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Winnie the Pooh's HR Derby

Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby (くまのプーさんのホームランダービー!, Kuma no Pū-san no Hōmuran Dābī!), or Puniki (プニキ),1) is a baseball flash game that was published on July 28, 2008, first at Yahoo! Kids rather than Disney who pays royalties for Winnie-the-Pooh.


The flash game's unusual difficulty was discovered, mostly amongst users on 2channel's /livejupiter/ board, on January 1, 2012,2) though it did spread to Futaba Channel and received international attention after it spread to 4chan on January 1, 2013. During the heyday, people were generally surprised at how difficult the game was and made a couple of memes about it. Now, it's just a distant memory.

Around New Year's Day, a “Pu League” (プリーグ) thread is annually held on /livejupiter/, though it doesn't seem to have that many participants. Whenever a link to the game is posted, the proper response is “harandeii” (ハランデイイ) which is slang for “haranai de” (貼らないで, lit. “don't post it”)3) since some users don't want to go through it again.

Strategy Table

Pitcher Quota Description and strategy
3/10 (30%) Eeyore teaches the basics as he throws slow, easy balls. New players may be caught off-guard at how fast Pooh swings his bat, so get used to it here.
5/15 (33%) Lumpy throws straight balls. He's easy as long as you don't get distracted by his pitching animation.
8/20 (40%) Piglet also throws straight balls, but the speed starts to vary here. If you can't conform to the ball's speed, you'll probably have a rough time.
Kanga & Roo
12/25 (48%) Kanga and Roo throw balls seem to be bouncing, but don't be fooled by the ball's animation since there is no 'high-low' in this game.
15/30 (50%) Rabbit throws straight balls that start slow, but speed up in midair. You should be used to hitting straight balls, so he shouldn't be a problem.
19/35 (54%) Owl throws balls in an odd, zig-zag pattern. Some players get stuck, others say that you should aim somewhere in the middle.
28/40 (70%) Tigger is similar to Rabbit, except the ball turns invisible in midair. Take note of the ball's speed too or else you'll mess up on the timing.
Christopher Robin
40/50 (80%) Christopher Robin is the game's extra boss, taking all the pitching styles and using them in a random order. There is no strategy, you have to be lucky.


  • The game uses cookies to save your data. If it's not saving, disable your privacy extension. :)
  • If you prefer the Japanese version of the game,4) don't forget the “Status” (ステータス) button on the “Stage Select” screen where you can upgrade your bat's power, contact, and speed.
  • Christopher Robin gets called “Robikasu” (ロビカス) in Japanese discussions of the game.
  • In December 2020, the batting theme was revealed to be copyright-free music.5) To be more specific, it's Track 22 (C0_04022.WAV) of 音・辞典 VOL.20 with “陽春/ポップス” as its keyword.

          fヱ ‐┐
   _      /  { へ
  {二ニ=-_ i{        )
   -=二二ニ-__     ⌒ヽ
     ‐=二二冫ヽ__f ノ
    /:::::::::::::j、 ' /ニ}、
    >:::::::::八/ } `゛メソ )
    /  ≧=-ヽ‐ ' { ̄
    {         ノ
    ヽ   ヽ   ィ
     冫  ノ- 〈
“Puniki” is a shortening of “Pooh Aniki” (プー兄貴, Pū Aniki). Wouldn't it be “Poohniki” instead?
"プーさんの野球ゲームwwwwww" (January 1, 2012). 2ch /livejupiter/.
“Gazou Haradei” (画像ハラデイ), or “Haradei” (ハラデイ) for short, is slang telling the user to post an image. “Harandeii” (ハランデイイ) is slang telling the user “don't post it” (貼らないで, haranai de). The term is believed to be a pun on the late MLB pitcher, Roy Halladay (ロイ・ハラデイ, Roi Haradei).
Some people believe that the English and Japanese versions are different. They're not.
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