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2ch /livegalileo/

The Anything Live (Galileo) (なんでも実況(ガリレオ), Nandemo Jikkyō (Garireo)) board is a 2channel commentary board that was established on August 27, 20211) and would supplant /livejupiter/. It's also known as Anything Live G (なんでも実況G) or NanG (なんG),


Shortly after /livemars/ was established,2) /livegalileo/ was established on August 27, 2021 with the intent to test out the new server's durability.3) It was flooded by users from /livejupiter/, /liveanarchy/, and /livemars/. The /news4vip/ invasion in late September sorta died out, then it had a vandalism problem which was cleaned up in December. Some “Tōsuko-min” fled here,4) then /livejupiter/ users revisited the board.

Then on March 21, 2022, a hardware failure killed /livejupiter/ and refugees settled at /livegalileo/, but didn't want to return when it was fixed as /livejupiter/ was in a dismal state and baseball season was starting up, effectively causing /livegalileo/ to take /livejupiter/'s former status. During the 2023 World Baseball Classic, the board temporarily went offline from March 13, 2023 to March 23, 2023.


  • Galileo is a reference the American space probe that studied Jupiter and its moons from 1989 to 2003. Of course, the space probe is obviously named after Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei.
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"質問・雑談スレ365@運用情報板" (August 27, 2021). 2channel /operate/.
"質問・雑談スレ365@運用情報板" (August 21, 2021). 2channel /operate/.
“Tōsuko-min” (とうすこ民), also known as “Suko-min” (すこ民), refer to fans of the Puzzle & Dragons commentator and YouTuber “Tōfu” (とうふ) who communicate in an unconventional, emoji-laden manner.
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