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Yakiu no Onii-chan

Yakiu no Onii-chan (やきうのお兄ちゃん, lit. “Baseball Lad”) is a unique AA character representing 2channel's /livejupiter/ board. He's an orange barbarian, designed like a picture scroll caricature, that represented the /livebase/ users who took over /livejupiter/ in May 2009.

He speaks in a strange Kansai dialect called the Ferocious Tiger dialect (猛虎弁, Mokoben) and despite his casual-friendly name, he's actually quite barbaric and tends to go over the line. As a one-line kaomoji, his eyes and hair is shown as such: 彡(゚)(゚). As a full-body character, his eyes pop out like a fish, but he doesn't have a fixed head or body size, so he can range from being 2 heads tall to 8 heads tall.


On May 13, 2009, /livebase/ refugees fleeing harsh board regulations took over /livejupiter/ and one Shobon native exclaimed “Baseball lads, get out of our hideout!” (やきうのお兄ちゃん達は僕らの秘密基地から出ていってよ!, Yakiu no oniichan-tachi wa bokura no himitsu kichi kara dete itte yo!), thus naming them.1) As for design, the concept emerged in late 2010.2)

Text artwork

   | |   (゚)(゚)
   | |  彡  と
    | | _ノ   ー、
   (ミ)、    !フ /
   ¢\二二二__ノ               ポイッ
      |    /              ◯ ⌒ ⊂(・ω・`)、
     / ソ⌒ 、ヽ                   ヽ  と)
    ( <    ヽ )                   `u-u'
   ⊂_)   (_つ


  • During the mid-2010s, Yakiu no Onii-chan was added to an image of The Simpsons.
    • This association with The Simpsons would strengthen after the Western internet discovered him in 2021. Somebody tried naming him “Weird Matt”,3) but most people called him “Gumbly Simpson” and began pretending that he was always apart of the show.4)5)6) Then in 2022, social media users spread a false rumor that Graggle Simpson was always his name.7)8)9)10)
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