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2channel's SETTING.TXT

The “SETTING.TXT” file is a board settings file that can be found in every 2channel board's subfolder. Its contents determine how a board's front page looks, affect things like thread creations and posts, and so on. Users do have some say in the board settings, but it's not really common.

List of Settings

This section will probably never be completed. Use this as reference.

Setting Explanation
Settings from the Hiroyuki Era
BBS_TITLE The board name.
BBS_TITLE_PICTURE The board banner, common on more larger boards.
BBS_TITLE_LINK The link for when you click on the board banner.
BBS_BG_COLOR The background color if an image isn't present.
BBS_BG_PICTURE The background image. Set to the brick background by default.
BBS_NONAME_NAME The board's default name for anonymous users.
BBS_MAKETHREAD Default section color: #CCFFCC.
BBS_MENU_COLOR Default thread color: #EFEFEF.
BBS_THREAD_COLOR Default subject color: #FF0000.
BBS_TEXT_COLOR Default font color: #000000.
BBS_NAME_COLOR Default name color: #008000 (green).
BBS_LINK_COLOR Default link color: #0000FF.
BBS_ALINK_COLOR Default active link color: #FF0000.
BBS_VLINK_COLOR Default visited link color: #660099.
BBS_THREAD_NUMBER The maximum number of threads shown on the front page.
BBS_CONTENTS_NUMBER The maximum number of posts in a thread preview on the front page.
BBS_LINE_NUMBER The maximum number of lines in a post preview on the front page.
BBS_MAX_MENU_THREAD The maximum number of threads in the thread list on the front page.
BBS_SUBJECT_COLOR Default subject color on the front page: #FF0000.
BBS_PASSWORD_CHECK =checked: Thread creation is on a separate page, not the front page.
BBS_UNICODE This handles how unicode is processed.
=pass: Unicode is kept as is.
=changed: Unicode is changed. (e.g. “Mangüé” → “Mangüé”)
BBS_NAMECOOKIE_CHECK Allows the board to set a cookie for what you put in the name field.
BBS_MAILCOOKIE_CHECK Allows the board to set a cookie for what you put in the email field.
BBS_SUBJECT_COUNT The maximum amount of bytes allowed in the thread title.
BBS_NAME_COUNT The maximum amount of bytes allowed in the name field.
BBS_MAIL_COUNT The maximum amount of bytes allowed in the email field.
BBS_MESSAGE_COUNT The maximum amount of bytes allowed in the message field.
NANASHI_CHECK Forbids anonymous posts.
=1: Enabled.
timecount Prevents multi-posting.
timeclose Prevents multi-posting.
BBS_OVERSEA_PROXY =checked: BE Icon is displayed. Deprecated?1)
BBS_SLIP Refer to the BBS_SLIP section.
BBS_DISP_IP =siberia: IPs are displayed. (e.g. /siberia/)
=sakhalin: Mobile terminal IDs is displayed.
BBS_BE_ID =1: Posting is restricted to BE users at Level 1. (e.g. /news/)
BBS_BE_TYPE2 =checked: Thread creation is restricted to BE users.
BBS_4WORLD =checked: English only. (e.g. /dejima/, most Embassy boards, etc.)
=senji: Kanji and Katakana only. (e.g. /senji/)
=hira: Hiragana only.
=kata: Katakana only.
=NG: Non-Japanese IPs get a “!”.
=ID: Non-Japanese IPs get a “!” and their ID is displayed.
=IP: Non-Japanese IPs get a “!” and their IP is displayed.
=KO: Non-Japanese IPs are forbidden.
BBS_YMD_WEEKS Abbreviations for the days of the week.
=日/月/火/水/木/金/土: Default, Japanese.
=Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat: English.
BBS_HEISA =checked: Board is closed.
Settings from the NTTEC Era
BBS_SLIP Refer to the BBS_SLIP section.
BBS_FORCE_NOID =yes: Disables IDs.
BBS_FORCE_NOEMAIL =yes: Ignores email field input?
BBS_FORCE_NONAME =yes: Ignores name field input?
BBS_ARR =checked: Adds the “@All Rights Reserved” or “@Reprinting Prohibited” (@転載は禁止) string to the end of the default name.
EMOTICONS =checked: Enables emoticon usage.
BBS_DISABLE_NO =checked: Disables the ability to use “!no” to hide your BE account.
BBS_PHOEBE =: Mobile posters are not restricted.
=0: Mobile posters must be logged into a BE account.
=1: Mobile posters must be logged into a BE account and be at Level 1.
BBS_FOREIGN_PASS =on: Foreign users can post without a Ronin pass.
BBS_OEKAKI =checked: Enables the drawing tool.
BBS_SOKO Normally: age is default. age = age, sage = sage, soko is disabled.
=on: sage is default. age = age, sage = sage, soko = soko.
=onon: age is default. age = age, sage ⇒ age, soko = soko.
=ononon: age is default. age = age, sage = sage, soko = soko.
BBS_DISP_MSEC Allows milliseconds to be displayed. The value (e.g. =2) determines the number of milliseconds shown.
BBS_TITLE_ORIG The board name, minus the “@2ch BBS” (@2ch掲示板) part.
Deprecated Settings
BBS_BG_SOUND When you open the board, some music is played.
BBS_DELETE_NAME The name dispalyed when a post is deleted. Default is “aborn” (あぼーん).
BBS_PROXY_CHECK Deprecated.2)
BBS_RAWIP_CHECK Deprecated.4)
BBS_VIP931 If you post on /news4vip/ and /campus/, you couldn't post on any other boards until a set amount of time. This experiment ran from April 7, 2011. It was later replaced by a new VIP931 in 2016.
BBS_YMD_OFFSET April Fools 2005 joke. The value adds or subtracts from the year.
BBS_YMD_NAME April Fools 2005 joke. The value is put before the year, like an era.


BBS_SLIP determines what additional values appear in the name and ID fields, generally showing where the poster is posting from. Some serial threads (e.g. general threads, watch threads, etc.) often override the configuration by having “!extend” in the opening post.5) Ronin users can also use “!id” and “!slip” in the name field to make their post override both configurations, but this is rare.

BBS_SLIP under Hiroyuki

Work in progress.


Work in progress.

1) , 2) , 3) , 4)
"質問・雑談スレ 24@運用情報板" (March 27, 2004). 2ch /operate/.
The “!extend” command is typed out as “!extend:value1:value2:value3:value4” and it must be the first line of the opening post for it to take effect. The first value is the ID setting and the second value is the BBS_SLIP setting, while the other two values are unclear.
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