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2ch /newsplus/

The Breaking News+ (ニュース速報+, Nyūsu Sokuhō Purasu) board, also known as NewSoku+ (ニュー速+), NuSoku+ (ν速+),1) or “+”, is 2channel's first plus board, which launched on October 9, 2001 as a more serious and regulated version of /news/.


Unlike the regular /news/ board, threads can only be made by those with a Reporter Capcode who must link to a reputable news source, use the headline from the linked article for the thread title, and include some category in the thread title. A news story can have multiple threads, but there's a four-day rule that the news story can't be older than four days and have to be moved to another board if it goes beyond that.

It's a general news board, so any topic is allowed, but it tends to be more political or societal, plus there are numerous subject-oriented “plus” boards that certain stories would work better on. Discussions are usually more intricate, but then again, it's a 2channel board and longer posts are prone to becoming disruptive spam or memetic kopipe that gets posted across multiple boards.

Most of the Hiroyuki era reporters left after the 2014 hijacking, but an odd conspiracy emerged where users believed the new administration installed “anti-Japanese” reporters, forcing left-wing ideas and subverting free speech, which is odd considering the Watkins' anti-leftist American nationalism. Of course, this all sounds eerily familiar, so there's probably a bunch of Japanese nationalists who browse /newsplus/.

Reporter Cap

Reporter Cap (記者キャップ, Kisha Kyappu), or Reporter Volunteer (記者ボランティア, Kisha Borantia), is a special capcode seen on the plus boards. Users may apply, but it's only usable on the board that it was signed up for and they can always be removed if the basic guidelines or local board rules are not followed, or if the reporter has been inactive for quite a while.

These are managed by Yoshikiro Nakao, also known as “drunker★”, “FOX★”, “夜勤(Yakin)”, or “亀仙人(Kame Sennin)”, and the list can be viewed here. You'll notice that some capcodes have a Phi symbol, “φ” or “ψ”, which represents a hand holding a pen but also represents status. It should also be noted that the reporter position is not always open and reporter recruitment happens irregularly, so you can't just apply at any time.

Top 10 NewSoku+ Threads

The following list contains the Top 10 news stories that have the most threads on /newsplus/. This list was last updated on October 16, 2011, so the information below may be very outdated.


If you have something to add, please inform the curator.

  • Mass Garbage (マスゴミ, MasuGomi) - A term criticizing mass communication on the internet.
    • Garbage Residue (カスゴミ, KasuGomi) - A variant of the above. Untranslatable pun.
  • J-Curse (Jカス, JeiKasu) - Derogatory term for J-CAST News.
  • Perverse Mainichi Shinbun Issue (変態毎日新聞問題, Hentai Mainichi Shinbun Mondai) - In 2008, users launched a campaign against the WaiWai column on Mainichi's foreign website for publishing vulgar articles that pushed a racist, sexual stereotype of Japanese women. Internationally, this issue is known as the WaiWai controversy and has been dealt with accordingly.
    • I feel a great sense of unity (すごい一体感を感じる, Sugoi ittaikan o kanjiru) - Refers to this embarrassing kopipe that hyped up what users accomplished during the WaiWai controversy.
  • Sand Korea (砂朝鮮, Suna Chōsen) - Nickname for ISIL. The term had come up in a thread on ISIL threatening to behead a Japanese person, and some user decided criticize North Korea and ISIL at the same time by calling ISIL, “Desert Korea”.2) * “My chest is overcome with emotions” (胸が熱くなるな, Mune ga Atsuku naru na) / Chest Fever (胸熱, Mune Atsuku)


  • The thread titles use lenticular brackets (【】) and it's possible to include slashes within a bracket or have multiple lenticular brackets. Of course, lenticular brackets are not restricted to plus boards.
  • It's suggested that new threads should be made based on momentum. If a thread is fast, new threads should be made when the ongoing thread has 700-800 posts since reporters aren't always online.
  • If you're still interested in how Reporter Caps work, the 2channel Wiki article for the /newsplus/ board actually contains a rather detailed list of general guidelines on what they must follow.
  • The board has their own share of Japanese nationalists, so the board may be generalized as such.
This is actually a lowercase Ν (Nu) from the Greek alphabet. So, it can also be read as Ν Soku (Ν速).
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