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A trip (トリップ, torippu), or tripcode, is an optional string of characters used for identification on some bulletin boards. It was first introduced to 2channel as the “one-person capcode” (一人用キャップ, hitori-yō kyappu) in August 2001 to avoiding giving capcodes to absolutely everyone.

In anonymous communities, trip usage is considered to be bad manners when it's only used to stand out. Those who can't read the atmosphere usually get berated and it's best to silently return to anonymity. While rare, extensive inappropriate use has led to doxing.


To use a tripcode, one must input a half-width number sign (#) in the name field and put a random character string or 'password' after it. For the character string, the first eight half-width characters (#1234567890) or first four full-width characters (#あいうえ) matter, while everything after is irrelevant. You can mix half- and full-width characters (#abcあいdうefえ), but everything after 8 bytes is useless.

When making a post, the trip will typically show up where you find the default name after a trip key. On most Japanese boards, a trip key is a black diamond () which changes into a white diamond () if you try to spoof it. On most foreign boards, the trip key is an exclamation point (!). Based on the board settings, the trip key can be changed and trip use may be disabled altogether.


Input Output(s) Description and Notability
Tripcodes used as an example
#tripcode 3GqYIJ3Obs A generic trip, seen on various articles about trips.
#nanashi zC0/fC22x6 A generic trip, seen on World2ch's FAQ or Guide page.
#password ozOtJW9BFA A generic trip, seen on 4chan's FAQ page.
#trip XksB4AwhxU A generic trip, seen on Shitaraba's FAQ page.
#example KtW6XcghiY A generic trip, seen on 8chan's FAQ page.
#istrip /WG5qp963c A generic trip, seen in the trip encryption demo.
#hunter2 mGWurkIfEE This is a very old IRC joke password, stemming from this conversation.
Public tripcodes used by admins, mods, etc.
#usubon 3SHRUNYAXA The original trip for 2channel's founder, Hiroyuki Nishimura.
#faggot Ep8pui8Vw2 The original trip for 4chan's founder, Christopher Poole (“moot”).
#pubies JKZz0hyubk The 4chan moderator capcode, used in the wrong field.1)
#TdrNHm3W Odemonkey. The trip for the former 8chan administrator, Ron Watkins (“Codemonkey”).
Public tripcodes with some notability
#kami yGAhoNiShI In the past, trips used to be 8 characters, so this would spit out “AhoNiShI” and people joked God called Kazuhiko Nishi, an “aho” (あほ, lit. “idiot”).
#ぶるじょあ yBEncckFOU ( ・3・) Borujoa's trip, yo. An obvious typo of “bourgeois”, leaked in 2002.
#withtrip 5JrU4QOlH6 Ancient DQN in-joke. The full input is MODD#withtripcode.
#sweet N1toQkxgzc The original “Cracky-chan” trip, reportedly cracked by “Shii” in April 2005.
#_イ~7G6LL YAGAMI99iU Ryota Hasegawa's last trip, presumably leaked in the mid-2010s.
#clones p8eYCadcMo Ancient 4chan in-joke that emerged during the 2012 SOPA-PIPA protest. The full input is Rei#clones, banned on 4chan since 2015.
Public tripcodes that are extremely common
#ft9-HxC/ AWEsomEEEE
#mK撃^[Dk LightPenis The kanji “geki” (撃) means “shoot” or “attack”.
#*Tp0tp8[ LLLLLLLLL.
#騨レNWKJ諤 YYYYYYYYYY The kanji “da” (騨) means “dappled”, and “gaku” (諤) means “honest truth”.
Miscellaneous tripcodes
#ddbVI6 DBz9rTxl6Y use this if you are dumb

Generating trips

Traditional method

Historically, the trip generation method consists of converting the given input into Shift_JIS, adding salt as shown below, calling Perl's crypt function, and spitting out the last few characters of the encrypted string with the trip key as the output. Originally, the last eight characters of the encrypted string is what was used in the output until it was expanded to the last ten characters on October 3, 2002.

$tripkey = "#istrip";  # Tripcode String (with #)
$tripkey = substr $tripkey, 1;
$salt = substr $tripkey . "H.", 1, 2;
$salt =~ s/[^\.-z]/\./g;
$salt =~ tr/:;<=>?@[\\]^_`/A-Ga-f/;
$trip = crypt $tripkey, $salt;
$trip = substr $trip, -10;
$trip = "◆" . $trip;
print $trip, "\n";

Extended method

This is the extended trip generation method that appears to be used on some 2channel boards. The following encryption method is from June 2009, so it's possible that the code may have changed since then.

if (length $handle_pass >= 12)
    my $mark = substr($handle_pass, 0, 1);
    if ($mark eq '#' || $mark eq '$')
        if ($handle_pass =~ m|^#([[:xdigit:]]{16})([./0-9A-Za-z]{0,2})$|)
            $GB->{TRIPSTRING} = substr(crypt(pack('H*', $1), "$2.."), -10);
            # For Future Expansion
            $GB->{TRIPSTRING} = '???';
        use Digest::SHA1 qw(sha1_base64);
        $GB->{TRIPSTRING} = substr(sha1_base64($handle_pass), 0, 12);
        $GB->{TRIPSTRING} =~ tr/+/./;
    # Traditional Method

Secure tripcode (4chan)

On 4chan, using a second half-width number sign will generate a “secure tripcode” using the following code according to a 2010 leak.2) It's presumed that the salt or method has been changed since then.

if ($sectrip != "") {
    $salt = "LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL"; #this is ONLY used if the host doesn't have openssl
                                            #I don't know a better way to get random data
if (file_exists(SALTFILE)) { #already generated a key
    $salt = file_get_contents(SALTFILE);
} else {
    system("openssl rand 448 > '".SALTFILE."'",$err);
    if ($err === 0) {
        $salt = file_get_contents(SALTFILE);
     $sha = base64_encode(pack("H*",sha1($sectrip.$salt)));
     $sha = substr($sha,0,11);
                if($trip=="") $name.=" <span class=\"postertrip\">";

Leaked trips

A leaked trip (トリ漏れ, tori more), or public trip (公開トリップ, kōkai torippu), refer to cracked tripcodes whose password have either been cracked using brute force or made public. There are 258 (≈ 2.88×1017) possible trip combinations. It was once speculated that regular trips take 15,000 to 30,000 years to crack, but as technology evolves, regular tripcodes can be cracked faster and possibly within hours.

Trip search tools

These tools were originally made with the intent to leak trips, but they can also be used to help people find a unique trip that they could use. The tool works by inserting a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols for the tool to look for. Depending on the length, it will usually return results in a couple of minutes, or it could probably take 15,000 years to find the exact 10-character match.

  • Meriken's Tripcode Engine (v3.2.14; 2016-06-08) - The recommended tool. Incidentally, the developer sided with Fake 2channel in 2014 and moved his support thread there before he decided to create a bulletin board off-site for it. After that, the site went down and his trip got cracked.
  • MTY_CL (v0.53; 2014-07-31) - The second recommended tool.
  • Tripcode Explorer (2009-09-26) - This is an English translation of an ancient tool.


  • Here's a quick rundown on what trip users are called in Japanese and what the primary types are:
    • “Kotehan” (コテハン) means “fixed user name” (固定ハンドルネーム, kotei handoru nēmu).
    • “Sutehan” (捨てハン) means “disposable user name” (捨てハンドルネーム, sute handoru nēmu).
    • “Kusokote” (糞コテ) is an insult that roughly has similar connotations to “shitty tripfag”.
  • The word, “tripcode”, may come from World2ch's FAQ where it was called a “trip code”.3) It seems like this translation was used to allude to trips being similar to passwords or passcodes.
  • Back in 4chan's early days, “0037” introduced Poole to trips who would compare them to registration4) and encourage use of them with a “Protect your identity! Use tripcodes!” bullet point.

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