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Fchan is an English furry bulletin board that was founded by “Dr. Pon” in late 2004 after 5chan's closure, and it contains a significant amount of adult content. It's currently managed by “Xenofur”, and remains the oldest furry-themed imageboard to this date.


The closure of 5chan on October 24, 2004 had displaced their furry community, so “Dr. Pon” sets up Fchan at “” some time after. However, they quickly ran into bandwidth issues, so they migrated over to “” by December 25, 2004.1) Due to the lack of archives, it isn't known how many times the database was reset if at all or board software changes.2)

On March 11, 2005, “Dr. Pon” announced that since he didn't have the time to manage Fchan, he asked the community to discuss his successor.3) They originally selected “Freehaven” but his internet was about to go out, so he handed the website over to “Sage Nadia” and the moderation team. A few months later, they had a hardware failure, forcing them to start all over on December 8, 2005.4)

After almost three years, Fchan would move to “” on June 22, 2007 where they remain today. There isn't much else to talk about regarding Fchan aside from administrative antics and changes.

List of Boards


  • Fchan started out using Futabally for their image boards, but quickly switched over to Wakaba, while the text boards still use Shiichan even after the author suggested an alternative.5)
  • It should be noted that Fchan had existed long before 4chan had their “April Furs Day” prank in 2005.
  • Fchan - The front page of Fchan.
  • Fchan on WikiFur
The only archive of “” is their front page on January 23, 2005 when they had already moved, but there's a pretty blatant hint that it likely moved around December 25, 2004.
The oldest Fchan thread that I could find was an unarchived thread on /dis/ titled “zOMG Drama” with a Unix timestamp of “1105419566” (2005-01-11 04:59 UTC). It'd be easy to assume that the thread would be about the database being reset, but personally, there's just not enough evidence to come to this conclusion.
" fchan outage" (December 8, 2005). Fchan /dis/.
"Kareha over Shiichan" (December 11, 2005). Fchan /dis/.
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