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2ch Embassy

The Embassy (大使館, Taishikan) is a 2channel board category that had launched on January 12, 20151) after a short chat in /liveanarchy/.2) Its boards were designed to be an analogue to 4chan's World4ch which shut down,3) but the message never came across.

First off, the Japanese users have no indication of what the boards are for if the descriptions are all English. I'd suggest adding Japanese text in the board description to explain the intended subject and why you're supposed to use English, or else you've just ended up with /dejima/ clones. Meanwhile, the English users are just not interested in anonymous text boards, but you'll occasionally find one or two lurking around.

List of Boards

Board Folder Board Name (板の名前) Notes
/anime8/ Anime & Manga アニメ・漫画
/book8/ Books 書籍
/carcom8/ Comics & Cartoons 海外アニメ漫画
/comp8/ Computers
/food8/ Food 食べ物
/games8/ Video Games ゲーム
/img8/ Imageboard Discussion 掲示板議論
/lang8/ Foreign Language 外国語
/lounge8/ Lounge ラウンジ
/music8/ Music 音楽
/neet4vip8/ NEET NEET New!
/vip8/ News for VIP ニュー速VIP /vip8/ has become Wakuwaku Hiroba territory.
For some reason, they keep calling it NIP.
/newnew8/ World News ニュース国際
/newpol8/ Politics 政治
/prog8/ Programming プログラム技術
/poverty8/ Revolution News ニュー速(嫌儲) New! Left-wing news and politics.
/sci8/ Science & Math 科学・数学
/sjis8/ SJIS Room AA部屋 Spam. They don't know that SJIS means AA.
/sports8/ Sports スポーツ
/tech8/ Technology
/tele8/ Televison & Film テレビ・映画


  • The category was tentatively named “World8ch” at one point.4) If posters voted differently, it might've been named “Dejima” (出島) or “Foreigner Refuge” (外人避難所, Gaijin Hinansho) instead.5)
  • Japanese users tend to flock to /vip8/ and /sjis8/ since those two boards actually allow Japanese text.

See also

"2ちゃんねる、新板大量に誕生!" (January 12, 2015). 2channel /poverty/.
/liveanarchy/'s board settings don't allow archiving, but parts of it can be read on the 2channel Wiki.
The category is not a 1:1 analogue to World4ch, as /neet4vip8/ and /poverty8/ are new.
"2ちゃんねる、新板大量に誕生!" (Janaury 12, 2015). 2channel /poverty/.
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