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7chan is a English bulletin board that was originally founded as a 4chan alternative by “symbion” and “zeneslev” on September 25, 2005.1) It's a niche website with intentionally noticable moderation,2) houses one of the oldest furry boards, but doesn't offer much else today.


On September 25, 2005, two users from 4chan's /b/ board, “symbion” and “zeneslev”, decided to set up a bulletin board at the “” domain.3) It's known that the website was originally called “Nanatsuba Channel” (ななつば★ちゃんねる)4) and ran Wakaba.5) However, most of its early history is lost since nobody bothered to archive this era and the staff had a habit of clearing the news log.6)

During the /b/-day incident on August 23, 2006, 7chan fueled the Anonymous collective by establishing the infamous “Invasion” (/i/) board around August 26, 2006.7) From here, the website was formally named 7chan and switched to Trevorchan (later Kusaba) on November 6, 2006.8) Soon after, we saw the start of the infamous Anonymous-led Hal Turner raids.9)

For 2007, a redirect was jokingly10) set up on January 5, 2007. However, the collective's accommodation would soon be put at risk after their targets began retaliating by contacting their own web host, PixelFX Solutions. This eventually worked, so “p4ch3c0” discussed the issue with /b/, concluded that /i/ wasn't worth risking the entire website over, and /i/ was removed in mid-June 2007.11)12)

After the collective moved to 420chan, 7chan mostly fell out of relevance, turning into a seemingly ordinary website for discussions and image sharing.13) Then in 2009, their web host, Ecatel, would suddenly delete 7chan's account without warning. This forces 7chan to start anew on June 30, 2009, since their backups were now inaccessible, as they moved to a new server.14)

List of Boards


  • 7chan's official mascot is “Conductor Cat”, which was inspired by the late Tama of Kishi Station.
  • Historically, 7chan was a “counter-statement to 4chan” and tried to keep its own culture unique with unwritten rules to dissuade 4chan influence (e.g. >greentext, image macros, etc.), but they would later concede and change their stance by late 2016 as it was clear that 4chan is more well known.15)
  • Their website once housed an official Minecraft server from September 3, 201016) to May 13, 2012.17)
    • It was initially run by “Teffen” and the server was known as “Devachan”,18) then “Nirvana”.19)
    • Then in February 2011, “N3X15” would take over and the server would be known as “7chanistan”, which relied on the BindCraft mod by “N3X15” and “PrettyPony”.20)21)
  • In addition, there was also an official Team Fortress 2 server by the name of “The Failtrain”.22)23)
  • An official 7chan guild on Discord was created in 2018, but the link is rather buried.
  • Personally, I only remember 7chan as that website with the “minus8” (minuspal) or “chtkghk” archive.

See also

  • 7chan - The front page of 7chan.
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