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2ch /news4vip/

The Breaking News (VIP) (ニュース速報(VIP), Nyūsu Sokuhō Bippu) board, also known as the VIP Board (VIP板, Bippu Ita), NewSoku VIP (ニュー速VIP, NyūSoku Bippu), or /news4vip/, is a 2channel board, born from a failed /news/ experiment on June 18, 2004.1)

Despite the board name and origins, it has nothing to do with news and is more for general chatting. And despite the years, they have managed to remain vaguely popular, though it's not as huge or reputable as people in the past once said it was.



On June 14, 2004, an experimental feature was added to the /news/ board,2) giving users the ability to move threads to what became the /news4vip/ board on June 18, 2004.3) The feature was deemed a failure due to heavy misuse, so it was disabled the next month. However, the board remained and rose to popularity since it was a chaotic board with unthinkable momentum from the moment that it was created.

It was believed to house the perfect mix of good and shitty threads on top of 2channel gaining traction from being more well known, so the “VIP Quality” (VIPクオリティ, Bippu Kuoriti) phrase was born. However, the quality started to decline around 2006 since the internet was becoming more accessible and the whole influx of newcomers dragged the quality down as time went on.


Some people believe affiliate blogs or VIP blogs caused the decline, resulting in a war and the establishment of /poverty/ in late 2007.4)5) In 2012, /livejupiter/ became a rival to /news4vip/ after they began sharing the “hayabusa” server on January 4, 2012. The problem was that these real-time baseball threads on /livejupiter/ would just explode, taking down the server along with all the boards on it.

By 2014, the administration decided to move /livejupiter/ and /news4vip/ onto their own servers after sharing the “hayabusa5” server, moving /livejupiter/ to the “tomcat” server and /news4vip/ to the “viper” server. This was also the year that /livejupiter/ would take the 'fastest 2channel board' title from /news4vip/. Currently, the board is still popular, but the board quality has taken a toll due to various factors.

Modern VIP

In the modern era, the board encompasses schoolkids to elders, with most people saying that middle school students are the most prominent group. With the internet being increasingly accessible, smartphone users have outnumbered the original users. Affiliate blogs are still a problem, so users still complain about them. On the bright side, they do keep newcomers and bratty kids out of other boards.


VIP Characters

  • Big Four VIP Bait Characters (VIP釣りキャラ四天王, Bippu Tsuri Kyara Shiten'nō)
    • Akane Miura (三浦茜, Miura Akane) - A fictional K-ON! character with a pink ponytail, large bust, plays the tuba, and is nicknamed “Devi-chan” (デビちゃん) from “Dekovich” (デコビッチ).
    • Asumi Kanna (神名あすみ, Kanna Asumi) - A fictional Madoka Magika character with grey hair, attends elementary school, and her magical girl outfit is a wedding dress.
    • Mitori Kawashiro (河城みとり, Kawashiro Mitori) - A fictional Touhou Project character with a red side ponytail, is half-human half-kappa, and has the ability to prohibit, ban, or block things.
    • Teto Kasane (重音テト, Kasane Teto) - A fictional VOCALOID character that released on April 1, 2008.6)7) She has red twintail drills, a “04” on her arm, and a UTAU voice library.
  • ISIS-chan (ISISちゃん) - A moe anthropomorphism of ISIS that was made on January 24, 20158) as a response to ISIS threatening to behead their two Japanese hostages. The character is meant to be non-offensive, flood search results, and there's a couple of guidelines since the subject matter at hand is rather controversial. For the most part, she is seen cutting a melon with a knife.
  • Naito Horizon (内藤ホライゾン, Naitō Horaizon) / Buun (ブーン, Būn) - ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃
  • Oniko Hinomoto (日本鬼子, Hinomoto Oniko) - A moe anthropomorphism of the Chinese insult, “Rìběn Guǐzi” (日本鬼子, lit. “Japanese Devil”), that emerged on October 18, 20109) after the 2010 Senkaku boat collision incident briefly escalated the Senkaku Islands dispute.

* Can't you say the same thing in a Savanna? (お前それサバンナでも同じ事言えんの?, Omae sore saban'na demo onaji koto ien no?)

VIP Projects

  • VIP Mario (VIPマリオ) - This is a series of VIP-themed ROM hacks of Super Mario World.
  • VIPRPG - This is a general term or general tag for VIP-themed role-playing games.

* Shame☆On (しぇいむ☆おん, Sheimu☆on) - Released around 2006 or prior. * Get☆On (げっと☆おん, Getto☆on) - A collaboration between /news4vip/ and /gal/, intended to be a sequel to Shame☆On. Development started March 11, 2011, with a full version being released on July 4, 2015, though it did get more updates after that. The game takes place in a coffee shop. * My Older Sister is a First-Class Architect! ~Buried Structural Design~ (姉は一級建築士 〜イケない構造設計〜, Ane ha Ikkyū Kenchikushi 〜Ike nai kōzō sekkei〜)

VIP Rank Manipulation

  • First Coil Shock (第一次コイルショック, Daiichiji Koiru Shokku) - In 2008, /news4vip/ tried to rig a Yahoo! Kids poll for Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior and vote “Coil” (コイル, Koiru), or “Magnemite”, into first place.10) The poll ended with Shaymin in first place, suggesting that this was all rigged from the start, but Magnemite did take second place.
  • Inazuma Eleven Popularity Poll Frenzy (イナズマイレブン人気投票騒動, Inazuma Irebun Ninki Tōhyō Sōdō) - In 2010, /news4vip/ tried to rig a popularity poll for the movie, Inazuma Eleven: Saikyō Gundan Ōga Shūrai, and vote Masaru Gojou into first place to upset fujoshi.11) The poll ended with Masaru Gojou in first, followed by two girls, Haruna Otonashi and Raimon Natsumi.
  • Oricon Rank Manipulation - At one point, /news4vip/ had tried pushing anime songs into the Oricon Charts, using “Happy☆Material” (ハッピー☆マテリアル) from Negima and “Hare Hare Yukai” (ハレ晴レユカイ) from Haruhi Suzumiya. Their efforts had some success, but the songs never ended up taking first place and they eventually gave up.

VIP Miscellaneous

  • VIP Sensei (VIP先生) - "Mariotropolis" (マリオトロポリス) is a Flash by “tamat” which looped a Metropolis scene to the tune of the Super Mario RPG inspired song, "Geno's Forest".12) Somehow, the file spread to /news4vip/ on May 8, 200513) where people misheard “peeps insane” as “VIP Sensei”. The dancer is an 18-year-old Brigitte Helm from the mid-1920s.
  • VIP STAR - A parody of Ken Hirai's “Pop Star” about trolling, sung by “kobaryu”. People were impressed that his voice sounded like the original that he'd get invited to sing for Livedoor's New Year's Eve Party.14) Hiroyuki allegedly tried to contact Sony Music Japan about a parody CD, but this plan never went anywhere.

* Anarisuku (アナリスク) - A user inserted a mint called Frisk into his anus and wanted others to try.15) * Iyanhoho (イヤンホホ) * Nukumority (ヌクモリティ, Nukumoriti) - A slang term that combines “Quality” (クオリティ, Kuoriti) with “Nukumori” (ぬくもり, lit. “Warmth”). It seems to be used in a heartwarming context. * Morusua (モルスァ) - This is a sound uttered by a Japanese Furby toy. * Chikuwa Daimyōjin (ちくわ大明神) - Kopipe, similar to Nani Sore Kowai. * Kuu~ I'm tired, lol (くぅ〜疲れましたw, Ku~u 〜 tsukaremashita w) - This originates from a Madoka Magica fan fic that was posted to /news4vip/ in 2011.


  • They used to end their sentences with “-dao” (~だお) or “-o” (~お), but this is extremely dated.
  • It's believed that “VIP” (Very Important Person) is used ironically since it was intended to be a special board considering the original context. The administrator, Jim, allegedly confirmed this in 2010.

⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃
     |    /
      ( ヽノ
  三  レレ
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The song, "Geno's Forest", was made in 2004 by “XBrav”, but some of you may be more familiar with a remix used in the 2007 flash, "Rawest Forest" (YT), by “Kirbopher” instead.
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