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2ch /poverty/

The Breaking News (Kenmo) (ニュース速報(嫌儲), Nyūsu Sokuhō Kenmō) board is a 2channel board that was created on December 28, 2007, in response to debates over affiliate blogs that would commercialize /news4vip/ threads for profit with the original users receiving no cut.

It would grow to be one of the more popular boards by the early 2010s, though it isn't quite fast as the users are generally considered more mature. At some point, users were once known to make scripts intended to spam affiliate blogs and boards with said infestation.



The rise of affiliate blogs for /news4vip/ became a point of contention, with people arguing that they ruined /news4vip/ by attracting newcomers, doctoring threads, were profiting by commercializing other people's posts, and even started a skirmish between /news/ and /news4vip/. In response, Hiroyuki would disregard the intentions of those against them and spun /news4vip/ off into /poverty/ on December 28, 2007.1)2)

Shortly after its creation, users autonomously voted to ban reprinting to strike down any affiliate blogs that emerged, flaming said blog owners to shut it down. It's said that the board was fairly populated, but began slowing down by the end of the decade. Most early immigrants were /news/ users who migrated since /news/ couldn't handle the thread3) or the server died.4)


The first notable strife against affiliate blogs was with /anime4vip/'s “Anime DVD and Blu-Ray Sales Watch Thread” around October 19, 2011,5) but the first major strife involved an affiliate blog discovered to have connections with Shaft on January 1, 2012,6) resulting in a mass migration from /news/ to /poverty/ around January 9, 20127) and what seemed to be the beginning of an all-out war against affiliate blogs.8)

With the 2ch Viewer Leak of 2013, more people stood up against affiliate blogs as you now had the ethical dilemma of affiliate blogs commercializing leaked personal information with post histories. Then in 2014, a massive multi-level marketing operation was unveiled by /livejupiter/,9) contributing to their swift, site-wide ban of reprinting after NTTEC hijacked 2channel.


In 2015, NTTEC changed the API storage method and controversially forced dedicated browser developers to de-anonymize themselves to “Jane, Inc.”,10) so some of its users moved to /r/newsokur on Reddit.11) During the COVID-19 pandemic, they were eager to critique Japan's response. They've also become a lot chipper following the sudden resignation of prime minister Shinzo Abe on August 28, 2020.12)


Kenmō (Kencho)

The “Kenmō” (嫌儲(けんもう), lit. “anti-profit”),13) also pronounced “Kencho” (嫌儲(けんちょ)), were a group of people who were against affiliate blogs, but they're now considered “leftists” or “communists” as their values are a blend of anti-capitalism, anti-consumerism, anti-establishment, anti-profiteering, and pro-piracy. As a group, they often call themselves “Kenmomin” (嫌儲民) or “Kenmomen” (ケンモメン).

Some believe that critique of the Black Lives Matter movement and Twitter feminists contradicts the claim that they are leftists, but I'd argue that similar anti-reactionary stances are shared by Leftypol. Despite this, far-right Netouyo and reactionaries call them “Chonmomen” (チョンモメン) after the ethnic slur, blindly insisting that they must all be non-Japanese Koreans which is meant to be an insult.14)

Self-derogatory insults

  • Jap (ジャップ, Jappu) - An abbreviation that is now an ethnic slur, more offensive than Nip.15) It's believe that it caught on in /poverty/ around May 24, 2010.16)
    • JAAAAAAAAAAAP lmaooo (ジャアアアアアアアアアアアップ wwwwwww) - A simple variant.
    • Jap Land (ジャップランド, Jappu Rando) - American chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer was detained in Japan over a revoked United States passport for an unofficial rematch in Yugoslavia, so he angrily said “fucking Jap land” and “filthy country”17)18) before escaping to Iceland.19)
  • Medieval (中世, Chūsei) - An UNCAT session in May 2013 saw the Mauritius delegate calling Japan's justice system “medival”, so Japan's ambassador Hideaki Ueda insisted it was “advanced”, but people laughed so he told them to “shut up”.20)21)22)23) He later resigned.24)
    • Medieval Jap Land (中世ジャップランド, Chūsei Jappu Rando) - A variant combining the two.
  • East Korea (東朝鮮, Azuma Chōsen) - A derogatory nickname for Japan that emerged during the big reprinting ban in 2014, likely meant to anger the far-right Netouyo.
  • Elite Citizens (上級国民, Jōkyū Kokumin) - In the 2020 Olympics' logo plagiarism scandal, Toshirō Mutō said “general citizens” (一般国民, ippan kokumin),25) implicating the existence of “non-general citizens”, so users began to ironically call the Olympic authority, “elite citizens”. This term later evolved to refer to celebrities, officials, politicians, wealthy people, the bourgeoisie, etc.
  • Tyon (テョン) - Racist graffiti often feature the word “Chon” (チョン), but “chi” (チ) can be written as “te” (テ) if done too fast. Some Zainichi Koreans have ironically adopted this typo.

Miscellaneous terms

  • Honto Kore (ほんとこれ) - It means “this is true”, but can be misread as “book and this”. In short, it's the equivalent of saying “↑ this” (agreement) in an online discussion.


  • In contrast to /news4vip/ and /livejupiter/, it's believed that /poverty/ users are significantly older.
    • To reflect this, the (ヽ´ん`) kaomoji represent the middle-aged residents' antics and grief.
    • With /news4vip/'s decline, /livejupiter/ and /poverty/ are said to have a friendly youth-elder rivalry.
  • The old board banner was a parody of Eugène Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People.26)

  (*´ん`)  *cough*
  ( つ旦O
"【news】ニュース速報運用情報73【ν】" (December 28, 2007). 2channel /operate/.
"新板をねだるスレ@運用情報◆33" (December 28, 2007). 2channel /operate/.
On May 5, 2010, a radio program on NHK-FK decided to revisit anime songs for its 64th broadcast, but the threads were too fast for /news/ and simply spilled into /poverty/. The anime otaku that stayed behind were called the “Zanmai Immigrants” (三昧移民, Zanmai Imin), named after said radio program.
On July 7, 2010, /news/'s server had issues, so /poverty/ became a refuge board. Those that stayed were called the “Tanabata Immigrants” (七夕移民, Tanabata Imin), named after the holiday it occurred on.
According to the thread's wiki, they apparently held Thread #5833 to Thread #15200 on /poverty/, but eventually decided to move back once the ban on reprinting became sitewide in 2014.
These particular immigrants were called the “Sutema Immigrants” (ステマ移民, Sutema Imin), named after the suspected practice of stealth marketing (ステルスマーケティング).
At the time, /poverty/ users were script bombing /news/ so much, the administration required users to have “BE” accounts at a certain level on /news/.
This event is generally called the “2014 Kopipe Blog Continuous Flaming Scandal” (2014年コピペブログ連続炎上騒動), but may also be known as the “Katahira Uproar” (片平騒動) or “Affi Uproar” (アフィ騒動).
“Kenmō” (嫌儲(けんもう), lit. “anti-profit”) is a play on “Kenkan” (嫌韓(けんかん), lit. “anti-korean”) which is, considering the platform, a popular stance held by far-right Japanese nationalists.
A popular example of “Chonmomen” comes from an unrelated 2015 stabbing spree on Awaji Island where the suspect was accused of being a “Chonmomen” and some media channels took this as fact.
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