's message boards.
  • [Perl] Kareha (v3.1.4, 2009-04-16)
    The popular English textboard script by !WAHa.06×36, which can be used as an imageboard as well. Kareha remains in use at 4-ch, 6ch/Sageru, TXTchan, Wizardchan,, and so on.
  • [PHP] MiniBBS GitHub last commit (branch)
    A compact textboard–imageboard script by “Dalloway”, once featured on MiniBBS. It remains in use at Tinychan and Tinychan's archives of World4ch, but also Tinychan.
  • [Perl] Tablecat (v20140318; 2014-03-18)
    A simple script by Tablecat, though it's a bit too simple. You will have to edit a line to fix pagination,2) then make that sure the .htaccess doesn't block your website's robots.txt file.
    • [Perl] Emanon GitHub last commit (branch)
      A slightly improved Tablecat fork by “Oprel”, but abandoned as well. Despite this, it remains in use at the Post Office and the Secret Area of VIP Quality.
  • [Scheme] SchemeBBS GitLab last commit
    This is yet another textboard script, but it's featured on the self-explanatory
  • [Python] Multichan GitHub last commit (branch)
    A decentralized, tag-based textboard by “153”, though production was paused indefinitely since 2021.
  • [Ruby] Awoo GitHub last commit (branch)
    A unique textboard script, intentionally designed after “DANGEROUS OPINIONS” from VA-11 Hall-A, and featured on the danger/u/ website.
  • [Python] Weabot (v0.11.0, 2023-07-23)
    An interesting script by “z411”, based on Trevor's PyIB, featured on Bienvenido a Internet.


  • A “floating thread bulletin board” (スレッドフロート型掲示板, sureddofurōto-gata keijiban), which is sometimes translated as “thread float type bulletin board”, refers to a type of board where popular threads “float” (get bumped) to the top of the board. You have to keep in mind that boards used to be static and websites like Ayashii World was just a reverse chronological timeline.
  • The fake 2channel CSS is sometimes called “Pseudo0ch” (Pseudo-0ch) because Shiichan based its theme off of 0ch's 2channel theme. You may rename this to “2chgata” (2ch型) or whatever.
  • I've tried looking for more Japanese 2ch-style scripts, but it seems like everyone just uses “0ch Plus”3) or simply makes a Shitaraba board. There's really not much innovation.

See also

  • Overtext and Txtchan - A couple of 2ch-like textboard aggregators.
  • Overscript - An overview of anonymous bulletin board scripts.
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