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Gurochan is an English bulletin board for guro content that was founded by “orz” and “chiisai” in late 2004 or early 2005, rebooted by “ryonaloli” and “enclaved” in 2014, rebooted by “Straitjackit” in 2018 and 2021, taken in by the Kolmya Network, and transferred to “Kaguya”.



The removal of 4chan's “Guro” board on November 15, 2004 had led to “orz” (!DEEPjKeito, !YOwirQcnLE) setting up Gurochan at the “” domain for a “Guro” board that ran Wakaba.1) It isn't exactly known when this occurred, but the oldest news post is dated January 8, 2005.2) Over time, more boards were added to Gurochan and “orz” would ask “chiisai” (!CHIISaIHgs) to help out with hosting.3)

At some point, “chiisai” became the main administrator, the administration became anonymous in 2006, and they continued to use Wakaba and Kareha. Then on March 1, 2010, Gurochan was asked to move from a shared server to a private server and switched to Kusaba X in the process.4) Surprisingly, the website almost managed to last a decade, vanishing in April 2014 for unknown reasons.5)


The first runner-up emerged at the “” domain on April 3, 2014 using Kusaba X,6) but it suddenly vanished on August 27, 2014 with “ryonaloli” and “enclaved” announcing it got deleted and they'll use a private host in Russia at a new domain.7) Two weeks later, “enclaved” announced its reboot at “” on September 10, 2014,8) using their own modified Vichan fork and featuring Tor support.

Following a warning from Roskomnadzor, the website temporarily banned lolicon and shotacon between May 22, 2015 and June 13, 2015.9) Two years later, a networking issue took the clearnet website offline between May 28, 2017 and June 1, 2017.10) Some time after, Gurochan overhauled their front page, then the “” domain was lost around October 2018.

On December 2, 2018, it appears that Gurochan was revived at “”, restoring base Vichan, and moderators from the previous administration managed to salvage and restore the database. Then, the administration announced a ban on content depicting minors on April 30, 2020,11) but this was their last news post as they apparently would lose the “” domain within the following month.


Gurochan would be revived at “” on January 29, 2021 and use TinyIB, but quickly contemplated changing it12) and settled on the in-house Kokonotsuba script.13) A significant skirmish amongst the staff occurred on February 23, 2021 and it resulted in the Kolyma Network assuming full control of Gurochan,14)15) then they began migrating to Kokonotsuba around March 16, 2021.16)

During this, they moved to the “” domain. Later that year, “Kaguya” was declared their new owner,17) and conflicts with Namecheap's policies forced Gurochan to migrate to the “” domain on July 18, 2021.18) From this point forward, Gurochan began to gradually part ways with the Kolyma Network in an effort to be independent, though they were unable to find a suitable host to migrate over to.19)

List of Boards

  • Text Boards
    • Discussion [dis]
    • Literature [lit]
  • 2D Boards
    • Gore & Death [g]
    • Freakshow [f]
    • Scat [s]
    • Furry [fur]
    • Artwork [art]
  • 3D Boards
    • 3D CGI [3dcg]
  • Other
    • File Sharing [p2p]
    • Requests [req]
    • Role-playing [rp]


  • I couldn't find any evidence of Gurochan existing in 2004, prior to the January 8, 2005 news post.20)
    • The oldest archived Gurochan thread was created on January 11, 2005.21)
    • The oldest mention goes to Wakachan on January 17, 2005,22) followed by some archived 4chan thread from February 16,23) 4-ch on May 1,24) and World4ch on August 31, 2005.25)
  • “Chiisai” did reveal his real name in an old Norwegian wiki article about The Gathering 2008.26)

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