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– cho0b1) (Lulz), formerly WTFur, is an English bulletin board that served as a spin-off of WTFux whose history spans back to March 13, 2005.2) Both were founded by “cho0b” (!Mf2FrPinM./!zSGCho0BnY) who also goes by “fuxnet” or “jihad”.


On March 13, 2005,3) “cho0b” had launched WTFux at “” using Kusaba and Wakaba. At the time, WTFux was known for its /cams/ board, high volume of tripcode users, and a failed Wakachan proposal.4) They once had a /furi/ board, but due to DMCA takedown requests, /furi/ ended up splitting off in 2006. As for WTFux, they had a /jihad/ board, then an upgrade presumably went wrong in late 2010.


In 2006, WTFux removed their /furi/ board on March 15, 2005 after many furry artists filed DMCA takedown requests against them, so “cho0b” had established WTFur at “” on July 26, 2006. This name was swiftly abandoned for “” on August 25, 2006 and he explained that copyright laws in Europe weren't as strict at the time, claiming that “DNP” restrictions could be ignored.

However, the website was controversial for its one-board approach, lenient moderation, and tolerating “cub” porn. Then on November 30, 2006, “Arcturus” began a coup, established “”, and he informed “cho0b” that he “fucked with” him in IRC.5) In short, Sidechan gets hacked on January 7, 2007, the same day that Lulz was restored, then “Arcturus” would scrap Sidechan to start the furry booru, e621.


The following decade wasn't really interesting. More boards and features were added, but despite allegedly being in Europe, they'd have to deal with DCMA takedown requests again as times change. Over the next couple years, Lulz continued to run Wakaba. Then on June 24, 2017, it was revealed that a new Lulz running on Vichan was being tested at the “” subdomain.6)


Sadly, the Lulz running Wakaba died and was replaced with the aforementioned Lulz running Vichan around December 16, 2019, returning to a one-board approach with significantly less features. On June 21, 2023, “cho0b” announced that Lulz would be sold to former 8chan founder Fredrick Brennan, though “cho0b” would remain owner while Brennan intends to replace Vichan with Lynxchan.7)

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  • It should be noted that “Joseph Evers” is the troll persona name used by the nationalist internet troll and former Encyclopedia Dramatica administrator Andrew "weev" Auernheimer, which has zero relation to “cho0b” who has distanced themselves from him.8) If he was, how would you even explain staying online during the prison sentence?

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The website claimed that it was founded on March 13, 2004, but nothing existed in 2004 and the oldest archived WTFux thread was made on March 21, 2005. Therefore, I suspect that the founding date is off by one year and that it was actually created on March 13, 2005.
"ohai thar" (June 24, 2017). /furi/.
"Yes, hello" (June 21, 2023). Lulz /furi/.
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