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Not4chan was a short-lived bulletin board website that was managed by the Raspberry Heaven member “Saber” and once had ties to 4chan.1) It was originally founded on November 5, 2004, then vanished in July 2006, presumably due to the owners losing interest in it.


Due to legal threats, 4chan removed the “Lolikon” (/l/) and “Shota/Male” (/sm/) boards on October 31, 2004, so not4chan was set up at “” on November 5, 2004 to host them instead. While a “Guro” (/g/) board was also removed on November 15, 2004, not4chan did not to host them and after two months, 4chan eventually replaced it with a “Technology” (/g/) board on January 19, 2004.

There isn't much known about not4chan, aside from its strict moderation and constant morality debates that surrounded it.2)3) The only evidence that it actually existed was a 4chan announcement indicating that a “Straight Shota” (/ss/) board was added on April 7, 2006,4) plus several threads on World4ch.5)6)7) After that, the website disappeared around July 2006.8)9)10)11)

List of Boards

Most evidence of these boards existing can usually be found on Google in old forum posts or the board was listed as a source in old image gallery post. Oddly enough, no archives of the boards or threads exist.

  • /l/ - Lolikon
  • /rl/ - Request/Loli12)13)
  • /sm/ - Shota/Male
  • /ss/ - Straight Shota
  • /tl/ - Torrents/Loli


There was never an official revival or successor of the original not4chan, but there were a few websites that claimed to be. However, neither of them are online and there probably won't be another.

  • (2006-08-30 – 2007-08-29) - Ran by “narunet” and used Wakaba. For some reason, it was reduced down to two boards around December 2006 before becoming “”.
    • (2007-01-01 – 2007-02-25) - Ran by “Lime Coke” and used Thorn.
  • (2007-07-06 – 2011) - Ran by “narunet” (allegedly) and used Serissa, but changed to Kusaba on 2010-02-19. It was reportedly criticized for housing too many advertisements.


  • The “not4chan Grab Extension” was a Firefox-only extension by “Random Translator” who last updated it on July 11, 2008 where it was "v1.14". There is a fork called "4chan Grab", but it's old.

See also

  • not4chan - The front page of not4chan.
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