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The Anything Live (Jupiter) (なんでも実況(ジュピター), Nandemo Jikkyō (Jupitā)) board, also called Anything Live J (なんでも実況J) or NanJ (なんJ), is a 2channel board that was created on October 21, 2004 with /livesaturn/, /livevenus/, and /liveuranus/.

It was mostly notable after the /livebase/ migration in 2013, turning into a fast-paced general discussion board, rivaling /news4vip/ and /poverty/. However, /livejupiter/ went down in 2022, users fled to /livegalileo/, and the board wasn't the same due to poor timing.



Back in 2004, /livesaturn/ and /livevenus/ was set up on May 11, /liveuranus/ on October 1, then /livejupiter/ was came on October 21. It did see some activity, but most of these users settled at /liveuranus/. Then on December 29, 2005, some /news4vip/ users fled to /livejupiter/ and the default name was set to “Nameless as the Wind Blows” (風吹けば名無し) as they joked that the wind would decide their new name.


Suddenly on May 11, 2009, /livebase/ saw heavy board regulations as non-baseball threads were cluttering the board, so users ended up flocking to /livejupiter/ on May 13, 2009 and stayed for the remainder of the 2009 NPB season. Despite the season ending and /livebase/ easing regulations by June 2010, /livejupiter/ remained occupied and became a general discussion board in the offseason.

Despite the website's new administration and subsequent rebranding, /livejupiter/ would manage to maintain its momentum. The board's default name was slightly changed on March 3, 2014 to reflect the new sitewide reprinting ban, but the less intrusive name was restored by popular demand. By 2015, /livejupiter/ eventually became popular enough to dethrone /news4vip/ and it stayed at the top for years to come.


In 2022, /livejupiter/ would be targeted by script kiddies, and a hardware failure caused the board to fall on March 21, 2022. Most users ended up taking refuge at /livegalileo/. However, the users were reluctant to return when /livejupiter/ was restored on March 23, 2022, especially when the baseball season was about to start, causing a significant rift as /livegalileo/ supplanted /livejupiter/.

As a result, /livejupiter/ would shift towards VTuber commentary, while /livegalileo/ became a new home for baseball commentary and rose to the top as most of the popular threads were moving there. However on March 13, 2023, a server failure killed /livegalileo/ during the 2023 World Baseball Classic, forcing users to either return to /livejupiter/ or migrate off-site, but it eventually returned to the status quo.


The Ferocious Tiger Dialect (猛虎弁, Mōko-ben), also called the Hanshin Tigers Dialect or the NanJ Language (なんJ語, Nanjeigo), is a fake Kansei accent that's used on /livejupiter/, regardless of favorite team or actual accent. It was first used by Hanshin Tigers fans, but fans of other teams would imitate it, then it caught on. At one point, there was a campaign to popularize the dialect to confuse summary blog readers.

  • 33-4 - The score of the infamous 2005 Japan Series where the Marines destroyed the Tigers, due to offense being shut down and horrid bullpen management. Often accompanied by a *ding*.
    • Come on! It's got nothing to do with Hanshin!” (なんでや!阪神関係ないやろ!) - The joke is a bit stale and typically used out of context. It may be shortened to “Nahankanna” (な阪関無).
  • Akan (アカン) - Roughly means “damn” or “no good”. It's from a 2009 Sankei Sports interview with Tigers manager Akinobu Okada,1) asked to comment on an upcoming exhibition match.2)
    • Damn, we're going to win” (あかん優勝してまう, Akan yūshō shite mau) - A phrase used when your team, usually the underdog team, looks like they might win the game despite the odds.
  • Haradei (ハラデイ) - Slang for “post it” (貼らで, harade) and pun on Halladay (ハラデイ, Haradei).
    • Harandeii (ハランデイイ) - Slang for “don't post it” (貼らないで, haranai de).
  • I've done it!” (やってしまいましたなあ) - During the 2010 season, Buffaloes then-manager Akinobu Okada would see his current team lose to his previous team, the Hanshin Tigers.3)
  • -niki (○○ニキ) / -neki (○○ネキ) - Honorifics. Short for “aniki” (兄貴) and “aneki” (姉貴) respectively.
    • Debuneki (デブネキ) - The abbreviated nickname for Nozomi Tojo from Love Live!.
    • Poohniki / Puniki (プニキ) - Remember Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby?
    • Yaniki (ヤニキ) - Tomoaki Kanemoto, nicknamed “Aniki” (アニキ), saw his performance fell after his 2007 meniscus tear and began smoking “tobacco” or “yani” (ヤニ), thus the insult.
  • Oh, a J user?” (お、Jか?) - A shorter way of saying “Oh, are you a NanJ user?” (なんJ民か?).
  • Passionate Hand-Flipping (熱い手のひら返し) - A self-deprecatory phrase when your thoughts on a player suddenly changes, flipping between furious criticism and enthusiastic phrase.
  • Shit stadium's the best!” (うーんこの球場最高や!) - A misinterpretation of Norihiro Nakamura's remarks on the Tokyo Dome in 2010.4) The article forgets a comma in his statement, so “yeah, this stadium's the best!” becomes “shit stadium's the best!”
  • Terui-kun! I've been listening to Renai Circulation too!!” (照井君!ワイも恋愛サーキュレーション聴きまくってるで!!) - Some tripcode user talked about his earworm for “Renai Circulation”, which is one of Bakemonogatari's opening themes, but revealed that “Yuichiro Terui” (照井優一郎) was his name in the iTunes screenshot.5) It may be shortened to “Teruwarenki” (照ワ恋聴).
  • What the hell is this guy talking about?” (なにいってだこいつ) - Some user forgot to type out the “n” (ん) in “itten” (いってん) in 20106) and it just caught on.
  • X is the best! We never needed Y!” (○○最高や!××なんて最初からいらんかったんや!) - For the 2006 NPB Draft, the Giants took Naomichi Donoue, so the Tigers took Masashi Nohara.7)
    • Yeah, we took him!” (ええの獲ったわ!) - For the 2008 NPB Draft, the Tigers ended up drafting Hsiao I-chieh and hoped that he could be traded for Daisuke Miura, but this didn't work.
  • Wai (ワイ) - First-person pronoun, actually used in the Kansai region.
    • Wao (ワオ) - A typo of “Wai” (ワイ). Alternatively, the Japanese translation for “wow”.


  • The board's default name, “Nameless as the Wind Blows” (風吹けば名無し, Kaze Fukeba Nanashi), was established back in December 30, 2005 after some /news4vip/ users migrated here.8) It seems like those VIP users liked to joke about “letting the wind decide” back then.

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The “U-26 NPB Selection vs. Japan Collegiate Representative” (U-26 NPB選抜 対 大学日本代表) was a baseball exhibition match, held at the Tokyo Dome on November 22, 2009, to celebrate the NPB's 60th anniversary. It was the first professional-collegiate match between the professional NPB and collegiate JUBF, though both teams were composed of random players and managers. The game ended with a 1-1 tie.
"恋愛サーキュレーションの再生回数100回超えた奴" (September 17, 2009). 2channel /livejupiter/.
"1000円と1兆どっちがほしい?" (January 5, 2010). 2channel /livejupiter/.
At the time of this writing, Donoue still plays for the Dragons as of 2023, while Nohara left the Tigers in 2013 and played for an amateur league before retiring in 2016.
"名無し変更議論スレ" (December 30, 2005). 2channel /livejupiter/.
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