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2ch /news/

The original Breaking News (ニュース速報, Nyūsu Sokuhō) board, also called NewSoku (ニュー速), NuSoku (ν速),1) or OldSoku (旧速), is a 2channel board that was made back in July 4, 1999 and it's among one of the oldest 2channel boards.



2channel was established on May 30, 1999, and the /news/ board was made shortly after on July 4, 1999 for current news. It was often called “the center of 2channel” (2chの中心) since the board was listed around the middle of the board list. At first, it was just a news board, then people found out that you put any news source in the first post and talk about anything (e.g. anime, manga, video games, voice actors, etc.) afterwards.

As a result, /news/ threads were often casual or off-topic and the subjects weren't always reliable, so a more formal news board called /newsplus/ was made on October 9, 2001. The website's management would also conduct experiments on /news/ and one experiment, the “Shit Thread Repelling Feature” (くそスレ撃退機能, Kuso Sure Gekitai Kinou) feature,2) led to the creation of /news4vip/ on June 18, 2004.

In 2004, the board temporarily closed twice. The first was from March 11 to 14, where it temporarily moved to /siberia/ in the meantime, the other was on July 5, 2004 after a certain feature had failed.3)


There doesn't seem to be any history to report here. I'd probably say how it was one of the top five fastest boards if I ever write something here.


On January 1, 2012, there was a big “Sutema”4) incident where the animation studio, Shaft, was revealed to have connections with an affiliated summary blog.5) This caused mass paranoia among its users, later causing a mass migration to /poverty/ on January 9, 2012.6) As a side effect, /news/ would be script bombed, so the board settings were changed up to only allow users with a 2channel BE account to post.

After the scare, the board is no longer considered to be one of the five fastest boards on 2channel and you'll occasionally find people accusing everyone of being affiliate blog owners, though it's still pretty active.

If you have something to add, please inform the curator.

  • Newso-kun (ニューソ君, Nyūso-kun) and Nyu (ニュッ, Nyu) - The board's AA mascots. * Society's Bottoms (社会のボトムズ, Shakai no Botomuzu)
  • Sōka Sōka (そうかそうか, Sōka Sōka) - A rhetorical “Is that so?” combining “Sōdearu ka?” (そうであるか) and “Sōna no ka?” (そうなのか). It's actually quite old and not that revolutionary.
  • Typhoon Croquette (台風コロッケ, Taifū Korokke) - On August 28, 2001, a user posted about buying croquettes before 2001's 11th Typhoon hit.7) Since then, buying croquettes became a tradition.
  • Afghan Air Sumo (アフガン航空相撲, Afugan Kōkū Zumou) - Misreading of the 2002 “Afghanistan Aviation Minister Beat to Death” (アフガン航空相撲殺, Afugan Kōkū-shō Bokusatsu) headline.
  • くぁwせdrftgyふじこlp - A meaningless string that represents screaming.8)
  • “For who?” - (誰得, Daretoku) - In essence, "Cui prodest?" or “Whom does it profit?” (誰が得するんだよ, dare ga tokusuru nda yo). Its first used was in 2005.9)
  • Clannad is life (CLANNADは人生, Kuranado wa Jinsei) - A user that once mistook Clannad for an eroge, responded to “If it's not an eroge, what is it?” with “I don't know, life?”10) It has since been spun off to silly things like “Fate is literature” (Fateは文学), “Touhou is religion” (東方は宗教), etc.

                |l ili l ili iliii|i|/  
                |l ili ili lilii i/  
                |l ili l ili iliii|
  ,-、              |li llil lil @il|
  \\           |liii 人 l lilil|
    \\  ∧_∧    |ii{´┴`}iiil  
 /// .\\( ^ν^ )  ※从三从三ミ/
 | | |   ⊂ (   つニ二二二二Σ>
 \\\ /(/ノ\ \   ///| i|\
     / /_) (__)///__ゝ  \
     '、/      BASHIN! BASHIN!
This is actually a lowercase Ν (Nu) from the Greek alphabet. So, it can also be read as Ν Soku (Ν速).
"ニュー速-kuso-スレ" (June 14, 2004). 2channel /operate/.
“Sutema” (ステマ) is short for "Stealth Marketing" (ステルスマーケティング, Suterusu Māketingu). It's kind of like "shill" or "astroturfing" in English, but it doesn't mean the same thing.
"すずめ観測所" (January 10, 2012). 2channel /poverty/.
"瀬戸内寂聴もオナニーするの?" (March 25, 2005). 2channel /news/.
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