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Borujoa (ぼるじょあ), a typo of “bourgeois”,1) was a short-lived tripcode user from 20022) who became a meme to the point of vandalism. One of the kaomoji that he used was given the body of Mona, which allowed him to become a short-lived AA character as well.


On July 30, 2002, a tripcode user began posting on 2channel's /pcqa/ board.3) He originally started out as “Borujowa na Wakamono” (ブルジョワな若者, lit. “Bourgeois Youth”), but kept making typos and would eventually settle on “Borujoa” (ぼるじょあ). As for the tripcode, ◆EncckFOU (#ぶるじょあ), it barely lasted a month before he leaked it himself4) and everyone started impersonating him.

Many threads, titled “Borujoa's Question Box” (ぼるじょあの質問箱, Borujoa no Shitsumon-bako), began to appear on multiple boards and people would generally answer questions using his public tripcode while making an attempt to imitate his typing style. Eventually, this got out of hand, on top of Borujoa contributing to ongoing vandalism at the time, so it eventually died down.


Borujoa's first-person pronoun is “boku” (ボク), but “boru” (ぼる), “borujoa” (ぼるじょあ), and “joa” (じょあ) has also been observed. He replaces “are?” (あれ?) with “arē” (アルェー), “ē?” (えー?) with “eē” (エェー), and sometimes “uwā!” (うわー!) with “ouwā” (オゥワー). Lastly, he'll ends sentences using “-daYO” (○○だYO), “-daC” (○○だC), and “-daNE” (○○だNE), with the “YO” signaling some level of expertise.

Text artwork

 (  ・3・)
 (    )
 | | |

( ・3・)

(・ε・)← Sometimes called an impostor.


( ^^)<ぬるぽ

      (  ・3・)   || ガッ
      と    )   ||
        Y /ノ     人
        / )   <  > ∧
        _/し' // ∨; ^^ )
     (_フ彡     ノつ つ

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“Bourgeois” is usually rendered as “burujoa” (ブルジョア) or “burujowa” (ブルジョワ) in Japanese.
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