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2ch /neet4vip/

The NEET Soku (ニー速, Nī-soku) board, or the NEET (ニート) board, is an odd 2channel board that split from /news4vip/ on March 15, 2005. It isn't actually for NEETs, it's just a board of anonymous users pretending to be NEETs and happens to be NEET themed.


In March 2005, /news4vip/ saw a significant increase in named users over anonymous users, which caused people to grieve that /news4vip/ was getting too comfortable or friendly, so /neet4vip/ was set up on March 15, 2005 to accommodate for those dissatisfied with /news4vip/'s current state. By March 16, 2005, the “VIP” was dropped from “NEET Soku VIP” (ニー速VIP, Nī-soku Bippu), making it “NEET Soku” (ニー速).


This board is intentionally garbage with vague rules to prevent users from getting too comfortable or friendly on the board, so anonymous trolling is fine. You'll also notice that their users speak like children,1) which is called “infantile regression” (幼児退行, yōji taikō), but it's actually done to keep posts neutral without showing too much emotion.


Since we can't follow society's rules, let's follow the board's rules.

Do not make more than 2 replies.
Do not fill anything in the E-mail field.
Do not “>>” link other posts.
Do not post in threads with double-digit replies.
Do not write more than three lines. (Three-line Revolution)
No “be” use.
No emoticons.
No AA.
No 2channel terminology.
No familiarization.
No grass (as in laughter).
No phoneposting.

Let's follow the above, and have a fun NEET Soku life!


  • The default name is “I think if you write a name, you lose.” (名前書いたら負けかなと思っている。).
    • Anonymity is enforced, so anything that's entered in the name field will be ignored.
  • Since the “Heaven” board (/heaven4vip/) is right above /neet4vip/ in 2channel's extensive board list, the board may also be called “2channel's Hell” (2ちゃんねるの地獄) for this exact reason.
  • The day of the week is always Sunday, (日), as NEETs are unaware of the actual day of the week.
  • On July 5, 2006 at 3:25am,2) a /neet4vip/ user had predicted the 2006 North Korean missile test's first missile launch about five minutes before it actually happened.3)
They will use “boku” (ぼく) for their first-person pronoun, “kimitachi” (きみたち) or “nī nī” (にーにー) as a second-person pronoun, and close with “-shi” (〜し), “-dashi” (〜だし), or “-desushi” (〜ですし).
The UTC+09:00 time offset is shared among North Korea, South Korea, and Japan, and they all do not observe daylight savings time. This occurred before North Korea's temporary return to UTC+08:30.
"あと10分くらいでテポドン発射" (July 5, 2006). 2channel /neet4vip/.
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