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“File 500 internal server error.gif is banned from all boards.”

Bunkerchan was a left-wing bulletin board that started as a refuge for 8chan's /leftypol/ board on September 8, 2015, became their home on August 5, 2019, then a split would occur on December 21, 2020, and the website eventually collapsed around April 30, 2021.1)



During 8chan's failed migrations in late 2015, “Hoxha” establishes Bunkerchan at “” around September 8, 2015 and uses the “Vichan” script. On the website's first anniversary, September 8, 2016, “Hoxha” transfers ownership to “Space_” who would move the website over to “” and made the odd decision to replace “Vichan” with the highly experimental “Lynxchan” for some reason.

It should be noted that during these years, Bunkerchan was only active whenever 8chan was down, so it was a very desolate place. Around November 2018, GETchan made the decision to move into Bunkerchan. This wasn't a huge benefit as the GETchan community already shrunk considerably and Bunkerchan didn't exactly offer much, aside from the obvious benefit of not using the “Kusaba X” script.


Then on August 5, 2019, the fall of 8chan forces /leftypol/ to use Bunkerchan as a permanent home, so the combined staff tried their best to revitalize the website: shuttering boards for their /GET/ equivalent or a catch-all /hobby/ board, moving /leftypol/'s “/leftytrash/” thread to /GET/, and running a 7chan-style /roulette/ board for six months though it was arguably pointless as all board proposals ended up passing.

However, the arrangement gradually soured. “Comrade King” left on February 22, 2020, leaving “Zeke Roa” to run the GETchan boards, then the staff gradually realized “Space_” was difficult to work with and tried to open a discussion on December 19, 2020.2) For some reason, he overreacts and just threatened to remove everyone,3)4) which he did,5) forcing “” to split and “” to break off.

Bunkerchan's New Management

The split was originally brushed off and undermined as “Space_” claimed personalities were the issue6) and “d0llars” assumed ownership of /leftypol/,7) but firing nearly everyone including the tech team proved to be disastrous and “d0llars” kept begging for reconciliation.8) With no tech team, errors become more frequent,9)<orange text” temporarily breaks, and new hires can't view post histories10) or anchor threads.11)12)

On January 8, 2021, two rogue hires delete everything, and two months of posts are lost since the backups were so old. Then on January 11, 2021, “d0llars” announces that “Space_” wishes to die with the original domain and Bunkerchan will be moving, though he also talks about donations to fund a new tech team.13) By this point, most of the /leftypol/ community decided to migrate to “”.

In order to salvage the situation, the “Leftchan” rebrand is abandoned,14) they revert to “Lynxchan”,15) and Bunkerchan simply becomes “” on January 17, 2021.16) They managed to maintain a small community of stragglers, but they also became a shield for “” as rightists who were seething about the “Poljak” trolling back in October 2020 wouldn't have any idea that there was even a split.

The Great Backstab of April 2021

Within the month of April 2021, a defecting Bunkerchan moderator named “FifthCommunar” had tipped off's staff that “d0llars” planned to leverage a Foreign Policy article17) in order to infiltrate the team under the guise of reconciliation.18)19) Most of the Bunkerchan staff were against reconciliation, allowing “d0llars” to entrust the TLD to the defecting moderator during negotiations.

In short, these negotiations obviously fell through and “” became a redirect for “” on April 30, 2021.20) The alleged Foreign Policy article would come out two days later on International Workers' Day and most of the traffic wound up on “”,21) though a significant portion of this reunited community took issue with the article's claims that the board wished to “deradicalize” their foes.

Following the backstab, most of the opposition vanished despite the server remaining online. The only real alternative was /leftcel/ which proposed by “Bexgia”, the infamous incel moderator of Bunkerchan, during negotiations. As for the server, some of the old moderators messed around with it and cleaned up the spam that accumulated, though image uploading was disabled for obvious reasons.

List of Boards

  • Bunkerchan
    • Leftist Politically Incorrect [leftypol]
    • Random [b]
    • Hobbies [hobby]
    • Tech [tech]
    • Education [edu]
    • Games [games]
    • Anime [anime]
  • Meta
    • Gulag [gulag]
  • Hidden Boards
    • Leftist Politics [left]
    • Post-left Conspiracy HQ [dead]
    • Entertainment and Education [e] - /ent/ + /edu/. Closed for /hobby/ with /edu/ returning later.
    • Democratic Peoples Republic of K [dprk] - Closed for /GET/, but re-established as /b/.
    • International [int] - Closed for /ref/.
    • test [testing]
    • Roulette [roulette] - This ran for like six months and every trial board got approved.
  • Deleted Boards
    • Fashion [fash]† - April Fools 2020 joke.
    • [troon]† - Identity politics board. The result of “Pyongyang” going rogue.
    • Anime [a]† - Someone fucked up the URI for /anime/.
    • Hangout [GET]† - Returned to GETchan on Christmas 2020.
    • Refugee Camp [ref]† - Returned to GETchan on Christmas 2020.



  • Bunkerchan [Archive] - The front page of Bunkerchan, archived April 28, 2021.
    • @bunkerchanlp on Twitter - Maintenance announcements. Deleted after the backstab.
    • @realenverhoxha on Twitter - Bunkerchan's founder and former owner. Some guy in France.
    • @ericmusicfan on Twitter - Bunkerchan's former owner. “Retired.”
  • (onion) - The front page of Bunkerchan.
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Personally, I believed that the Bunkerchan rebrand was abandoned so “Space_” doesn't look like an arse for saying Bunkerchan "will run five more [years] without you" to the original /leftypol/ team.
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