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I feel a great sense of unity

I feel a great sense of unity” (すごい一体感を感じる, Sugoi ittaikan o kanjiru) is an embarrassing Japanese kopipe that emerged from the WaiWai controversy at 2channel's /newsplus/ on July 2, 2008.1) It will often be seen with text artwork of the young hippo2) from Anpanman.


During the 2000s, the Mainichi Shimbun's English language website had a controversial “WaiWai” column that featured sensationalist tabloid articles with a disclaimer.3)4) The column was controversial for arguably reinforcing derogatory Japanese stereotypes, so users on the Japanese internet decided to take legal action against the company, forcing the column to be effectively shut down on June 21, 2008.5)6)

Then on July 2, 2008, an anonymous /newsplus/ user “ID:g373IYdK0” would post a long, emotional message celebrating how users managed to unite on a single issue,7) then called said protest a “revolution” with text artwork of the young hippo from Anpanman.8) In reality, these nationalistic posts were laughable as they were hyping up a digital newspaper protest on the internet.9)

Text artwork

    ∩_∩     人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人
   / \ /\   < すごい一体感を感じる。今までにない何か熱い一体感を。       >
  |  (゚)=(゚) |   < 風・・・なんだろう吹いてきてる確実に、着実に、俺たちのほうに。.   >
  |  ●_●  |   < 中途半端はやめよう、とにかく最後までやってやろうじゃん。      >
 /        ヽ  < ネットの画面の向こうには沢山の仲間がいる。決して一人じゃない。 >
 | 〃 ------ ヾ | < 信じよう。そしてともに戦おう。                        >
 \__二__ノ  < 工作員や邪魔は入るだろうけど、絶対に流されるなよ。        >

English Translation

    ∩_∩     人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人
   / \ /\    < I feel a great sense of unity. An unprecedented sense of unity.     >
  |  (゚)=(゚) |   < The winds... are definitely blowing, steadily, in our direction.      >
  |  ●_●  |   < Let's not half-ass this, let's make sure that we make it to the end. >
 /        ヽ  < Many friends exist beyond this internet screen. You're never alone. >
 | 〃 ------ ヾ | < Believe, and let us fight together.                       >
 \__二__ノ  < We'll find spies and obstacles, but you must never give up.      >


  • It should be noted that 2channel tends to be conservative10) or nationalist and they have a history of antagonizing left-leaning Japanese newspapers (e.g. Asapi, Asahiru), so it isn't surprising to see that national identity was mentioned in the user's rallying cry11) against a major Japanese newspaper often considered to be center-left or liberal.
  • Japan doesn't have an active nuclear weapons program, though they are nuclear latent, so they currently do not have the ability to “drop a hydrogen atom bomb on Australia” for now.12)
The hippo's name is “Kabao” (カバオ) or “Kabao-kun” (カバオくん), with “kaba” (カバ) being the Japanese name for a hippopotamus. It does not have an equivalent name in English.
3) , 5)
"Chronology of problems with English-language site" (July 20, 2008). Mainichi Shimbun.
"Analysis of the investigative team" (July 20, 2008). Mainichi Shimbun.
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"Japanese set the blogs on 'sleazy Australian' writer" (July 5, 2008). The Sydney Morning Herald.
For instance, the user ends up calling it a “historic revolution” (歴史的な大革命) that was “comparable to the Fall of the Berlin Wall” (ベルリンの壁の崩壊に匹敵する), despite it mostly being an digital protest that took place in an isolated corner of the internet that mildly affects a small group of Japan watchers.
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