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Leftypol, stylized as /leftypol/, is a left-wing bulletin board that began as an 8chan board on September 21, 2014, migrated to Bunkerchan on August 5, 2019, declared independence on December 21, 2020, then saw another split on August 8, 2021.



“Most hated board on 8chan!”

On September 21, 2014, “Che” sets up /leftypol/ on 8chan for left-wing discussion, as /pol/ was a right-wing echo chamber with ban-happy moderators. It got a lot of unwarranted hate for existing,1) but it prospered despite the odds.2) Within a few months, /leftypol/ came into contact with GETchan around January 24, 2015, then Bunkerchan would emerge on September 8, 2015 during 8chan's failed migrations.

Around late 2017, “Che” gets more involved with moderating /leftypol/ and attempted to get rid of their worst posters.3) This resulted in a /leftpol/ split on November 2, 2017,4) but the harm was minimal aside from the “goth blowjob girl” in-joke becoming an illusory truth.5) Then on May 10, 2019, “Che” resigned and handed ownership to “Stalin420”,6) but the 8chan era was rapidly coming to a close.


With the fall of 8chan on August 5, 2019, /leftypol/ was forced to migrate to Bunkerchan. Due to “Stalin420” becoming inactive shortly after the migration, the /leftypol/ team was forced to organize democratically with “Comrade Rat” as their de-facto owner. However, the arrangement with Bunkerchan gradually turned sour as their absentee landlord “Space_” was uncooperative and kept delaying important technical work.

The /leftypol/ team wrote an open letter about moving on December 19, 2020,7) but “Space_” threatened to demote everyone,8)9) which he did,10) forcing the establishment of “”11) with an active tech team focusing on Lainchan fork and “Krates” leading the way. However, most of the /leftypol/ community refused to budge as the split was being undermined as petty internal drama.

Following the move, Bunkerchan ended up collapsing on itself. The majority ended up moving after “d0llars” talked about changing its domain and possibly taking donations,12) then one defecting moderator stole the “” domain in an elaborate plan and had it redirect to “” on April 30, 2021.13) For a moment, “” was the true /leftypol/ and it looked like the split was formally over.


Prior to reunification, “Krates” had been frustrated with the moderation team's internal drama, stepping down in April 2021 and letting “Zer0” become sysadmin.14) Behind the scenes, “Comatoast” reportedly quit since “Caballo” allegedly broke the rules, but “Zer0” wanted “Comatoast” to stay and, as a compromise, proposed a new governing system where nobody on the team had to be kicked off.

In real time, “Caballo” accused “Zer0” of wanting “Comatoast” to be a dictator on August 8, 2021,15) while the Gang of Four16) asserted that it was a “military junta” with reforms.17)18) Then, “Krates” saw the drama and decided to regain control, since the Gang of Four outed themselves as the problem,19) so the junta acted fast to move what they could to the “” domain and scrubbed evidence of said drama.20)21)

Then on August 12, 2021, the “” domain was restored22) with “Krates” reprising his former role.23) Interestingly, the Gang of Four were mostly operating from North America, leaving a moderation time gap during the prime American hours for the first few weeks.24)25) After a while, “” prevailed, the conflict had simmered, and a certain intervention began.

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  • Despite the slander, there is no official Discord server, as the community has voted against it several times to settle on Matrix, and the community generally does not conduct any raids.

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In March 2020, there was a push to move Leftybooru as the moderation at “” looked slow. They'd attempt to move it to “”, then move again to “” as their first move made even more duplicates. Eventually, the “” owner stepped in and the move ended.
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