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“I look forward to seeing you again in twenty years.”1)
– Takahiro Karasawa2)

The HaseKara Uproar (ハセカラ騒動, HaseKara Sōdō),3) also known as HaseKara (ハセカラ), were a series of events that began on March 7, 2012 which involves a tripcode user on /livejupiter/, his incompetent lawyer, and it later spawned a parody religion called “Koushinism”.

Incompetent figures

Ryota Hasegawa

Ryota Hasegawa (長谷川亮太, Hasegawa Ryōta, born April 20, 1993), or “Chinfe” (チンフェ),4) is a former /livejupiter/ tripcode user who named himself, Taichi Yagami (八神太一), and started posting on October 13, 20095) after discovering 2channel from a Yu-Gi-Oh! bulletin board.6) At the time, he was a 16-year-old high school student, but grew a narcissistic personality and became a nuisance to /livejupiter/.

Two years later, he shared his academic acceptance letter on March 7, 20127) triggering the events that led to his dox.8) He acted unfazed,9)10) until he took a long bath,11) and dropped his tripcode to avoid roping in his family and friends,12) but the damage was done. Later, fellow students at Kokushikan University heard that he was going to hire a lawyer with 300,000¥ (≈ $3,000) in hand.13)

After the lawyer stepped in, Hasegawa fell off the radar since Karasawa was more fun to mess with. Several photographs suspected to be him surfaced, but he likely graduated after 2016. His current whereabouts remain unknown, but people will still visit his parent's house, the “Chiba Kenma” (ちばけんま), in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. This location has notably been censored in Google Street View.

Takahiro Karasawa

Takahiro Karasawa (唐澤貴洋, Kawasawa Takahiro, born January 4, 1978) is a lawyer that had infamously represented Ryota Hasegawa in Tokyo District Court. He filed a deletion request on 2channel and had some IPs disclosed,14)15) but this didn't actually mean anything. The users shortly discovered his Twitter and made fun of it for spam16) and following way too many junior idol accounts.17)18)

By late April 2012, he left his client and started focusing on getting slander of himself removed, which didn't work and he became a laughingstock for it. This inadvertently caused the focus to shift onto him and the “Koushin19) Law Firm” (恒心綜合法律事務所) in Gotanda. Additionally, since he was tricked into buying the 2ch Viewer back in 2011,20) this also meant he was a doxing victim of the subsequent 2013 leak.21)

In 2015, the law firm would rebrand to “Law Firm Cross” (法律事務所クロス) in Minato, Tokyo and notably represent 2channel's new owner NTTEC,22) despite their role in the 2013 leak,23)24) weaving an interesting legal feud.25) In 2018, the law firm rebranded to “Law Firm Steadiness” (法律事務所Steadiness)26) and moved to a different building in Minato, then he started a YouTube channel in 2019.27)

Yuta Suzuki

Yuta Suzuki (鈴木悠太, Suzuki Yūta, born July 2, 1988), or Yuyu-uta (ゆゆうた), is a content creator and musician who makes Rei no Are content and writes crude songs. For Koushinists, he remixed the defecating lawyer's theme and added lyrics.28) Then on January 10, 2020, Yuyu-uta collaborated with a community band and performed the aforementioned song in front of a live audience of roughly 400 people.29)

However, the Koushinists reacted negatively, viewing it as a publicity stunt they were monetizing off of,30) so he fled to YouTube.31) On May 14, 2020, the Koushinists fully doxed him and offered an ultimatum: remove every video with the song32)33) or keep having threats made with his name.34)35)36) While slow, he did comply with all of the Koushinists' demands by April 1, 2021, ending the conflict.


Koushinism (恒心教, Kōshin-kyō) is a parody religion that views Takahiro Karasawa as the “Sonshi” (尊師, lit. “Guru”), the highest rank of Aum Shinrikyō (now “Aleph”), and this roughtly emerged after the NHK aired a special on the cult on May 25, 2012. The religion's main goal is to blame everything on him, keeping the drama alive, and visiting the numerous “holy lands” related to Hasegawa or Karasawa.


  • Incompetence (無能, Munō) - The primary traits of Ryota Hasegawa and Takahiro Karasawa.
    • Talking about yourself (自分語り, Jibun Katari) - A habit that underage kids noticeably lean into, despite their lack of real-world experience. It may comes off as annoying or narcissistic.
  • Foreskin People (包皮民, Hōhi-min) - Derogatory term for Hasegawa defenders, referencing his title of “dickface”, but it developed into a catch-all anti-Koushinism insult at some point in time.
  • Pakaben (パカ弁) - A lawyer who specializes in de-anonymizing anonymous users. The term combines the sound of something being opened, “paka” (パカ),37) with “bengoshi” (弁護士, lit. “lawyer”).
  • Bad Potato (悪芋, Waruimo) - A criminal or extremist. In a discussion on Karasawa's younger brother, Karasawa's use of “bad friends” (悪いもの達, Waruimono-tachi) became “bad potatoes” (悪ポテトの達, Warupotetono-tachi). This managed to catch on and “potato” (芋, imo) ended up becoming a suffix to describe certain factions or parties amongst the Koushinists.
  • Kill Takahiro Karasawa” (唐澤貴洋殺す, Karasawa Takahiro korosu) / KaraKoro (カラコロ) - Empty death threat from July 22, 201238) that became a game of chicken after people got arrested for it. The NTTEC administration had reportedly banned the phrase, but some variants were later unbanned.
    • What color is the sky?” (空は何色か, Sora wa nani iro ka) - A segment of Karasawa's poem, addressed to the people that he legally sent to prison for writing the aforementioned threat, notably ends with “I look forward to seeing you again in twenty years” (俺は君の20年後を見ている).39)
    • Kill The Lawyer, Takahiro Karasawa, By Repeatedly Stabbing Him With A Knife” (唐澤貴洋弁護士をナイフでメッタ刺しにして殺す) / KaraName (カラナメ) - A rather verbose variant.
  • Generic Man Defecating Series (一般男性脱糞シリーズ, Ippan Dansei Dappun Shirizu) - This is an MMD recreation of the “Takahiro Karasawa Defecation Series” (唐澤貴洋脱糞シリーズ) kopipe.
  • Nuclear Weapons (核兵器, Kakuheiki) - On 2channel, your host name is automatically disclosed if you post Hasegawa's name or Karasawa's name. One user who did this with a Pakistan proxy of some sort, resulting in jokes about Karasawa having nuclear weapons like Kim Jong-un.


  • Hasegawa's last tripcode was ◆YAGAMI99iU (#_イ~7G6LL). A list is compiled on this page.
  • By mere coincidence, Hasegawa was born when the Backstreet Boys were founded.40)
    • If they ever find new information about Hasegawa, I guess you could say: Backstreet's Back?
  • The sideways ( (c :; ]ミ emote is called the “Yoko Sonshi” (横尊師, lit. “Horizontal Guru”).

See also

  • Takahiro Karasawa Wiki (Mobile) - This wiki details information on Hasegawa and Karasawa as the NanJ Wiki isn't allowed to house it. You can also find stuff related to Koushinism as well.
    • Koushin Chronology - A timeline of the HaseKara Riot and Koushinism. Bold is major events.
      is Hasegawa, is Karasawa, is Karasawa's office relations, and is Yuyu-uta and the KSP.
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1) , 39)
Karasawa would take people, including several minors, to court for writing an [empty] death threat directed towards him on the internet. Twenty years refers to the general prison sentence for doing so.
The “HaseKara Uproar” (ハセカラ騒動, HaseKara Sōdō) may also be translated to “HaseKara Riot”. There's also an error-filled video on YouTube calling it the “HaseKara Calamity” instead.
“Chinfe” (チンフェ) is short for “Chinko Feisu” (チンコフェイス), or “Dickface”, and it became a nickname for him after saying that he didn't like the nickname on March 20, 2010.
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“Koushin” (恒心) may comes from the phrase, “the philosophy of always working with the right mind” (正しきに持ち仕事を行うという理念, Tadashiki Shin o Kou ni Mochi Shigoto o Okonau to iu Rinen), but some people think it's actually inspired by the “Koushin Law Firm” (光伸法律事務所, Koushin Hōritsu Jimusho) in Tokyo and the “Cousins Law Firm” in West Palm Beach.
"解除人が解除しない件" (August 25, 2011). 2channel /accuse/.
"unkr問題". 【2chデータTor流出関係】情報集約スレッド●Wiki.
“Koushin” (恒心) translates to “Steadiness” or “Constancy” in English. Alternatively, “Unchanging Citta”.
"弾き語り「一般男性脱糞シリーズ」" [Mirror] (June 14, 2017). NicoNico Douga.
Alternatively: a mirror of the 2018 remaster on YouTube with English subtitles.
“Pakapaka” (パカパカ) can either be the sound of a horse trotting, the sound of something being opened such as a briefcase, or a term for an animation sequence with rapidly flashing lights.
"唐澤貴洋殺す" (July 22, 2012). 2channel /livejupiter/.
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