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Burichan was an short-lived English bulletin board that “terra”1) ran from December 23, 20032) to September 2, 2005.3) It was mainly focused on fictional, non-traditional pornography. Today, it's mostly forgotten, but lives on as the inspiration for 4chan's “Yotsuba Blue” (Yotsuba B) theme.


On December 23, 2003,4) “terra” established Burichan, initially using Futabally, and originally described the website as a “Gay 4chan” at first.5) The website obviously borrows its name from Bridget (ブリジット, Burijitto) from Guilty Gear whom the owner dubs the “posterboy of Yaoi”6) since the character, at the time, identified as male after it was revealed that Bridget was biologically male but raised as a woman.

As for the website, Burichan saw flooding7) which forced their database to be reset on June 22, 2004,8) then they would migrate to Wakaba by January 7, 2005.9) Burichan would reportedly close in April 2005, citing bandwidth issues and understaffing,10)11) then returned with a moderation team, new boards, and a full list of rules since the “unspoken rules” system wasn't working.

For reasons that are lost to time,12) Burichan would announce its shutdown on Friday, September 2, 2005,13) then everything on Burichan was essentially deleted except for a temporary archive of their “Bridget” (/b/) board which stood for a few more weeks.14) After that, the “” subdomain ceased to exist by November 24, 2005 and, from there, it automatically took you to the “” directory.15)

List of Boards

  • Off Topic [ot]
  • Yaoi [y]
  • Shota [s]
  • Straight Shota [r]
  • Bridget [b]
  • Dickgirls/Alternative [d]
  • Cute Boys [c]
  • Furry Shota [f]
  • Original Shota Art [so]
  • Original Straight Shota [ro]
  • Original Dickgirls/Alternative Art [do]
  • Original Yaoi Art [yo]


  • The founder and administrator of Burichan was “terra !hv8fIUoYQw”,16) while the moderators were “chinji !!y7n1/lYk”, “Kurama”, and “Mitosis !rRQYQNJpMg” when it shut down.
    • During the temporary closure in April 2005, “terra” admits that the purpose of Burichan was to collect new images of Bridget that they hadn't seen before.17)
  • The “” domain was often used for hosting and IRC channels back then. If the URL looks very familiar, you might remember the domain housing I Wanna Be the Guy at “”.
  • “Poserporn” (Poser porn) was pornography that was made in Poser, which generally looked bad. Nobody talks about it now, as it's proprietary and people moved onto Daz Studio.

See also

  • Burichan [Archive] - The front page of Burichan, archived August 29, 2005.
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There was a link to the official thread about Burichan's closure on /ot/, but nobody archived it!
"Burichan". Burichan.
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