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N.T. Technology, Inc.” (NTTEC) is an American web hosting company founded by Jim Watkins as a front for a pornography website during the late 1990s, prior to becoming a web hosting company that went into the business of letting foreign adult-oriented websites circumvent laws.1)2)


The company is mostly known for hosting 2channel and its side service3) which got hacked in 20134)5)6) and somehow led to Watkins seizing the website from Hiroyuki on February 19, 2014.7)8) Months later, NTTEC partnered with 8chan,9)10) as Brennan mistook him as 2channel's owner,11) and took control of 8chan12)13) by lying about their financial situation.14)15)

Notable employees

Jim Watkins

James Arthur Watkins (born November 20, 1963), also known as Jim Watkins, Grape Ape, or Yoga Pig, is an American businessman who was born in Dayton, Washington,16) raised on a farm in Mukilteo,17) graduated from Mariner High School,18) and joined the U.S. Army at 18 in 1982, initially as a helicopter mechanic before switching to recruiter,19)20) reaching sergeant first class (E-7) by 1994.21)

During his military career, he married a South Korean woman named “Ton Sun” who would give birth to Ron in 198722)23) as Jim attended a technology school in Virginia, then he left the military by 199824) or 1999.25) By this point in time, he set up the “Asian Bikini Bar” at “” in 1997,26) the company renamed to “N.T. Technology, Inc.” to be less conspicuous,27)28) then the 2000s came.

It's highly speculated that Jim Watkins had been a pornographer during his 30s29) and might be complicit in distributing child pornography.30)

From there, he started many business ventures in the United States,31) Japan,32) and the Philippines, even using his wife's name33)34)35)36) before their presumed divorce.37) In 2001, he married a Filipino woman named “Liziel Orje”,38) though he didn't actually move to the Philippines until 200439) and eventually became a full-time resident in 2007.40) In 2021, the Philippines declared him an “undesirable alien” and fled.41)

Ron Watkins

“You are interested in asking me questions, and I am interested in seeing you naked. So if you send me a timestamped picture of yourself nude, I will answer two questions.”
– Ronald “Codemonkey” Watkins42)43)44)

Ronald Arthur Watkins (born April 18, 1987),45)46) also known as Ron Watkins, Codemonkey, Kormiku, or Latermuse, is the Korean-American son of Jim Watkins and Ton Sun Watkins47) that once made music, programmed,48) translates,49)50)51) and studied Martial Arts. He used to be an administrator on 2channel and 8chan/8kun,52) though there is heavy doubt on whether he actually left.

As an aside, he was likely a 4chan /b/ user,53)54) believed his MBTI is INTP,55)56) and he somehow received moderator permissions in the /r/2channel subreddit.57) Following the 2020 U.S. presidential election, Ron started to actively dispute the results,58)59)60) encouraged the attempted Capitol insurrection,61)62) got his Twitter suspended,63)64) hid,65) and lost his bid for the AZ-2 lower house seat.66)67)


  • There's a number of addresses in Cainta and Pasig tied to Jim Watkins that can be seen in his publicly available naturalization records.68) I will not list them for obvious reasons.
    • Both of locations are in Rizal, which was discovered to be an epicenter of child pornography.69)
  • It was revealed that Ron Watkins had control over the QAnon identity since January 2018.70)71)
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