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420chan was a niche English bulletin board, founded by Aubrey “Kirtaner” Cottle on April 20, 2005,1) then it went offline around July 22, 20222) as their servers were seized in an apartment raid.3) Their website has plans to restart under new ownership, but currently redirects to Leftypol.



According to Cottle, he registered the “” domain on April 20, 2005 as a joke, but didn't plan on doing anything with it.4) Then on December 1, 2005, he would finally set up a bulletin board website using Wakaba5) and assumed the identity, “Kirtaner !Ub4TCdRjOM”. It isn't known how 420chan became popular, but after the /b/-day incident, it'd inherit the Anonymous collective from 7chan in 2007.

Unlike the previous iteration of the “Invasion” (/i/) board, 420chan did their best to keep /i/ alive. This board was housed at “” for the greater first half of 2007, with “” as the backup, then /i/ would be moved to the “” domain around July 2007. This accommodation lasted quite some time with 711chan being a temporary refuge,6) but it's unclear how this ended.

Despite the collective leaving, 420chan had remained distinct as a place to discuss recreational drugs, net characters, wrestling, etc. After the footer was jokingly changed to “Wakaba 4.2.0”, 420chan completely revamped their website, forking Wakaba into Taimaba on December 18, 2008.7) For the next 14 years or so, 420chan still managed to maintain a niche but sizable community in contemporary history.

Out of nowhere, 420chan suddenly went offline around July 22, 2022.8) It was then revealed that Cottle had his Canadian apartment raided by the Statesian FBI and local OPP in August 2022,9) which confirm that 420chan's servers had been seized in the process.10)11) Despite the setback, Cottle stated that he hopes to eventually bring 420chan back online.12)


For the website's 18th anniversary, Cottle sold the “” domain to former 8chan founder Fredrick Brennan for $4,200 USD on April 20, 2023,13)14)15) but states that 420chan will be owned by a non-profit organization16) with Cottle remaining in control of the website.17) At the time of this writing, 420chan's bulletin boards remain offline, but currently redirects to Leftypol until noted otherwise.

List of Boards


  • A few things of note on the subject of 420chan's very beginnings:18)
    • They once had dedicated boards for Bridget from Guilty Gear,19) Mahoro from Mahoromatic, and Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, but these boards silently vanished in 2007.
    • 420chan's mascot, “TCC-chan”, was originally drawn by Something Awful user “Vanessie” in 2004 for the subforum, “The Crackhead Clubhouse”. The stoner girl was chosen as 420chan's mascot on January 24, 2006,20) technically without permission since Cottle did not know who the artist was, though “Vanessie” seemed to be fine and even elated with the mascot's popularity.21)
    • In the “Cracky-chan”22) lore, 420chan had a “Cracky-chan” (/cracky/) board. It lasted three months with 1609 posts being made in it, before she personally requested its removal.23)24)
  • The “Wakaba” script had a default “no message” feature that imitates Futaba Channel, but the feature was rarely utilized. However, 420chan set theirs to “DICKS EVERYWHERE” and it stuck.
  • 4chan's /b/ board had a wordfilter for “”, changing it to “FUCK THE POH LEECE”.
    • At some point, the board name was changed to be /i/-related, but some /b/ users would mistake /i/ for 4chan's “Oekaki” (/i/) board and ended up wiping most of their website's own /i/ board.
  • In KTTV's infamous “Hackers on Steroids” report on Anonymous,25) the video actually has glimpses of 420chan's /i/ board with posts dating June 29, 2007 and July 24, 2007.
  • “Taimaba” is a portmanteau of “taima” (大麻, lit. “big hemp” or “cannabis”) and the imageboard script being named “wakaba” (若葉, lit. “young leaf”), so it technically would be “Taimaba” (大麻葉).26)

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The WHOIS for 420chan lists 2005-04-21 03:39:16 UTC as its creation time, but when you consider that Cottle was in Toronto which would be in UTC-5, this would be 2005-04-20 22:39:16.
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At the time, Bridget identified as male after it was revealed that Bridget was biologically male but raised as a woman. Cottle opened the board with “GO BRIDGET GO” and “THIS IS WHERE I FEEL AT HOME”. It isn't known if he was aware of Burichan which had shut down on September 5, 2005, months before 420chan began to formally operate.
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“Cracky-chan” (!N1toQkxgzc) was a nickname for a British girl with a “15-year-old girl persona” that began posting on 4chan for a few weeks in early 2005 and incidentally attracted a dangerous cult-like following for herself. This proved to be a mistake as people were harassing, stalking, and threatening her, on top of trying to hack her accounts for more. She vanished around 2007.
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However, “taima” (大麻(タイマ)) is the on-reading while “wakaba” (若葉(わかば)) is the kun-reading. “Taimaba” (大麻葉(タイマバ)) is a valid reading, but it could also be read as “Taimayō” (from “Dàmáyè”) or “Ōasaba”.
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